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Full text of "C. Hart Merriam papers : including correspondence, papers relating to career with the United States Biological Survey, 1798-1972 (bulk 1871-1942)"

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TITLE ll-C, 






BANC MSS 83/129 c 







Subseries 2: Geographic Distribution 

XfidtK c^rJi on GUfcrnii phu names 







Tk Bancroft Library 

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place. 7IA/M<i 



Rabbit Creek 

Creek in Sierra County. 
Hutchings Cal if .liag. , 1 , 131 , 1856 

Racerville [=Placerville,Oalif,] 


Blake, ^tm. P. , Notes on Geology oc Mines of Nevada 
Territory (Y/ashoe Silver Region), Quarterly Joum. 
Geol.Soc. London, pp. 317-328, April 13,1864. 

Radeau, R. du 

[Garcia River] 

River reaching the coast at Point Arena 
just S of lat. 39: 

De Llofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
iiornies, &c., 1844. 

De Mofras, Exploration de l^Ore^n, 
Tome II, p. 35. IfU/l "not navigable^ (irs) 


Ragged Valley 

Fresno Co, 


Extending along northeastern base Joaquin 
Ridge, and southwest side Big Blue Hills, ftm 
head Domengine Creek to divide between Salt 
and Cantua Creeks, Fresno Co., Calif.— U.S. 
Geog, Board, Mar. 6, 1912. 

Rag town' 

On; Garson River. 

Traveler, 276, N.Y.1869. 

Marcy: Prairie 

San Luis Obispo Co., 
Rancherias de los Indios Pescadores Calif.. 

Kame given by Portola Expd. in 1769 to small 
village of Indian fishermen on Estero Bay, 4i 
miles SE of Estero Point. — Costanso, Diary 

Portola Expd., Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., 

vol. 2, no. 4, 301, 1911. 

Rancheria de la Casa Grande 

Calif • 
San Klateo Co. 

r__.-: -:J 

Ebcpd. in 1769 to ib«t- 
league N of Point Aflo 
Nuevo. So-named because there was a large house 
in the middle of the village. — Costanso, Diaiy 
Portola Expd., Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., 
vol. 2. no.4, p. 257, 1911. 

Crespi dedicated, this site to Sa^^JuanJe^o- 
JHuceno. — Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in Pa- 
lou's Noticia de la Nueva Calif . ,2^p.l9l, Mexico 



^_Jldredse says this site was probably on 
_^zosi Creek about opposite Pigeon Point. — 
^. •.. Maredge, March of Portola, p. 38, 1909 

Rancho. Agiia Calient© San Diego C©^. 

Ranch in San Diego Co., owned by Jolin 
J. Warner about 1640. -► Wm. Heath Davis, 

Sixty Years in Calif., 1831-89, 177, San 
Francisco, 1889. 

Ranciio Corral de Tierra 

Cal i f , 

Ranci)o in San Mateo Co., owned in 1630 by 
Tibwrcio Vasques. -- Wm.l* Davis, Sixty Years 

in Calif., 1831^9^ 599, San Francisco, 1889. 

If? 1829 Half Moon Ba y was called Corral da 
Tierra * Wild cattle of San Francisco Mission 

were kept there.— Charles Brown, Statement 

of Recollections of Early Events in Calif ♦, 

MS, Bancroft Library, p. 4, 1878 

Santa BarlDara Co., Calif., 
Rancheria de la E8padatV*^*^^*~**^'*'^^^*^*^3oVVotuu"\ 

Indian rancheria in canyon 2 leagues KW of Pt. 
Concepcion, visited "by Portola Expd. in 1769 

and named Rancheria de la Espada because an Indi 


an stole a sword from a soldier's scabbard.-* 

Costanso, Diary Portola Expd. , Puts. Acad. Pacifi 
Coast Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 211, 1911. 

Named the place Rancheria de la Espada , but 

Crespi had already named it Concepcion de Maria 
Santislma. — Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in 

Neune still in use 


Palou'e Notioia d« la Nuava Calif. ,2, 151, 

Kexico, 1874. 

(Santa Clara River) Call 
Eancheria del Corral ( or Santa Rosa de Viterbo) 

Populous Indian rancheria on Santa Clara rIv. 
4 leagues across the mountains from San Pernand 
Vfelley, visited "by Portola Ixpd. in 1769 and 
named Rancheria del Corral '•hecause the inhabi- 
tants lived without other protection than a 
Jight shelter of branches in the form of an 
enclosure, — Costanso, Diary Portola Expd, , 
Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist. , vol.2, no. 4, 187. 


"Soldiers called it Rancheri a del Corra; 


and I named it Santa Rosa de Viterbo.* — 
Crespi, Diary Portola"TIxpd; in' Falou'a Koticia 
de la Nueva Calif. ,2,130, Mexico, 1874. 

Rancho of Garrillo 

Aiout J6 miles up the 
mission of San Buenventura. 
I Saw in Calif, 369, 1646. 
Jan. 7, 1647.] 

valley from' the 

- Bryant: What 
[Entry dated 

RattJesnake Bar 

Bar on t 

[ Rat tie snap: e Bar] 
Fork American River, S of 

Auburn, Placer County.. :stat. of Calif . .18t>l. 222 


RattlosnaliG Flat 

Place in rnountainB.S of G Fork Tuolunine 
Rivor.— Gibbos, Llap of California, 1852. 

Raven Pass . Kern 06» 



Raven; pass, in Section 30, Township 
26 South, Range 18 East, Kern coun- 
ty, California. 


.. I 

Canada de Raymundo; land grant 

five miles east of Halfmoon bay, U # S •GeOg* B08rd^DeC% 2 ^ 
San Mateo county, California. 



De Mofras, Carte de 1* Oregon, des 
ifomies, &c. (map no. 16) 1844. 

. Place at N end of Ricliardson Bay, 
base of Tiburon Peninsula. 


at W 

Read Ranch 


In 183S Read Ranchi, adjoining Saucelito 
Ranch was owned bj John Read of Ireland. -• 
^. H. Davis, Sixty Years in Calif., 1851-69 

7, San F 

rancisco, 1689. 
Ranch. Ibid. 2&, 

R e ad i iig ' s R an cl i 

Original county seat of Shasta County. 
•Statutes of California, 1850, 62, 1850. 

•llajor P. B. Reading;' s grant vias on Cow 
Creek a,l)out 25 niiles above Red Fluff. 

• Hutchings Cal i f .Mag. , 1 , 4r6, 1857 . 

* Later called Fort Rcadinif^ (on Cow Creek). - 

Gibbe» i:ap of California, in^"2 (Reading ^) * 

Reading's Springs "Shasta, Calif, 

Shasta Co.. in Memorial and Biog'l Hist, of 
North' n Calif., Lewis Pub'g Co., 228, 1891. 

Reading' s springs = ^bflstft city. 

heading's springs, or, as it is now called, 
ohaste city, 'near Clear creek, in the Sacramen 
TT/S4n^'-.S^S^^^^» ^" Schoolcraft, Indian Tribe 

Reading's Springs: Described in 1850 as "a 
tamous minin^-camp in those days, which has 
since grown into the town of Shasta."— Overland 
Monthly, pp. 525, 527, June 1871. 

#u-^ % 

A--V^=*^ , ^-^7. ^A.C^ l^?\ . 



Readings Springs or Shasta City. 

• Place near Clear Creek ,^^crr<rnento 
Valley. --Gibbs, in Schoolcraft, III, 160, 164, 1853. 

Reading__sReddinp:, Calif. 

--Article from Themis, a Sacramento (?) weekly. 

Hist, of North'n Calif., 

in Mem*l and Biog*l Hist. 
Lewis Pub'g Co., 93, 1891. 

Real Blanco Monterey Co., Calif. 

Fame given "by Porto la Kxpd. in 1769 to 
camp on plain bordering Salinas Biver 8 leagues 
IT of Arroyo Seco. SO-nanied because the land was 
of whitish color. — Costanso, Diary Portola Exp 
Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 
237. 295, 1911. 

El Real Blanco.— 

in Palou's Koti cia 
Mexico, 1874. 

Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. , 
de la ITueva Calif . ,2, 173, 

Real del Alamo 

Monterey Co., Calif. 

Name given by Portola Expd. in 1769 to camp 
on. plain bordering Salinas Piver 4 leagues 

K of Arroyo Seco. Named because they enclosed 
a poplar tree within the carr.p. -- Costanso, 

Diary Portola Jsxpa. , Puds. Acaa. Pacific Coast 
Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 237,295,1911. 

EL Real Alajio. Lat 36*38*. — Crespi, Diary 
Portola Expd., in Palou's Noticia de la Nueva 
Calif., 2, 171, Mexico, 1874, 

Real de los Piffones Monterey Co., Calif, 

ITame given by Portola Expd. in 1769 to camp 
in a very small and narrow canyon 3 leagues SV 
of the Junction of Arroyo Seco with Salinas 
River. — Costanso, Diary Portola Expd..PuDs. 
Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 231, 297, 

Named Bl Real de los Piriones from their 
abundance and the numbers which the Indians 
gave t)iem. -- Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in 

Palou's Noticia de la Nueva Calif . ,2,168, 1874. 

= 0so Flaco LakeJ San Luis Obispo Co., 
Real de los Vivoras (or El Oso Flaco or 

Laguna Redondo, Laguna del Megano (Medano) 

Large almost circular lake near coast about 
4 miles N of Santa Maria River. The Portola 
Expd. hsilted here in 1769 and hunted bears. 
The soldiers called the place Real de los 
Vivoras ; others called it El Oso Flacl) (thin 
bear|."— Crespi, Diary Portola liS$T.* in Palou*s 
Woticia de la Nueva Calif., 2, 157, Mexico, 1874. 

Hed Bank Creek 


Creek emptying: into Gacraiuento Eiver from 
V; a few miles S of Red Bluff. 
Statutes of California, 1852, ;:28,18D2. 

. Red Bluff Creek 

'— " '■ ■'■'——— -r nni ■ 

[Red Barik Creek] 

'Creek flowing into Sacreniento River from 
the W a little below Red Bluff. _ 

'Statutes of California, 1851, 177, 1851. 
Gibbe^ Lap of California, 1852. 
Gunnison, J. W.& Beckwith,S.G. , map (dated 185' 
-1854), in Ex.Doc. 129,33d. Con(^., 1st. Sess.. XVIII 

I^ed Bluff s_ [Re^i £1 ^jr.f 3 

statutes of California, 1850, 62, 1850 
County Scat present county of Tehama. 

Creek emptying into Sacrajiiento River from 
the Y/ about 3 miles below Red Bluff, 
Ilutchings Calif .Llag. ,1,495, 1857. 

Red- Cape Bar 

iiiiWtiiW^iiiiiliilmiiHiiililiii iWiuNHiiiwiiiiiiiiwIMiHuiii im»iiiiiiiiml Mmt"» wmmiwiiJ^ 

■ mm ii'inni i' ii'iii iiiw t iiipiiiiiiiiimwiiiii* 

•Bar on Klamath River. 

•GiLbG, in Schoolcraft, III, 145,1853. 

Readings Rock 

[Redding Rock] 

Rock off coast of 157 California, mi 

of mouth of Redwood Creek.— Gibh^:^ U 




an of 

Red Bock 

Wi W WIWifc' ^ iliiiwiii i iiiiMWWIIillliMiiiiiiii i 'ii ■ ■■■I 


Poll t. Code of California, San i^rancisco 
p. 849, 1897. New name for Golden Rock. 

Redwood Creek Kv.V,lJLUo.„JRedwood Creek] 

s, • in Schooleraft, 'II,1''7k1:vL1853 



Creek flowing IJW bet?.- 





ecn Trinity a.nd I.M 


Sharp Poini 

mg into Pacific just I! of 

Cribbet^ I.Iap of Cal if on 




/^ • 


^^^>--^-^^w^KL>...J^<U>^\U:j^ ^ 




Redwood Slou/:^h 

San Mateo Go,, 
Coast Counties 
Co., 195, 1695. 

=Redwood City, Calif. 

in -Memorial & Biog'l .Hist.of 
of Central Calif., Le-zds PubV 
Ed. by Henry D. Barrows'T 


Point 3eed 

iiflrin uo# -«.,«^ 


How Bluff Fomt end of Tiburon Penia,— 
Ringgold's General 3]:art of San Francisco 
Bay Region, 1850 ♦ 

Redwood Slough 

San Mateo Co., 
Coast Counties 
Co., 195, 1693 

=Redwood City, _Calif . 

in Memorial & Biog'l .Hist.of 
of Central Calif., Lewis Pub*g 
Ed. by Henry D. Barrows. 


Point Hoed 

Ilarin Co. 


Now Bluff Foint. end 
Ringgold's General Sliart 
Bay Region* 1850. 

of Tiburon Penin, 
of San Francisco 

Reef Ridge _^ Calif, 

Reef Ridge, spur of Diablo Range (between 
Jasper Canyon and McLure Valley), Calif* U.S. 
Greog. Board, May 15,1908. 

Reese River 

River in_iievada_i:iowing northerly into 

Humboldt River. 

i for Col. Reese, v/ho in 1855 was 
headj)f thie„LIornion Colony in Carson Valley. 

-_._ Rcmy, Journey to Great Salt Lake City, 

London, II, 56, 1861 . 

■W i ii i ii iwii ii iii n B wiiH i ii w i 

^^^^0 ^_ Santa Barbara Qof J'^ 

Rancho about 15 or 20 miles W of Santa 

Barbara, owned in 1816 by Ortega Family, j^^ 
1816 rrerchant vessels were accustomed to land 
there with supplies. Later a seaport on coast 
from which rancheroe shipped hides and tallow. 
— Wm. Heath Davis, Sixty Years in Calif., 

1831-89, 296, 548. 1889. [Spelled Refujio 
on p. 548] 

Name still in use in Refugio Pass. 

el Refugio 

^De Llofras, Carte de POre/pn, des Cal- 
ifomiGs, tc.^ 1844. 

Anchora^j;e in S;jnta Barbara Channel midway 
between Point Conception and Liission Santa 

In 1816 there was a landing on Santa Bar- 
bara Channel on Ranclio Refugio, where merchant 
vessels were accustomed to land with supplies. 
Later the rancheros shipped hides and ttillow 
from this landir^^. — Wm, Heath Davis, Sixty 

Years in Calif,, 296. 648 . 1889 [Spelled 
Befujio on p. 648] 

He^:es, Cap de los 

[Point Reyesl 

n, 137, 18:50. 

Kotzcbue, New Voya^^e r.Qiind the V/orld 


"1*1 KHliMi lii«.i|iiiiiKiit|ifi«h 

*ii"WWWl tiWii n iiiiiiwiwt-, .. 

•"'"''■■m f* t' m m. \ m* m.-'mmmm 



wiiKniv^i i M ii m i i imMi i ii iw mw n 

'*'^Mi0mmmmmm ■«*». ■i^^nt^^,,. 

Reinstein Peak Fresno Oo, 

Reinstein; Peak, Fresno County, Cali- ~ « 

fornia, latitude 37° 05', longitude 118° U« S .GrQOg* BoaTd 



Relief Valley 

"iniiiiiiiiiwiiiNliiiiiiiii 11 iiiiMwiiiii 

— Valley in KE part of Tuolumne Count v. 

Hutchines Calif .Liag. ,11, 494,llay, 1858. 
Small narrow valley in moujitains at HE 

corner Tuolur:ine Co. at junction of Relief Creel- 
with hoadv;atcrc of Middle Fork Stanislaus River 
(alt._6,500 ft.). 

iiiH'«iM» m iaiiiii M iwi wwM 

Rey, Llano del 

Semicircular plain back of ;:onterey Bay, 
reaching from Santa Cru5^ to Point Finos. 

Beechey, Vo2/age of Blossom, 1,385,1831. 

Llano del Rey Calif, 

Extensive plain to the northeast of 

Monterey. — Beech ey: Voyage of Blossom [1626], 


Pte. ©t Port de ios Keyes LPt.Beyes] Calif. 

Cape on Pacific coast 
Marin Co. l 

Be Mofras, Carte de I'Oregon, le5i Cfil- 

ifomies, etc. ,1844. gen '1 map. 

De Mofras, Exploration de l*Oregon,&c 

I, 98. 1844 . 

Rincan ^^ C^lif 

In the 40*8 a flat between Rincon Hill 

and lilissicn Bay^. -- Wm? heath Davis, Sixty 

Years in Calif., 1831-^9; 2K, Sail Frandiico. 

Canada del Rinccn , Santa Cruz Co. Calif. 

Canada del Rincon; land grant two tt #^ ^ y^ 

miles north of Santa Cruz, Santa U ♦ " ^(10 C|g# BOarCl^ DSC^ 2^ 1908 
Cruz county, California. 

RincM I^int 

Point projecting into S.F.Bay 
Peninsula. —Tyson: Geology of 
31st Cong. Ist Sess. 20, 1850. Also on map. 

from S side S.F. 
Calif. Sen. Doc, 47 

lincon.— Bryant 


W^T 1^<^^S kJi^i: . lk;^..4 „ ^toMi . 

Ci-^. hu CoM. - '^^Jk q^JUa^ . T^ i^JLD '^^^^^ u^li\t 

G2-<H '7 


Rio de los Reyes or Kings River [Kings River] 
aibbe:::s,i.:ap of California, 1G52. 

Rio de las Truchas 

Monterey Co., Calif, 

Name given "by Portola Expd. in 1769 to a 
small river which had many trout 2 leagues 

SW of the function of Arroyo Seco with Salinas 
River, — Costanso, Diary Portola Expd.,Pub8. 

Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2. no. 4, 231, 

Rev, Rio del = Ilontprpv Piiroy - n^T,* tt 
*^ ' i.iunut.rey ^iver_.jE,„jc; almas River 

'Beechey, Voyage of Elosnoni, 1,385,1831. 

'Rio Roy or Rugs River.— Aclan Johnston 
Senate Ex. Doc.l, 3,2d"Cong., 2d Sess., pt.s' 

Rio Rey or Ru^-s River ^WoYvVettMl^We^ ^Sa.llW(uWt 

* Adarn Jolmston, Senate Ex. Doc.l, 32d 
Coiig., 2d Scss., pt.3, 511, 1851. 

del Hey n^^T -^ 

Name on Be Mofras' map, apparently 

ii!W°eL^^V'"crM|-DSg|l*° ^« confused with 
De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Ueli- 

fornies &c. Gen'l map. 1844. 

Rio del Rev Oalif. 

Vr . i» Willi *i«* i.!,,wiifi. „ I I M »«.;■■ ;i.ii^v'.,,„|„,,.„„.;|,..,,,„|„,„,,, ,,^,,„ .,,.^,,,„,, ^,„^^ ,„_^ ,.(,„■.„.■,,■■..■ ^^ ^^^r ^^» wv «■» ^r 

On his way from Sail Jua^i Mission tc Monterey, 
Beechey speaks of crossing the Rio del Rey.^ 
-Beechey: Voyage of Blossan [1826], II, 56,8vo 
ed. I83I5 

Reyes, Cap de los TolvxVl^^aes 

KotzeLue, Entdeckungsreise,l^.eiincar, II, 5, 

Punta de Reves 

^ ._ __.___._ ,,___,.._«.„, ,, 

— Pedro ?ov^:Diar^Aiiza 
Acad. Pacif. Coast Hist. Vol, 


Expd. 1775-1776; Pubs. 
3JIo.l,i:.^'^7/Iarch 191.^ 

Pto de Reyes •«-T\:*l^eAAe.s 


LgJ^t^QUjpe. Voyaae, Atlas pl-S.*^, HHl. 

Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95 
Lend., I, 429, 1798. (Point de los Reyes), h At- 

la,S (P 

uc^ • 

de los Reyes) 





\j +e el \oA h<^ lo^'TT^vesJ 

T as 

U^4 UeMara tAcL^ 

- 1 oiVTC Vv 




Reyoo, Point [Point Reyes] 

Wilkos Kxped. Narrative, V, uap (dated 
1841) facing p. 150, 1845. 

Reyes, Punta de los 

IPoint Reyes] 

Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 1,342,543,374:1 

•*A headland so named by the ex];.)edition 
under Sebantian Viscaino in 1602."- Ibid 374, 

Gibbets^ Liap of California, 1852. 

Revs, Ponto de los 

[Point Reyes] 

Langsdorff, Voyages & Travels (1803-1807) J 
London, pt. II, 148,1814. 


Punta de Reyes 

Pedro Font, Diary Anza Expd. . 1775-7$, Pubs. 
Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 3, no. 1,67, 1913 

Palou, Vida de Padre Junipero Serra, 164, 
213. Mexico. 1787. _ 

Punta de los Reyes 



uostanso, Diary Portola Expi 
Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no.4, 265, 1911, 

Lieut. Ayala's First Survey and Map of the 
gay of San Francisco, 1775. 

del Key 


Name on De Mpf ras » map, settlement 
of San Diego. [Not to be confused wit- 
del fiey apparently present Los Angeles J 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cali- 

fornies. ^c. Gen»l map. 1844. 

RhetVs Lake(Tule Lake) • • Calif. 

Marcy: Prairie Traveler, 284, N.Y.1859. 

Lak6 Rheit.- Named % Fremont,%y.i 1,1846. — 

FremontrMeraoirs, 1,480, 186:7. 

Rhctt Lake 

Large lake on 11 boundary of California. 
— Cibbe^ Llap of California, 1852. 


De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal« 
ifomies, &c, (map no. 16) 1844. 

Ranch on ?/ side present Richardson Bay; 
place now occupied by Sausalito. 

Richardson z 



Hancli <m Richardson Bay, vicinity 
of present Sausalito. 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 ^Oregon et des Cal- 
if ornies. Map lb. IS ^^ 

Richardson's Bay 

[Richardson Bay] 

Blake, W.P,, in Pac.Rr.Re^^,ptTTl^l45yi85"d 


Bay on W side of San Franci 

SCO Bay, N of 

Richardsons Bay Calif. 

First bay to the NW at entrance to San 
Francisco Bay. 

Ayala gave the name Ens e na d a_d ejL^ ^CameUt ^^ 
to this bay, — Lieut. Ayala's First Survey 
and Report of the Bay of San' Francisco, 17 75. 

-Pt. Richardson [Now Peninsula Pt .] 


Rin&Sold,Chart of the Bay of San Pablo 
On Belvedere, Richardson Bay, 

I^ich Biir 

[Rich Bar] 

•Statutes of California, 1053,313,1053. 
• Place on upper waters II Fork Feather 
Rivor, PlurnaG County. 

Gibbers, laap of California, 152. 

<^^^^--*^'2^»-'-- "KlXvS 

Hf-^T^iv.l\r^ K.^^. "M-- ^'.c^ foSte. 

Rich Gulch 

[Rich Gulch] 

• Ilutchings Cal if , Mag. , 111,490, 1859. 

'Roadhouse o.nd mine in northern Crlaveras 
County, just S of rim of Llokelurnne Canyon and 
nbout midv;ay between llokelunme Hill and West 

aibhe:is^ L'ap of California, 1852. 

Richmond Toint 

Contra Costa Co. 


Near S\l extremity of Potrero San Pablo, 
Called Point Stephens on Ringgold's General 
Chart of San Francisco Bay Region, 1850. 

Richmond Point 


^^i^k^.^-P-* in Fac.Rr.Rep. J,pt JI,maM^ 
.1 Point on W aide of San Francisco Bay about 
3i miles JW_^ of Angei Island. 

W»W"iiw i Wia"'!»wii^^ 

iiiiiii|iiiil«ini ii | ii i i iii a»i iiiiimi j iiiiiiiiiipiii||i 

Point Richniond Calif. 

Point near m extremity of Potrero of 
San Pablo. -- 

Named Rjnt^ajij^an^A^ on tlt^t. 
/•yala's Pirst Surve' and Map of the Bay of 
San Francisco, 1775. 

Called SJU St ephens on Ringgold charts. 

La Rinconada 

Santa Barbara Co., Calif. 

Indian rancher ia on Santa Barbara Channel, 
one third of the way from Ventura River to 
Mescatitlan. In 1776 the Anza expedition halted 
on small bluff by the sea near the vil'age of 
La Rdnconada. — Pedro Font, Diary Anza Expd., 
Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist. , vol. 3, noil, 53,1913 

Name still in use. See also Bailarin 


tablishcd in 

in Eldorado 


County, already es- 

l^«■^lV'lWll*p"wM;„ .;. :t.m' 

iIutchinG;s Calif .Ma^., II, 63, Aug. ,1857. 



■.■.«|^,|||««^l,^l»■w.;!■W(,#^il0l#,^ .|.*.:Shll1,':.fl»**il|toWl«i«»il*^^ 

t*i«l#W<*«rt*HIWi.. 'rt*! m',V'1'.*:^Milfim 

Rio Bu9na Ventura =Sacrajnento River 

"The 'Rio Buena Ventura ' or, as it is sometimes 
called, the 'Sacramento* River. "--Adventures on 
the Western Coast of So. America, and the Interi- 
or of Calif., John Coulter, I, 184, 1647. 

Buenaventura River. -deferred to by Fremont as 

"reputed river flowing from Rocky Mts to the 

bay of S.F." — Fremont lExxl.Expd. to Oregon & 
Calif. (1843), 196, 1845. 

Rio de los Americanos =American River 

— Schoolcraft, Indian Tribes, I, 155, 1851. 


Rio de los Arnericanog^.-- Bryaiit: What L Saw 

in Calif. 245 and elsewhere, 1846. 
[Entries made in 1846.] 

Rio de los Americanos.— "n'remont: Exp l.Expd. to 
Oregon a Calif. (1844), 245 k elsewhere, 1845. 


.. iiii||iiiiiiiii»iiiMi|iii|iiiiiiiiiiwMiiii.iii mu^mm 

•"""' •• -" i -"-'-T' i r i i iiiiii .i i :i:i ii .,.'.. i . iii.ii.iJiiJjiiiiLx., 

[Sacramento River] 
river flowing- into San Fran- 

Cisco Bay, 

■ ■ ■■' ■ ■ ■:J.I'li'"¥f«WllW;i|t'|#l« 

^_..^ Plotzebue, Entdeckun^jsrcise, T'eimar, II, 
8,^1821 —Lloyd's translation, London, I, 284,' 

'"'''««'»# mi" 4i:.i ^4«*Wi:»ill|IM^ ,., 

^ iiotzebue's statement is:„i*Two large riv- 
ers flo^' into the Bay of San Francisco, of which 

the northern is t^e most con side rah le and is ...^ 

called by 'he Spaniards Rio-Grande." 

\\\o de O V ourdtx 




Rio Grande de San Verardo (Berardo) (or San 

Bernardo or Santa Rosa) tsanta Inez Rive^ 

Large river 6 leagues Nf of Pt. Concepcion, 
Passed by Portola Expd. in 1769. ITamed Rio Grandi 
de San Verardo (San Berardo in Spanish text on 
opposite page). .. Costanso. Diary Portola Expd, 
Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 213 
Rio de San Verardo (Berardo). —Ibid. 30^^^^' 


niTe named this river, which is the largest 
have encountered, San Bern ar do y su C omDa n- 



Crespi, Biary Porto la Expd. 
Ncticia de la Nueva Calif., 

in Pal6u»s 
2, 154, Mexico, 




Rio San Antonio 


River reached hy Anza Expd* 1776 after leav- 
ing La Asuncion on Salinas River k traveling 
about 10 leagues M. —Pedro Pont rDiar^^, Anza 
Expd.l775-.1776:Pubs.Acad.Pacif ♦Coast Hist.Vcl.3, 

No,l, p, 57 .March 1913. 

Mission of San Antonior founded in plain 
in Santa lucia Bange near river to which name 
of San Antonio was iimriediately given. «- Palou, 
Vida de Padre Junipero Serra, 122, Mexico, 1787, 

Ripley, Mt. 

Peak in the Coast Range ("lat. 39° 08*"). 

John S. Hittell, Hutchings Calif .Llag. , 
III, 357, Feb., 1859. 

River of the Lak6 [Kii^s River] Oalif, 

-Fraiiont: Oregon h Calif, (1844), 
252. 1845. O^ ^^^^^ U.k^Y.M ^sij^ru.1 





*dt . * 


^^-Ai^-^'^^pJlI^.,.-^ U^^ 


Roberts's Landing 

Place at head of navif^ation on 
Creek, Alameda County. 

Polit. Code of California, San 

p. 463, 1897. 

uan Lorenz 

Franc ic CO, 

Robertson's Brid{^e 

Brid<^';e on S Fork Yuba River between 

llevada City and Kmory Ford on Lliddle Fork Yuba 
River. --Stat, of Calif . ,1854,21^2,1854. 



Pomer rock nerr Goat Island, San Fran- 

cisco Bay. 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des 

Ifec, General map. 1844 . 



Rock Creok 

One of three creeks emptying into upr^er 
Sacr.'ii,icnto River from the V witliin half a' 
mile of each other, the other two hoing Salt 
Creek and Liddle Creek. 

I-elly, Excursion to Calif., London. II, 


riacG 6:^ miles IIV/ of the lleedlea. 
■ . :w1iipplG,A.W. , in Er.Doc.l29,3'5d.Corir.,ln+.. 

.Oe- .,XniI(pf...-)Art.6;n9;lG55, and ^lipple, A.W.J 
map no. 2( dated 1853-4), (pt.4) of soine.' 

^^-ipple,A.W., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,III,Art.I, 

Rocky Island 

[Brooks Id.] 

..^Island off E_coast of San Francisco Bay, 
about 3 miles SE of Richmond Point. —Blake, W.P. , 
iElac.Kr.Rep.,Y,pt.II,map facing p. 145, 1857. ' 

Rocky Point 

Point on MW coast, lat.410 8* named 
. by Vancouver in 1792. (II entrance Trinidad Bay) . 

Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95, * 
Lond. ,1,200, 1798, & Atlas. 

Rocky River [=Truckee River] 

Calif, hi Nevadi 

Najne given to present Truckee River by overland 
party in 1845. Afterwards called *Truckee' 
after name of Indian,— W. F. Swasey, Early 
Days k Men of Calif . .p. 34, 1891. 


De Llofras, Carte de T Oregon, des Cal- 

ifomiec, Stc, 1844, Chart llo. 14. 

PlacG (probably ranch) a few miles E »<( 
Monterey Bay, N of Pajaro River. 

Rogers' Peak =Mt. Shasta 

Mt. Shasta "is the same as the Ro 

Smith. "--Gibbs, in Schoolcraft, 
III, 165, 1853. - 

;ers* Peak of 
ndian Tribes, 

Pt. I^ogers 



Point^at east end of Burnett Id. [now Monte 
unia id. J m mouth of oacramcnto River. ~Hnp- 
9 Id, Map of Anchorage off New York of the :^ci- 
ic, 1850. 

V Pte. des Roisi 

Now Point Reyes. 

Map 31 (1786), Published in Atlas du 
Voyage de la Perouse, 1797. \\^o^K^^[o . 

Romanzoff, C. Now Bodega Head. 

Pte. de la Bodega ou C. Romanzoff ." 

De Mofras, Carte de POrogon, des Cal- 
ifornies, &c,, 1844. 

On De liofras* detaiMchart no. 17 the 
only name given is Cap Romanzoff. On the S side 
of the headland, facing S, the 'Batterie' is 

shown, oy.-xU K. ..A^^ J.evv.^ rta entTanco fe 

De Mofras, toleration de I'Oregbn. ^ 

Ronanzgw, Fort, ^or Bodega _ 

— Kotzebue, Ilev; Voya^^e 
II, 117,118,119,123, 1830. 

round the To rid 

Rootville_=Millerton, Calif* 

Fresno Co., in Memorial & Biog'l Hist.of 
of BYesno, Tulare, and Kern, Lev/is PubV 
1892 (?) • ^^ 

Co,, 52, 

Canada de Ice Resales c-an Diego Co., Calif. 

Canyon 4 leagues m of^San Luis Rey, passed 
by the Portola Ixpd in 1769 and named from the 
abundance of rose-hushes. — Costanso, Diary 
Portola Expd.. 1769-70. Pubs. Acad. Pacific 
Coast Hist.. vol. 2, no. 4, 173, 1911. 

La Canada de Santa Prated in de loa Pn»«i^o 
Lat. 33 10 ». — Crespi, Diary Portola 
Palou»8 Koticla de la Nueva California, 2. Ill, 




El Rosario Santa Cruz Co-, Calif. 

Name given by Portola Expd. in 176'^ to 
stream 2 leagues S of Rio San Lorenzo. — 
Costanso, Diary Portola Expd- , 1769-70 Pubs 
Acad- Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2,.no-4 
P- 251, 1911. 

£1 Rosario del^eato Seraf in Ascnl i , — 
Crespi, Diary Portola ED^d-,in Palou»s xNotic 
de la Nueva Calif.. 186. Mexico, 1874. 

Rosa Lake Fresno Co. Calif. 

U.S.GeOg. Board June 7 1911 ^°"' Lake. Fresno county, California, 

• latitude 37° 18', longitude 118° 53'. 

Rose Bar: On Yuba River above Timbuctoo 

ravine.— Gilbert, Wells h Chambers, History 
of Butte County, p. 121, 1882. 



Rose's RanchO 


On Yuba River. — Lt.Geo.H.fierbyrTopographi- 

cal Memoir of sacr^ento Valley, sen. Doc. 47, 
3l8t Cong. 1st Sess.T'^ISoO. OJU 

Ft. Ross 


On northeastern part of outter Id. (now 
Kyer la. } -~ Hinggold.Chart of Sacramento 
River, 1850. 





^^ssian settlement and fortress on Port 
Romanzov; or rodc/:a Tay. 

* i:ot7,ebue, Now VoyaA'e round the Torld 
11, 117, 120, L?l, 1830. ' , 

'Wilkes E:q)ed.y(map dated \"41); facin^^ 



K. de Ross 

LPt.Koss Creek] 

Cal i f . 

Ha>.-K. ^ u. -^®S^^y^^^ ^^^° North Wsi Cape 
Sonoma Co. ""^ ^'^^' ^^""^^ °^ ^°^^fe^ ^^^ 


De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, 
nies, etc,, 1844 ; gen'l map; 

map; llilap 4 No . 17 . 



[Fort Ross] 
Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 11,594,1831. 
In speaking:; of the Russian oncroacb.icnts 
on Crlifornia, Beochey rnontions "their nev/ 
settleuont at Rossi, a fcW miles to the north- 
ward of Bodega." 

Jiou(^ and Ready Calif. 

In Nevada Co, W of Grass Valley. - Baxl ay rlUflmt 
I saw on W.- Coast of S. & N. America ,423*^1865. 

Rough and Ready 

[Roua'h ^ nd Ready] 

' Place in W IJevada County, 4 miles W of 
Grass Valley. -iStat. Calif . ,1854, 222, 16f:4. 

Cibbetr., .ap of California, ;852. 

Round Tent 


in Yuba Co. 

of Calif., 1854, 222, 1854. 

Round Valley 

IT Uendocino Co. 


Native Indian name Me^sha-kai whioh signi- 
fies the valley of tule or tall grass. 

History of Mendocino Go. 167, San Pranoisco 

1880. Alley, Bowem S: uo. Pubrs. 

Round V alley 2. 

Humphreys, A. A. & Warren,G.I., in Pac.Rr.Rep 
I, Art. 2, p. 60, 61, 1855. 

■0<x>Vuj^ VeJAe * 



BlQ Vf 

% V*l^l 

v-A&jje/v^ dv 

L^ ■ L . (x .Bit^to . MxJ ^ Ax.^Ki'Li^Jo'P-KPv-ft;., 1^5^ 




I 1 

\U-3ol;^ t--kl^ fs 


l«^*^UML, £-t.^**. I ti*?^ ]|>. (>3, 1%S^^ 

»* B«j» Upi<j«^ 

Round Yalley Peak Inyc Oc. 
U.S.GQog. Board June 


7,1911 ZZtS, f""'/' "■""■'• -" 

» wneeler Crest, Inyo County, Califor- 

nia, latitude 37" 27', longitude n8° 41' 
Altitude 11,931 feet. 


rimn^l ''nllov 

i 'h- 


-* ■•> 



13nvis, in I^tJIocL?^- 33d.Coa 



mil,(-+,.l) Intro., 18, Ic3f35. 









t ^ *. • 

;u • Vm/ 

onr- .1 

•w? '.' *) O 

in ^x.Doc.l,?9 
:{VIII,(r^t.l) Art.l.3D.L^^o5. 

Lon^'; vnlloy l.iot"'"''o'5v^ -r 

nr*|r c« 

n ^> • 

) 01 J 

it H 

nnd head of first Cc 



2 V or 


(cUeI iS(>. 


otevena.I.I.^chart of mp.ifi^'Ex.Doc 129 
33d. Cong., l3t.Sess.,XVIII(pt.4), 1855. 


Pt« Rowe. 


Point at end of Kings Id [now Ryer Id.] — 


Huckels U. -iNow 'printer Id.] _— 

. At mouth San Joaquin Biver; separated from 

rJ^^ irAA^^^o^^^^F^^ ^h^ ^y Beeners Channel 
iSrofi^M^^ ^lo,^ghlT-I^i?Sg9icl, Map of Anchor- 
age off New York of the iacific, 1B50. 

Rugs River, or Rio Rey ,_. ™_ jKoVxkTe;| Hlvo ! 

Adam Johnston, Senate Ex. Boc.l, 32d 
Cong. 2d.Sess., pt.3,511,lB51 . 

Rush Creek -^-^1,- .... [Rush Creek] 

^•Statutes of California, 1853,313,1853. . 
^ Creek flowing into UT)per ?;aters of IJ 

Fork Feather River, im of Spanish Ranch, Plumas 


ifort fiusse de Ross 

LFort Ross] Calif. 

■iiiii n Wiiii ii|[ H iMiiiiii«wiwi w iiii wii>iii n »iiiiiiii ii I mm ii m * 

See Rogs . 



nr a^^ 



ivU4n«IMIV:4K<!>'4r'' ' 


■ .*i*|l(1tt«!4l(#*H*i*.' ';,il#l#*i«H'ht*illn!«ii.,i(Wii(jal ,i|.i". ■■i,'Wi(tftini»»i«"l 


^|^»li il wll^ wl ||ll«l ■ l!» ^ ||w>|l| ^ lBl||'■^lw»^■^»l!l!l^wlWl ^ 'li■"*^ ' ■»■ 'mtiy*Mm>\*'''tiim v 'mmm* 

li#||IMi<l||W«.HM«tww«:'::''MW«'>»i '■".iiP»..H,ii| i» M|i>ii#w,...,ii»'#wiiiif» MWiill B llililW » m Hi ^ W W H Hw nn il lH ll ' '* ■ ■ 'iWiHiilf *■-** '•iM-^irWi'fPWHiHM 

Russian Bnbarcadero B'reeport] 


In 1848 Russian Bnbarcadero was on E bank o; 
Sacranento on present townsite of Freeport.— 
wn« R. Grimshaw. Narrative of Life k Events in 
Calif. .MS Bancroft Library, 21, 1872. 

Russian River [Russian River] 

•Stat, of Cain\^1854,22'.;,1854. 

•Large river eraptyinfr into Facific Ocean 
from the I^E, 11 of Bodcga-B^LWl-. 

Oibl-e^ I'ap of Cal'fornia, ISf'^ 

^^^^^^^^^j^ t^'^Hfl ^'>nof^Q^ 

Eussian River Valley ^._ ^ [Russian River Valley] 

•Statutes of California, 1855,77,1355. 

Hyer Island 

Solano Co. 


Sutte?1lJ£h3^ ^'^''^' '^'^' Steainboat. and 
On Bir^old's General Chart of San Fran- 
cisco, Bay ...& Sacramento Riven t Tcom^iseci 
of _ Priest and Sutter Islands. ^um^i^risea 

Saaptin «Snako Rivsr 2352 

leil^^^i^T^^^' Indian Tribes, I, 196,203,204,206, 

Sa-ap-t^.-.Ibid 195. 

"The Lewis, called Snake, or Saaptin River bv th 
natives. "--Ibid 205, ^^i^^j^n mver oy in 

V .Point e de Sable. 

on ocean coast a few miles 
Bay, and just above mouth 

A blunt point 
south of San Diego 
of Tiajuana River. 

Map 35, Atlas du Voyage de La Perouse, 


Sacramento County 

Establifrhed Feb. 18, 1050 and defined. 
Statutes of California, ISfi), 61, 18E0. 


Sacramento Range 

' Cl, 


'Gilbs, in Schoolcraft, 111,110 1853 
Hange of mountai^jr^ Sacra^iento' 

Sacramento Basin 

Described as 400 miles Ion,- and 50 widr 
^^uf.chmgs Calif.Mag., Ill, 353-354,1859. ' 

Pt. Sacramento 

^Northwest point of Sherman Id. . at 

°^T j^i,/^^^^^? ^^^ Sacramento Rivers,- 
--old. Map of Anchorage off New York of 
acific, 1850. 








Capital of California, on Sacrairento River 
at junction with An^erican River. 

The •Embarcadero', now Sacraipento City, 
MBien Lieut, Buffuir first arrived not a house 
there, Nov. 2, 1848. the only place of busi*- 
ness being an old store-ship laid up upon its 
bank. A yeanlater, a f lour i. ^h ing_ city of 
12,000. — Buffuir. E. Gould, SixJilonths- in 
the aold Minee, 32, 1850. 


bacramcnto Chain 

'Cibbs, in Schoolcraft, III, 119, 1053. 
Ran^-;;e of mountainC^^of' Sa 

ricramonto X^alle^^ 

Sacramento H. 



De Mofras. Carte de l^Ore^^on, des Calif omies 

^^ &0y Gen»l map. '1844. 
Ue Mofras indicates thFTollowing tribu- 
taries to Sboramento R. (named in order froa 
mouth to source of river) • * 

WeaJLJaiiiei 'H^S^c^? ^-i^- Beaulieu 

^H.Martine ^R.Avoine 
.^^•. Young t.K.aux Liards 

^^^ * ^^^ M x4.Dubreuil * "inides's'Suttes 

i.H.sans nom '••R. Champagne 

Fourche AmerlcainevK.des 3 Fourches 

-^^.de la Plume 

^.R. de Trou 


R. du Malheur ) 
R. eau Claire ) 

Fourche des 

tributaries to K. de Trou. 

Chevaux - tributary to 
n. eau claire. 

Sacraraento River 

iwi»T<wli» iw tiH ■<|HiWH4iW,ii w i iWliili|ilii mnn 'i H lniw|ii!i W IW 


Named bv Padre Narciso of San Jose Mieeion 
-- J.A.Sutter^ Personal Reminiecencee. MS. 
Bancroft Library, p. 29 

Sacramento Springs 



Whipple, A.W., in rac.Rr.Re|),,III,Art.III, 

S-craiaPnto Volley 


in Kx.Doc.l29,3od.Con^^,lsf..'r)ess., 
XVIII, (pt.l) Intro.,6,lB55. 

Sacramento City 


County Seat, Sacramento County. 

•Statutes of California, 1850, 61, 1850. 
Seat of govemraent for State of Cal ifor- 


nia, established Fel). 25, 1854. 

•Statutes of California, 1854,2r)j,1854. 

Gibbes, Hap of California, 1852. 

Sacraiaento River 


Hikes Exped. (map dated 1841). V facinp- 
.150,1845. -L^*, placing 

1^0 (ielSacVo.TfAe>\tb— '])eT^tus,CaTtcck(Oreg.n,des Cai;^ 


PXQMJiiSl [Sacramento River] 


Map of San Francisco Bay Region, from Records 
of Mission San Jose, 1Q?A, 


Hall J. Kelley. Memoir oh Oregon, 1839 (25th 
Congress, 3d Sess. H. Kept. 101), p. 51, 1839. 

Sacraraento , El , River 

Mentioned as flowing into wliat is now 
knovm as Suisun Esy. 

Beeckey, Vpyafe of Blossom, 1,546,1831. 

Destruction River 

Northern part of Sacramento~]River from it» 

?u^f?i;i°^-^u*B?Jy«^®*^ °^ ^^- ShA8te)to iti 
^f^rii'^n *^^*^ l^^ ?^^®^- Shown on Wilkee* U 
of The Oregon Territory, U. S. Ix. fix •1841. 


Destruction River 

[Upper Sacramento R.] 

\7ilkes Kxpcd. liarrative, V, mp (dated 
1841) facing p. 150, 1845. 

Sacramento River II of junction with Fit 

Gibbes Lap of California, 1852. 

Sagadehock Reach 

'■' I "iHiliiil nn 


On north shore Sherman Id 
Sacramento River.— Rin^^old, 
& Vallejo Bays. 1850, 

, south bank of 
Chart of Suisun 

Sailorsi_Flat =Newtown, Ca l if. 

A.A.Sargent, Sketch of Nevada Co., in Brown & 
Ball 1 son's Nevada, Grass Valley, and RourJi and 
Ready Directory for 1656, 13, 1^56. "^ 

St. Aiitonio, Ponta de 

Langsdorff, Voyc^es & Travels (1803-1807) 
London, pt.II, footCnote p. 177, 1814. 

Point e St. August in 

Point on mainland of San Diego Bay at 
mouth of Sweetwater River. 

Map 35, Atlas du Voyage de La Perouse, 


St. BrJnrdo, Rio ' ^c^,,^^ y^ez River] 

River about G milos HE of Ft. Arguello. 
Vancouver, Voya/x of Discovery, 1790-95, 

Lond.,II,447,17^'B, & Atlas (Rio del Sn Balardo) . 

St.Barnardo or St.LIiguel (Id.) [San Iliguel Id.] 

Vancouver, Voyr..£;e nf Discovery, 1790-95, 

Island in Santa Barbara Channel KT/ of 
Ss.nta Ro sa T si and . 

Gibbes I'ap of California, 1852 (St. Ber- 
na^rdo Id.) . 

St. Bernardo Island 

Island W of 
Barbara Channel. 

[San Miguel Id.] 

Santa Rosa Island 

I kjanta 

Gibbes.LIap of California, 1852. 

St. Cannelo, River 

!'f|ii»**ll*li'!Bhl«:;! lUrtillWiiilW .■ii»+:;i;.|«rj*','-™iiinnll|i|i j^jkis^ , 

[Camiel River] 

Beochey, Vo2/age of Blossom, II,40G,1831. 

-S,. Cay e t anp ____________ 

-An arrovo visited by Moraga in 1806. A 
league L of Coyehete, rancheria on San Pedro 
?oX?^ t^^,^® ^iverJ.-P .Pedro Munoz, Diary. 
1821* Barbara, Vol. 4, p 36, 1806 

St. Clara Creek TRmi+n piov.^ n- -■ 

LOcinLa ulara River] 

nibbes,Liap of California, 1852. 
KE: Santa Clara River. 

St. Cleraente Island 

[San Clcmente Id,] 

Island S of Santa Catalina Island. 
Oibbers^LIap of California, 1G52. 

St. Diogo 

Lond., 11,44,1798. 

[Gan Dio(/;o] 
Voyaf^e of Discovery, 1790-95, 

St. Estovan, Pta. de 

Vancouver, Voyace of Discovery. 1790-9r. 
Lond., Atlas, 1798. ^_ ''' "' 

Point on KE r,ide present North Coronado 
Eeach Island, San Diego Bay. 


St. Eiii ennei 

Now._H5xth Island, at northwest end of San 

Diego Bay neai- entrance to Bay. 

Map 35 , Atlas du Voya^ de La Perouse, 


■m ii i i i in ■■ i i iiiii n 

Will i ■HI 

i' "W '^l|i y», ■"..ur ' . ' « ..,„ - 

Saint Francisco 

Langsdorff , Voyages k Travels (1803-1807) , 
London, pt. II, running headline 137-217,1814, 

St. Francisco 

jangsdorff, Voyages 
1, pt..II,157;T814. 

t Travels (1803-1807) J 

Vancouver, Voya^-e of Discovery, 1790-95, 
Lend., I, 430, 1790. 

Is. de St. Francois 

Now Far/a^Dne Islands, off San Francis 
Bay . » 

_ Jap 31_(1786), published in Atlas du 
Voyage de la Perouse,, 1797. Also 



Ma.p. I L 

ut. Geor£:e, Point 


OiLbolB^ -ap 

[Pt. St. aeor{>;e] 
:jc of Dincovery, 1790- 

of California, IHSr.. 



St. (}eorp:G!s Bay 

Bay junt 1] of Ft. St. G 

[Pelican Bay] 



Vancouver, Voyaf::e of Bincovery, 1790-95 
.,1,202,1798. (naiiied by Vancouver in 1792).' 

m TT-^® Mofras, Exploration de l»0rep-on 
Tome II, p,39, 1844 Oregon, 

St. Georges, Pt. (Point St. George) 

—iii.»« «» lwii r iii.ii|i w 11.11,1 1.1— ,jim i.i.i .1. ^,. ^ „^ ^ , ^ ^^^ ^^^ . ■ n i..i.ii-iiii,i ^^MM^ ^ 

P^t at Crescent City, JUf.California. 

le Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, les Cali. 
fomies, &c, 1844. 

^Vancouver, Voyage of Bincovery, 17^0-95 
Bond., 1, 202, 1798. (Point St. George,, named by 
Vancouver in 1792), & Atlas. 

Pt.iJSt._G©oiKa' _, Calif. 

Name at goint on north side of mouth of 
Klamath River{ mianamed Smiths River) oi 
^^^|^[Jt^o0^e,^Orego n Territory . U. 1 

Mfii .On this map Klamath River is shon 
as coming out of one of the Klatnath Lak< 
in Southern Oregon, traversing Northern 
ualilornia and thence reenterir^ Oregon 
and becoming what is now known as Rogue 

Sff ^? ^^^^ "^P najmed Too- too- tut- na 



^A^ ^""^£gMQ> Pg-ss 

[San Gorgonio Pass] 

Gibbe^s^LIap of California, 1852. 

St. Helen, L'lount 

uAt, St. Helena]- 

Hutchings Calif J.Iag. , III , 146, 1858. 

St. Helens, Mt. 

[Mt. St. Helena] 

Peak in the Coast Range (**lat. 38° 40'") 
•John S. Hittell, Hutchings Calif .LW 
III, 357, Feb., 1859. ^'^ 



11,130.1014 7- 



Pte de St*__Iago -VViBowvW, tnWw^.^'U W(ie.KWil. 

LuPerou^e, Voyage, AtW pl.S?),!!'^!. 

Saint Isabel or San Isabel [Santa Ysabcll 


• Ranchoria in valley of Rio Isabel (San 
auol hiver), fomerly a missirm. 

•Tmory, l.;ilil.ary Reconn. Ft. Leavonv/orth 
to Ftrn Diego in 1846-47, 107,1846. 

- -Stat, of Calif., 1854, 223, 1854 (Santa 

Isabel) . 


Petit Port dfi. St. Jean_ 

-— Deep bay now known as Spanish Bight 

in northern part of San Diego Bay separating 

Coi-onado from North .Island. 


Map 35, Atlas du Voyage de La Perouse, 

ointe St. Jean 

Northeast part of what is now Coronado 
projecting into San Diego Bay. 

Map 35, Atlas du Voyage de La Perouse, 


Saint Jean Baptists Li^an Juan BoutistaJ Calif 

Mission in San Juan Valley, N. 7?. corner 
San Benito County. 

De Mofras, Exploration de 1 'Oregon &c. 

Tome II, p. 47. 1844 . 

3t. Joaquim 

i|ii» t mrnimmmu ^ 


Hall J. Kelley, 
(25th Oongres?, 3d 

Memoir on Oregon, 1839 
Sess. H. Rept. lOl), p. 


St. Jolin, fortress 

Small fortress on northern tongue of 

lajid running into the sea, at entrance of Bay 

of San Francisco. ______ 

— ^ — Engelhardt in Kotzebue, Voyage of Dis- 
covery (Lloyd's translation), London, III. 337 

I^«" r iMWiiilpl.ll i iiii.1. 

St. John, Mt. 

"^ ^ JoErgTTn^eirTM'chinss Calif .Mag. , 

11 1, 357, Feb., 1859. 3^ v^>l /(c^^ ,<5£^(;'la..^ 

St. John's Creek 

Creek flowing parallel to Kah-wee-ya Cr. 
between Krh-wee-ya and Elbow Creek, into 
Pi-pi-yuma CreekCKaweah Cr.3 from the 3^7. — 
Williarnson,R.S., map, in Ex. Doc. 129, 35d. Cong.', 
1st. SesR., XVIII (pt. 4)4855. 

St. John's Island 

Islc-nd 8 leagues from Point Loma. 
Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95, 

Lond.,II,474,1798(Called Ya. de San Juan a.nd 
Ya. St. Juo.n in Atlas), 

Ft. St. Joaquin. 


On Suisun Bay, at north end of Buckels I. 
(now|er Id.)--Hinggold, Map of Anchorage 
off New York of the Pacific, 1850. ^ 

St. Joseph, Mount 


Y.'ilkes Expcd, llarrative, V, niap (dated 

1841) facing p. 150, 1845 

= Lassen's Peak.--Beckwith.^.O 

• ^ '' • 



^ • 



ry ^ n 

^ ) 



t « .^ 

VIII, (pt. 2) Art. 5a' 

50, 5^1, i^» 1855 

Stevens, I.I. , chart of map(dated 1353-4), in 

Beckwitn,E.G., in Pac.Rr.RBp.,II,Art,II, 
44.1855. „_:„ 

ttLssion St. Jo s eph 


Mission lyiiig on SE part of S.F. Bay. 

— I&ngsdorf f : Voyages & Travels, 1803-1807^ I 
187, London 1814. 

-—mission St. Joseph- lies on the opposite 


[from S.fT] 
-Ibid, 188. 



-Pte. St, Joseph 

— Point on inner side of bar 
of south end of San Diego Bay. 
He ight s . 

on west side 
Now Coronado 

■'■ ■■ 


__ Map 35, Atlas du Voyage de La Perouse, 

wmil lll l K l ll l l lMMII M KI Hi lJIIIiWWil 

St. Joseph, Pueblo 

oOcX STq^^ 

Langsdorff, Voyages k Travels (1803-1807) 
LoiK-on, pt.II, 198, 1814. 


2> JLd^^m^^SM ^ -Tfcu^ ^..^^.^i.^^^ 

St. Juan Capistrano, Llission 

Vancouver, Voyaf-e of Discovery ir^^O-^'"^ 
Lond. ,11,467,1798, 8. Atlas (Sn. Juan).' " '"^ 

>/ R. St. Laurent 

River emptying into the Pacific a few 
miles south of San Francisco Bay. 

Map 31 (1786), published in Atlas du Voyagi 
de la Perouse, 1797. Aj^a Mrip. IL , 

St. Lorenzo, River 

River entering V. end of Llonterey Bay at 
f'anta Cruz. 

Becchey, Voyage of Blossom, 11,407, 1831. 

St. Louis 

_ [St. Louis] 

—— Village just S¥ TableLPock, lIY/feownie- 

ville, Sierra County. ,,,^,,,,,^ 

lutclungs Calif.L:ag?JlI,245,Dec.;1857. 

v' tat ,_ f Cal if. , 1Qm!)iZI , 1 054 . 


St. Louis 

Town on V/ side Sonoma Creek, little S 
of Sonoma. ..Gibbeis,Liap of California, 1852. 

P O 

^t^^MSL^Little York. Calif. 

(inatefrnf^q? f^! pf . LittleTorirto~the town" 

ov;5^ nf^' r"-'^*^«5^i^Q, m [Edwin F.j Bean's Hist 
ajTd Directory of Nevada Co.. Calif" 3m ift^v 

litission of Si. Louis del Rev 
CSan Luis Rey] — 


Audubon rWs stern Jour- 
nal 1849-1850,175, Cleveland, 1906. 
"Mission of Luis Rey". -Ibid 176 

ot, Luis Gonzales 

Place 20 miles SY/ of Eerced City. 
Gibbes, Map of California, 1852. 

_ ^t. Margarita Creek _ [Santa Margarita R.] 

Creek in I] San Diego County, running, 
parallel to San Luis Rey River.-Gibbe's Mar) 
of ^^alifornia,lc3o2. ' 


^ Pointe St. Michel 

_Point projecting into San Diego Bay from 

outer bar a little south of mouth of Sweet- 
water River. 


Map 36, Atlas du Voyage de La Perouse. 

St.Iaigucl or Santa Rosa (Id.) [Santa Rosa Id.] 

Island V of 
Barbara Channel. 


Santa Cru^ Island, Santa 

Voyaf;e of Disco very, 1790-95, 
h Atlas (Ya de Sta Rosa) . 


It, IJicholas I[sland] 

[San IJicoL'^G Id.] 

Island SW of Santa Catalina Island.- 
Gil)bets, Map of Cal ifornia,1852. 

Island of Saint Nicolas 

Island 70 miles SE of Santa Barbara, 
m. Heath Davis, Sixty Years in Calif., 
San Francisco , 1689. 


Be. de St. Pierre 

]5ay between Santa Barbara and San Diego. 

Probably San Pedro Bay. 


15, Atlas du Voyage de la Perouse, 

iOii.ti:§.__4w^ Mkv ^ ifludbv. ^1\aW^cl y^)) 

JWJ^o-^jl,,,^, «Lft— A»v r2a.*jL»*.>s. Ow-X ajv/v— 


St. Rosa 

[Santa Rosa] 

nibbets^Map of California, 1852. 


Fortre ss St_^Toac[uin 

On southern shore of entrance to S.F. Bay, 
lying on tongue of land. -- Otto von Kotzebuej 
Voyage of Discovery, 1815-1818, I, 276, London, 


St. Toac[uin 


>JL. ^ ~ ~ -'"■ 

Fortress^ 'n; entrahce to San Francisco 
Bay, ^ 

Kotzebue, Plntdeckungsroise, Weimar, II: 
5, 1821. 

3t» Wakina 



Overton Johnson ^ ^k. H. Winter, Houte 
i^f g^^J^^.^^^k7/o^tains v/ith a description 
184 <^ California m 1843, pp. 79, 80, 82, 

St.YrDeB mission [Santa Ynez] 

Bryant: What I Saw in Calif. 
tEniiry dated Dec,21, 1646.] 
St..Yne 8 mountain.- Ibid, 379. 


Sal, Point 


+ Q 

u Octl ] 

Na. .ed in 1793 by Vancouver after Scnor 


Don Hefiiiiegildo Sal, conif.u i]da.nt of the port 
of San Francisco. 

Yr>^.couver, Voyaf^e of Bincovory, 1790-95, 
Lond.,11,447,1798, & Atlas. 

De Mofras, Carte de 1' Oregon, des Cal- 

ifornies, &c.,1844. (Pte. Sal). 

GiLljes,L:ap of California, 1852. - 

Sal, Pte. [Point Sal] 

_ ^De Ilofras, Carte de I'Oregon, dos Cal- 
iiornies, &.C., 1644. 

Point S of San Luis Obispo Bay. 

Salinas Calif. 

Name on map of Monterey district. 1801-10 . on 
or near lower Salinas River, & S of Rancho del 
Rey. - Bancroft, Hist* Calif. 11,145,1885. 

Rancho in Monterey district in 1839 . —Ibid, 


Salines- De Mofras, Carte de l»Oregon, Des 

Califomies, &c. , Gen»l map. 1844. 

Salinas River 

[Salinas Ri vor ] 

. — 'Llonterey or Salinas River'/ emptying 
into Monterey Bay from the SE 

Salinas) . 

Statutes of California, 1851, 173, 1851. 
Gibbel^s^Map of California, 1852 (Rio_* 

Blake, W,P., in Pac.Rr.Rep,,V,pt.II,139, 

1857 (Salinas or San Buenaventura R.), 


Riojle Santa Delf ina 

See also Rio de San Elizario, Bio de Monterey 

Salinas, Las 

Fami of an old Scotchman a-^^jv^^ulx^ U^^iy^- 
Beechey, Vo^/age of Blossom, 1,385,1831. 


Statutes of California, 1850, 172, 1850. 

l>Ad-cs^ rujc*^ "^LoJlhL ft ^ . \l 

"'*^-'*"^'^^^ P^-o^-N-WxK. 

Salmon Trout River [= 
— Frsmont; Expl.Expd. 
219, 1845. 

kee R] NevcJloL 

Oregon & Calif. (1844), 

Salmon River 

cr ^^'vI^MP^^^'^^^G into Klainath River from the 
bE on «^«€*.^ boundary of Sickiyou Countv. 
Statutes of California, 1852, 2'^.3, 1852." 

Salmon Creek 

Shasta Co, Calif. 

Pit River Indians of PalI__Eiver trilDe 

(Ajumahwe) tell me that a Short Creek only 

about half a mile i n le ngth enters Pit River 

—from the south a mile or mile_and a half 

_east of Barney Creek. It is in Section 1, 

lownsh i p 36 N orth, Range 3 E. It was early 

-» — — 

called Salmon Creek because of the vast 

number of salmon that ca me there to spaw n. 

-Up to 

re_was a large 

( over) 

Indian village of the Ilmahwe tribe at the 
mouth of Salmon Creek. The plaoe is now 
under water of the Besevoir called Lake Brit, 
tan. The name of tLis village was M&h-pe- 
MzM^ Its last chief is said to Have bee n 
named niley O^JTein. The name of the Creek 
nas been changed from Salmon Creek to Pish 
Creek. ^ cJn^vv^ 

Salmon Falls 


Minia^ town on South Fork American River about 
8 miles from Momon Island and 4 miles north 
of the Coloma Road.-- Sacrajnento Daily Trans- 
cript. May 15, 1851. 

Salmon Falls 

[Salmon Falls] 

* Place on S Fork Anierican River alout 8 

milcR m of of Calif . ,1854,222, 

Gibbes, Liap of California, 1852 

Salmon Lake 

Lake 40 miles KE Nevada City, between 
heads of S and Middle Forks Yuba River, flov/ing 

into Canon Creek, 

Ilutchings Calif .Hag., II, 109, Sept., 1857. 

Snlmon River., or Quoratem [Salmoii River] 

•Oibljs, in Schoolcraft, 111,150,1853. 
'River in S\7 Siski-ou County, flowing 
into Klcuaath River from SE. 




Mama on map of Monterey district. 1830, « little 
E of nortbem Monterey Bay, & near lat.37^. 
-Bancroft.Hist, Calif. 11,145, 617,1885, 

Rancho in Santa Cruz Co. [in 1834]. —Ibid II, 
157.ftnote; ibid III,678,1885. 

"Rancho of Salsipuedes.near the place since 
knov7n as Watsonville". "Jurisdiction of 
Branciforte never extended to. . .Corralitos 
(including Salsipuedes)". —Ibid II 171 ffflYf 
& ftnotej, 1885. ' ^ ^^®^^ 

Salt Creek 

Creelc in Caiiiornia Desert, 
in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.II,104,1857. 

--Blake, W.P., 

i;fli*»ai»<Mi!'i,:;i!*i;i)iiw»ji.>^f4i»fMH|iBiiiiiiitiiiiiW,iii *i»,|*#t,f(4i 

Sa,lt Creek 

One of three creeks emptjdng into upper 
Sacramento River from the W within half a 
idle of each other, the other two being Liid- 
dle Creek and Rock Creek. 

Kelly, Excursion to Calif., London, II 

Salt Oreek Kern Oo« 


Salt; creek, flowing through a creta- 
ceous area in south half of Township 
29 South, Range 20 East, Kern 
county, California. 

Salt Creek 

Merced Co. 

See Lagana Seca Creek 


Salt Lake 

San luis Obispo Co 

See Soda Lake 


Salt Spring Kern 

Salt; spring, north line of Section 25. 
Township 25 South, Range 18 East, 
Kern county, California. 

^^* Calif. 

U.S.Geog. Board, Apr. 7.1909 

Arroyo or Canada del Salud 

r Cal if . 

[ Waddell CreekJ 

Name given by Port da JExpd. in 1769 to 
deep stream 1 league E by S from Ano Nuevo 
Point..— Costanso, Diary Portola Expd., 
Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2. no. 
4, p. 255, 1911. 

Crespi says they first named it La Canada 
de_San Luis Beltran. but renamed it La Sal ud 
because their sick became better here. — 
Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in Palouts 
Noticia de la Nueva Calif., 2, 189. 1874. 

Eldredge says this stieam was Waddell Creek. 
Zoeth Eldredge, March of Portola, p. 37, 1909 

Sampson Peak _ San Benito Co. c^lif. 

U.3.Geog.Board.Mar.6 1912 ^^'"p^""' ^^^^ (elevation 4.631 fe*et). 

, ,x^j.o ^«™ed by the Franciscan metamor- 

a ?*""= '■"'^•^s at their contact with the 

Serpentine, 2 miles southwest of New 
Idria, San Benito County, California. 
(Not Venado Peak.) 

^ „ , , ^ ., . San Luis Obispo Co 
Cafiada de San Adriano 



rci i-^i...r® Po^rtola Expd. camped on hill 
Vblack Hill; on N side Morro Bay. Crespi 
says he named this site Cana da de San Ad riano. 

apparently lower part of"T!horro Creek. — 

Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in Palou's 
Noticia de la Nueva Calif.. 2, 161, Jiexico, 


San Alejo ^ D-V"^v^A>>y San Diego Co. , Calif. 

Canyon 9 leagues IJW of San Diego, visited 
^y Portola Expd, in 1769 and named from the 
abundance of the trees called alisos . (Spelled 
San Alexos in Spanish text on opposite page), -J 

Costanso, Diary Portola Expd. 1769-70, Pubs. 
Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol 2, no,4, 169, 1911 
Lat. 33**. — Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in 
Palou's Koticia de la Nueva California. 2,103, 


San Arnedio 

Blake, W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.II,(il .) 

San Anacleto, Isla de 

Island in Santa Barbara Channel, near 
San Miguel Island. 

Galiano, Viage Sutil y Llexicona (1792) 
Mcadrid, p. 173, 1802. ' 

San Andres, Isla de 

Island in the Gulf of Santa Catalina. 
Galiano, Yiagc Sutil y Moxicana (1792) 
L'aurid, p. 174, 1802. ' 

Canaxia de San Andrei* San Mateo Cd'/, Calif 

Canyon extending fron a litle N of Point 
San Pedro southerly to San Francisquito Creek. 
Called Canada de Sa n Frajicisco by the 
Portola Erpd. in 1769.^— Co^stanso, Diary 
Portola Expd.. Pubs* Acad- Pacific Ccaet Hist., 
vol. 2. no.4, pp. 109, 113, 1911. 

Canada de San Andrge* Teminates at 
Punta de 'Almejas (Point San Fedro). — Pedro 
Font. Diary Anza Expd. ,1775-76. fubs. Acad. 

Pacific Coast Hist. .vol. 3, no.l. p.r75, nl913. 

^^^^^,^^—,-,11 Lov^ri '^•^"^^' 

Eldredge says tha name CaRada de San 
Andres was given by Rivera Nov. 30,1774,— 

l^ ^ .V Ml n v» ^% aJ /•*• .^ ■ C^ m-^ — . lL _ r* ^F\ J « > •. _ 

Z» D 

Eldredge, March ofPortola. 41, 1909. 

San Andreas 

[San Andreas] 

Town little SE of junction of S Fork 
with main Calaveras River, Calavords County. 
•Stat, of Calif.,18£4,222,18£4. 


Canada de San Andres Calif. 

Canyon in range "wooded with spruce" on east 
side of San Francisco peninaila, not far south 
of the port of San Francisco. —Pedro- Font: 
Diary, Anza Expd. 1775-1776 rPubs.Acad.Pacif, Coast 
Hist. Vol. 3, No. 1, p. 75, March 1913. 

San Antonio 

De Llofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
ifornies, &c., 1844. 

Place few miles S,of San Antonio Llission 
(probably present village Jolon) 

i H mM W il |i iWlWli ll MWl|ii»W(IIWIII 


gan Antonio 

Name on map of Monterey district,1801-10, on 
upper Salinas River south of San Miguel 

Mission. -Bancroft, Hist. Calif. 11,145,1885. 
Place bj same name also located in Monterey Dis- 
trict a little southwest of SanLuis Obispo 
Mission. -Ibid. 

San Antonio de los Robles 


Essai Polit.Nouv.Esp., 'I,xxxvi, 

Cal if. 

San Antonio [River] 
Presumably a river flowing west into southern 

end of San Francisco Bay. — Beech ey: Voyage of 
Blossom [1826], 11,426, 1831. (5'''^^ c4w.r^. 

Mieion de S.Antonio 

Pounded July 1771: near river of saine name, 

in plain of Los Robles, in center of Sierra de 
Santa Lucia, 25 leagues SE of Monterey and 8 
leagues from coast. Lat. 35 30. -- Palou, Vida 

de Padre Junipero Serra, 125, Mexico, 1787, 


San Antonio de la Canada de les Eobles.— 

m mm' ■>»i^Wi'<w> m' 'i 


I ■ m " r' 

Font, Diary Anza Expd., 1775^76, Pubs. Acad. 
Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 3, no. 1, 59, 1913 

San Antoiiio, Mission 

* Ue kofras, Carte de l»Oregon, des Cal- 
lies, &c., 1844, 

* Mission on San Antonio Creek in Coast 
Range (lat. 36^ W of Salinas Valley and E of 
Santa Lucia Mountains. 

lR.nN*f3'' Kxped ijarx-ative, V, map (dated 
lfi41} facing p. 150, 1845. 


ancouver, Voyage of Dincovery, 1790-^5 
Lend. ,11,443, 1798 (Mission of St.i^jitonio, 
established 1792), £, Atlas "(Sn Antonio). 

San Antonio de Padua, Mis ion de 

_ __Galiano, Viage Sutil y Mexicana (1792), 
Madrid, table facing p. 166, 1802. 
Mission San Antonio de Fadua. 



an Antonio ou del Pajaro, Pio de CPajaro Piverl 
De Kofras, Carte de TOregon, des Cal- 
ifornies, &.C., 1844. (map. no. 14) 

r^^^A-KAX. % 

River emptying into kontcrey Eay^J £^1^ 

San Antonio, Rio de -fcPajaro River] Calif 


River empty ir^ into Monterey^ of Salinas 

Rg^,S". Antonio. — Gal eano, Voyage Sutil y 
Mexicana, Atlas, 1802. • -^^-^ -^ ^ 

Rio de San Antonjn ^rmj^'' Pajaro. — 
Carte del 'Or^onV des'^I^allTornies , 
Imap no. 14) , 1844. 

DeMof ras , 

Ranch San Antonio 


Rancho on -Dside of San Francisco Bay 
extending from Rancho San Pablo as far south 
as San Leandro Creek, 07/ned in 1836 ty Luis 
Peralta. A portion of it is now occupied b y 
cities of Oakland & Alameda. — fc. Heath 
Davis, Sixty Years in Calif,, 1831 -89, 31, 
San Francisco, 1889. 

San Antonio Creek 

ISaikilLtonio Creek] 

• Creek in Alameda County, flowing into 
San Francisco Bay from the E.--.Polit. Code of 
California, San Francisco, p. 462, 1897. 

Blalce.W.P,, in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.II,map 
lacing 145,1857. 

San Antonio Ernbarcodero 

•Fmbarcadero at head of navigation on San 
Antonio Creek, Alarneda County. 

^Polit.Code of California, San Francisco, 
p. 462, 1897. 

San Antonio de Pala 


De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
ifornies, &c., 1844. 

Subsidiary mission on San Luis Rev Riv- 
er HE of San Luis Rey. 

De Mofras, Exploration de I'Orep-on &c 

Tome II, p,47. 1844. Mission de 
SajiAntonio. " "~~ 

San Antonio 

..■'ii.iiiiiiiiii >i iiii[|i ii ii i[ ii ii liii n Mawiiiiiiil 

Place midwfy between Guadalupe and 
Mission Santa Inez. 

De Mofras, Carte de I'Oregon, (tOes ^jrlifor 

nies 6cc, gen»l map. 1844 . 

San Antonio, Crock [Antonio Creek] 

Creek emptyin/5 into Petaluina Creek from 
the W, fomin^^ part of boundary between Son- 
oma and Ilarin Counties. 

'Statutes of California, 1850, 60, 1850; 
Gibbeis^IIap of California, 1852. 

San Antonio, Laguna de 

Small lake on boundary 
and Marin Counties. 


een Sonoma 

Statutes of California, 1850, 60, 1850. 

San Antonio, Lajuana de 

Small lake in Llarin County, source of 
San Antonio Creek. 

Statutes of California, 1651, 178, 1851. 

Called Laguna of San Antonio in Statutes 

of California, 1850, 60, 1850. 


^^^^. ^Ou<^. . 

Name of point 

Punta de Son Jintonio [ oUhor Shoad PoiB t 

^ "^ Point Richmond] 
extremity of Potrero 
of San Pablo* — Lieut. Ayala's First Survey 
and Map of the Bay of San Francisco, 1775. 
Name given by Ayala or Caflizares to Point 

Richmond, San Francisco, Bay. -- Zoeth Eldredge, 
Beginnings of San Francisco, I, 50, 1912. 

Pta. de San Antonio 

La Pti\)u^£, Voyage, At\a&nl. 2)^, nm. 

iic^^!=:E4W?t Ivd , B>.F. ^ ^ 

'-" * II iiii » i ni i i ii ii i i li ii 

San Antonio 

•Beechey, Voya.go of Blossom, 11,653,1331 
^-^^/De Ilofras, Carte de 1* Oregon, den Cal- 
if ornies. &c. 1844. 


Stat, of Calif., 1854, 184, 1854 



OTrn on Y\ sido of San Francisco Bay, on 
idc of channel or estuary of saino name on 
oundary Lotv/ecn present cities of Oakland 
nd Alameda; now atsorlDed into East Oakland. 
Blake, W.P,, in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.II,140 


San Antonio de Padua (Mission) _ 
Founded 1771. 

•Humboldt, Essai Polit.lIouv.Esp 
lail; II,841(Statistics), 1811. 


San Antonid (di* Pdscadai^c) 


Rancho in Santa Cruz Co. in 1833. -Bancroft, 
Hist- Calif. 111,678, 1885. 

« I 

San Antonio, Arroyo de, or Keys Creek CS.Ant.CrJ 
^ Creek flowing into Tonialec Bay from the \^ 

-Polit. Code of California, San Francisco 
p. 463, 1897. rrcjicisco, 

Los Cristianos 

San Diego Co., Calif, 
or San Apolinari9 or 

Canada del Bautismo), 
Canyon 3 leagues SB of^'san Juan Capistrano, 
visited by Portola Expd. in 1769, where they 
baptised two Indian children, por this reason 
the soldiers called the place Los Cristianoa . 
Crespi named it San Apolinario : othere called it 
La Canada de los Bautismos . -- Crespi, Diary 
Portola Bxpd. in Palou»» Noticia de la Nueva 
Calif., 2, 113, Mexico, 1874. 

Canada del B»utism o. — Costanso, Diary , 


PortolaExpd., Pubs. Acad. Pacific Caast Hist., 
vol. 2, no. 4, 173, 1911. 

7 i- - Q 



8 ^ 



'-C., C- 




,^,a£LBarnai*dc Riv6i! : 

So. Calif, -^oryrMilitary Heconnoissance,ia46-7 

San Barnardo t-d 

- Lbernarclo] 

Cross roads (foriiorly ranch) on San 

Bernardo Pdver V of <^^^,r^ n^«.^r^ r« ^ -i « 

j-^t.i, is Ox ,,an jjiego [a few miles S 

of T^scondidol. 

^mory, Military' Reconn. Ft. Leavenworth 
to San Liego in 1846-47, 110,116,1848. 

San Barnardo, Rio [San Bernardo River] 

River in San Bicgo County emptying- into 

San Dioguito River. 

Emory, Military Reconn. Ft. Leavcnv/orth 

to San Diego in 1846-47, 110,1848. 

^Ranclio San Bartclo Calif. 

Ranch in Los Angeles Vallejr, o'^ed in 1830' 
by Francisco Ocampo. - Wrn. H. Davis, Sixty 
Years in Calif., 1831.89, 600, San Franci 


San Bartolomeo 

De Llofras, Carte de l*Oregon, des 
ifomies, &c., 1844. 

Place near head of Salinas Valley 
of San Lliguel. 


San Benito 

De Mofras, Carte de 1' Oregon, des Cal 
ifornies, &c., 1844. 

Ranch or settlement in valley of saine 
n^nmc, E of Salinas Valley, in what is now 
San Benito County. 

— Sn. Be nit a 

[San Benito] 


toan on San Benito Hiver, San Benito Co 

De Mofras, Carte de l^Oregon, des Califor 

nies, <S;C, Gen'l map, 1844 > 

San Benito ' 

Name on map of Monterey district, 
side of Salinas River & northeast 

Antonio Mission. - Bancroft, Hist. 

— Calif. 

1801-10, east 
of San 

Calif. 11,145, 

Arroyo de San Benito San Benito River Calif. 

In 1776 the Anza Tlxpd, crossed the Arroyo 
d© Ran Benito 2 leagues UK of Natividad, Uonte- 
fcy OoJ. — Font, Diary Anza Expd.,Pube. Acad. 
Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 3, no.l, 68, 1913. 

Benito Valley 


[San iJenito Vaiiey] 


e,W.P,, inPac.Rr.Je£^v,pt.ll,r39, 

__ Valley E of Salinas, Valley. 

■'■ i WilililllWI M lll H I < iiiM 


' " "Wli'llI M Hlliiilllllll il llllllillHWt W i 

i|||iWi W ii|i > ii|iiiii|ii nn i||iHi m iil|l«i|iii 

San Benito Mountain 

[San Benito; Mountain (elevation 5.258 
feet), dome-shaped summit of the San 
Carlos division of the Diablo Range, 
about ^14 miles southeast of New 
Idria, San Benito County, California. 

San Benito Co, Calif. 

San Luis 0"bispo Co., Calif, 
San Benvenuto (or Canada del Osito)) 

Camion in wiich Porto la Expd. Halted (1769) 
3 leagues lSOil¥ of their camping place on Estero 
Bay which was alDout '6 miles E of Pt, Estero. 
Crespi says the soldiers called it Osito becaus 
the Indians offered them a "bear cub which they 
were taming, but he named it gan B en Yenuto . — 

Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. , in Palou«8 Hoticia 
de la Nueva Calif. ,2, 162, Mexico, 1874. 

Canada de l Osi to. — Costanso, Diary Portola 

Expd., Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist,, Vol., 2, nP 

V over} 

4,?24,301. 1911 

San Bernadino [Peak] 

High peak in southern California. 
John S. Ilittell, Hutchings Calif.iw. 
Ill, 357,Feb., 1859. . ' 

Cdbbe's Hap of California, 1852 (Mt. San 
Bernadino) . 

San Bernardino Valley ^^-^Xrh ^^cC^tt Culif • 

Early name of Santa Clara Valley. 

Hall gave its boundaries as extending from 
San Francisco to San Juan Bautista (Frederic 
Hall, History of San Jose, 8, 1871), but this 
is doubtless an error, as the valley proper 
ends with Gilroy plain. 

Not to be confounded with San Bernardino 

Valley several hundred miles south. 

[ ov er] 

■ Anza Expd. in 1776 traveling f rom Mon- ' 
terey to San Francisco, entered the Valle 
de San Bernardino 1 lea^-^ue N of Paiaro piver 
-- Pedro Foiit, Diar}^ Anza Erpd. ,Pubs. Acad. 
Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 3, no.l, p. 65, 191 

"Plains of San Bernardino stretch over 
half the way bety/een the ports of Monterey 
k San Francisco." — Francisco Palou. Yida 
de Junipero Serra, 208, Mexico, 1787. 

Eldredge says valley was named by Fages 
in 1772 for Saint Bernardine pf Sienna. — 
Z. S. E.' ^^ ' ^ . . -c- 
4l. 191; 

"* • .* , .,"«. 

fian Eernardino, Sierra 


Whipple, A.W., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,III,Art.I, 


Son Bprnnrciino I-t. 


'(•HI 1 i nn -on , R . S . , mnp , in Ky. . Do c . 1 '^9 , 3 x5 . 



San Bernadinn, Vt, 


nibbets,I'fip of California, 1852. 

Whipple, A. W., in,3:5d.Con.r. . 

San Bernnr'jino Lit?. 

— ^ liountains 9,000 ft. high, H of San Gor- 

f^^^^^^ ^^^^S'-Huniphrnys, A. A,2; Barron, GJC, in 

Et. Doc. 1:9, 35d. Cone;., l?^.Sess,,XVIII(pt,l) Art. 1; 
67; 1855. 

Davis, in Pac.Rr.Rep.,I,^27,1855. 

— Humphreys, A. A.& Warren, G.K., in Pac.Rr. 
Rep., I, Art. II, 87, 1855. 

1 • 

San Beruarai no i'eiss 

= Sail Oorronio Poss 

Imnphr-y-., a ^ A. a ^^nrrrn,G.K. , in Kt.Doc.129| 

35d. Conr:., 1st. Ge.B^.., XVIII, (pf,.i) Art.l- 66;1855. 

Humphreys, A. A. & Warren, G.K., in Pac.Rr. 
Rep,, I, Art. II, 86,1855. 

San Bcrnadino, Rio 

[See: Santa Ana R.] 

Gibbes, Map of California, 1802. 

Saji Bernardino River. — Meaning Santa Ana 
River. — Benj. D. Wilson, Observations on 
Early Days in Calif, and New Mexico, 29, 

---MS, B.-mcroft Library, 1877. 

San Bernardino 

[San Bernardino] 

• De Llofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
if ornies, SiC, 1B44. 

• Town on Santa Ana River at S base of 
San Bernardino Mountains. 

•Incorporated as a city April 13, 18M. 
'Statutes of California, 1854, 200, 1854. 

• Ibid, 223, 1854. ^ 

an Bernardino Lount.ainR 

355,1859." ^' "'"°^^' Hu^chinfjs Calif. Hag., lit, 

S>(x.'v>-'S)ex woct iwvxvo 



The succeeding March,^a ^rd party, with a hundred 

and fifty wagons, left the capuair]^^^ purpose of establishing 

a settlement in the southern part of California. It was to be sit- 
uated at no great distance from San Diego, and near Williams's 
ranche and Cahone Pass, between which and Little Salt Lake it is. 
designed to establish other settlements as speedily as possible. By 
means of these successive places of refreshment, the incoming emi- 
gration from the Pacific will be enabled to "go from strength to 
strength " till they reach the Zion of their hopes. ^ 

o Q. n 

rernardino County 

Established April 26,1853 and defined, 
^^l""^^.? °^ California, 1853,119-120,1855 

San Bernardo, I. 

[San Liiguel Island] 

De liofras. Carte de l'Oro£,-on, des Cal- 
ifornies, &c., 1044. 

Island at W end of Santa Barbara Channel 
¥ of Santa Rosa Island. 

Cabrillo died here Jan. 3, 1543. 

!• San Bernardo 

LSan Miguel] 

Cal i f . 

Island at entrance to 3ant£ Btirbara 
Shainnol. ' ^^c^ia 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon dos Cell- 

fornies See, Gen a map, 1844 . 

De Mofras, SxDlor£:tion de l»Orepon.(S;c 

1.96. 1844. «t^n»^t. 

- T, Calif, 

San Bernardo y su Compafiero (or Santa Rosa or 
Rio de San Verardo^ \^Santa Inez Rive^ 
Large river 6 leagues KW of Pt. Concepcion, 
passed bv Portola Expd. in 1769 and "named San 
Bern ardo y su Compagero : others gave it the name 
of S_anta Rosa , — Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in 
Palou's Noticia de la Nueva Calif., 2,154, 1874. 

Rio Grande de San Verard o (San Berardo in 
Spanish text on opposite page). -- Costanso, 

Diary Portola Expd. , Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast 

Hist., vrl.2, no. 4, 213, 1911,. 


Rio de San Verardo (Barardo) 

•- Ibid, 307. 

San Bernardo 


Nan© on map of San Diego District,1800-30, on 
R. San Dieguito, - Bancrof t, Hist •Calif. II, l05, 

Introduced merely for the date (1800-1830). 
tne place is well known, S of Escondido. 

San Bruno, Sierra de 
Beechey, Voyage 

of Blossom, 1,374,1831. 


Sierra de San Brund— LSsn Bruno Jffiy Calif. 

Cliain of Hills south of San Francisco Mission. 
- Be echey: Voyage of Blossom [1825],II,42,183lJ5/j 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon et des 

Californies, etc. Map 16. 1844 , 

San Bruno River 

Beechey, Voya^ge of Blossom, 1,374,1831. 

_S_an Bruno, Pta. __CSan Bruno Point] 

"■ ■■'■ m .ii.ii n i - i i i i.m a i»lllllllll||lWBWBBWM»MH^^^MIi|iMM,.Yipi,,,^ 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal-. 
ifomies, Lc._ (map IIo. 16), 1844, 

^-- Point on W side "an Francisco B 
what is 210W South San Francisco. 

ay at 

San Bruno hills 

Two hills S of San Francisco. 

Beechey, Voyage of Blosnom, 11,651,1831. 

Rio San Buenaventura [ Sal inasr River] 


Bryant: What I Saw in Calif. 570, 1848. 
LEnitry dated Dec. 7, 1846.] 

San Buenaventura or Salinas R. [Salinas R.] 


BlalceJ/^P., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.II,139,ibbV 

San Buenaventura, Pte 


,De Mofras, Carte de I'OreFon des Cnl 
mies, he, 1844. ^ ' ^^^ 

Point at mouth of River of same name. 
■QSILJuenavar] tnr^ » Dp ]iTnfv..e i?, t 

leTra^feSn ^n m ^^4 i-xplcration 
1 uregon &c.^Tcme I, p. 218. 1844. 

San Buenaventura Mission 

Ventura Co., Calif 

Pounded March 1782, at entrance to Channel 
or Santa Barbara^on site nained by first expd, 
in 1769, La Asumpta or" Asuncion de ITtra.Senora,- 

Palou, Vida de Padre Junipero Serra, 246, Mexico 


Galiano, Viage Sutil y Mexicana (1792), 
Madrid, table facing p. 166, 1802. 

Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95, 
Lond, II, 455,456,489,1798. (Mission of Bueno 

Ventura or Buena Ventura, founded 1784) & / 
— (over 

Atlas. (Sn Buenaventura). 

Humboldt, Essai Polit.Houv.Esp.. I.xxxiv 
ixxxix, 326. 1811; 11.841 (Statistlo^MeU. 

&o.^aif.""'' °"^^ "* 1' Oregon, des Calif ornies 

fac^n^^«^<^^^• ^^""^«. V. inap (dated 1841) 
racing p.lsO, 1845. 

San Carmelo, Valley 

[Carmel Vrlley] 

Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 11,408,1831. 

San Bruno, Sierra de 

, ^e Mofras, Carte de T Oregon, des Cal- 
ifomies, &c. (map no. 16), 1844. 

_ Mountain ridge on San Francisco Pen- 
insula between San Francisco and South San 

Blake, W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep, ,V,pt.II,139, 
1857 (San Francisco or San Bruno Range) . 


Carlos Bolsa San Benito Co, Calif. 

Qeog. Board ,Mar . 6 , 1912 ^'::^^^^i:i^':::^z:r!::: 

San Carlos Peak. Diablo Range, San 
Benito County, California. 

San C5XlQ5 Jfiasiii 

.f f n^ ® ^^SJ?^ °^ . SarL_Car los of Montft rftv f ounded 
^ay 31 17/0 at port of Monterey, the chapel 
beiig built next to garrison. — Palou. Vida 
de Junipero Setta, 103, Mexico, 1767. 

, M^^JtPI^ofS^ri^arlos transferred to Car- 
mel River, 1 league S oTl'Ionterey. — Ibid, 12' 

San Carlos de Monterey, Mission and 
capital of New Calif.-- Humboldt, Essai 

Polit. Nouv. Esp. I, 326. 1811; II, 841 
Vstatistics) , IBll. 

San Carlos Mission, 1 league S of 
Presidio of Monterey.— Beechey. Voyage of 

Bloesom. 11. 408, 1831. 

^i^^^S' Via^e Sutil y Mexicana (1792). 
Madrid, p. 160, 163. 1802. 

Vancouver. Voyage of Discovery. 1790-96, 
Lond. II. pl.facirK p. 10, p. 33, 1798 
(mission oT St. Carlos) k Atlas Xtn 
d^Monterrey & St. Carlos) 


San Carlos Mission 


In 1770 Portola occupied the port of 
Lonterej, and established there the Mission 
and Presidio of San Carlos.- Official Ac- 
count of Portola Exped. 1769-1 77^: Pub ». Acad. 
Pacif.Coast Hist.., Vol.1, No. 2, pp.9, H 
Aug.1909. ' * 

Punta de San Carlos [= Lime Point] Calif 

Lieut. Ayala's First Sun^ey and Map of the 
Bay of San Francisco, 1775. 

Name given by Ayala or Canizares to Lime 
Point, Saji Francisco Bay. — Zoeth Eldredge, 
Beginnings of San Francisco, I, 50, 1912. 

Pte. de St. Carloa "V.v^v\«.'?oV-w\:,^olX?.'v\. W-t^ 

La Pe^roit^c , Voyage, Allo^ pi. 3^,0^1 


Puerto de San Carlos 


Pass tliroLV'Ii mountains called Sierra Madre 
de California by Anza tod. & reach.ed by tliem 
in 1775, on their way toward San Gabriel Missicr 
-Dianr of Pedro Font, Anza Expd. 1775-1776: 

Pubs. Acad.Pacif. Coast Hist. Vol. 3, No. 1, p. 39, 
l.farch 1913, - 

San Catalina L 

large island 


De Mofras, Carte de l^Oregon, des Calif or- 

nies <3cc, Gen»l map, 1844. 

Sane el i to Bay 

Blake, W.P,, in Pac.Hr.Rep. J,pt.II,146,1857. 

Sancl'ia Plana 

Place on Liokelunme Ri-^ 

[Lanclia Plana] 

-Stat, of Calif., 1854, 223, 1854. 

'/er, SW of Jackson. 



Ranch on San Francisco Peninsula. De Mof- 
Carte de I'Orogon, des Californies, &c. 
(general map) 1844, 

IJote.. In 1849 Y/illiam Kelly left Santa Clara 
one morning on horseback, rode 40 miles to the 
ranch of Don Antonio Sanchez, and after dinner 
pushed on to Mission Dolores, which he reached 

before dark.- Kelly, Excursion to California, 
London, II, 330, 1851. 

San C lara [Mission] ___ 

Vicinity i^'ort Koss . 
'' *'. De Mofras, Exploration 

Tome II, p. 



de 1 'Oregon, 

San Clemente IbIeukI 

CaSiSj.°^^ southern Calif., s of Santa 

Ban Clgmente . — Vicente Villa. Diary 

CoHFI^^'^I^^o^^' ^^«o ^^^«^- Pacific 
Coast Hist., vol. 2, no.l, 89. 1911. 

St. Cle ment Id.. — Vancouver, Vovl. 
Discovery iYyu-9£), Lond. II. 466. m 
Ta^de Sn C lemente k Ya de Sn Cleme nt. Atlas 

e of 

S? Clemente or S? -^^I.^^A^:^' — DeMofras. 

"" (over) 

Carte de l*Oregon, des Calif ornies, &c,1844. 

Wilkes Expd 

St* Oleme nte Id. 


— G-ibbes, Map of Calif., 




Sand Creek 

'"""""""""^ MMlWIlllHIMIWlWlllllWlillllw m "■■■WliWMpiiMiii..,.,.....,,..,,^^ 

Cree- flov/ing into 5 
from the E.-Gibber,, Llap of 

end Tulare Lake 
California, 1852. 

Sand-hill valley 


Whipple, A,W., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,III,Art.III 


Sand Hill Valley 





out 75 miles IIW of the IJeedl 

V/hipple,A.W. , mav 


^ • 

Ex.Doc. 1:29, 5M. Cong.. 1st. S 

no. 2( doted 1853-4) 



San Diogo/[ District] 

Y/ilkes Kxped. (map dated 1841) ,V, facing 

p. 150, 1845. --- 



<''-'^^ UlAOOV.' 

San Diegito Tall^y 



20 mi. fran San Diego". --Rept.Lt.E.O.r) 

Ord in Sen.Doc.47, 31st Cong. 1st Sess. 123.18501 

Canada de San Di 

\^\oi«e)t ^jok^t «^ 'U.esi. 5tj(XA»-^f»»^"\ 


San Diego Co., Calif 

ITame given by Portola Ixpd. in 1769 to 

: leagues m of San Diego. - Costanso, 

Portola Expd.. Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast 



<•• no. 4, 167, Aug, 1911 
Pocitos de la Canada 
Diary Portola Expd. 

I^ueva California. 2, 102, Mexi 

— Crespi 

in Palou»8 Koticia de 1 

CO, 1874 

San Diogo Bay_ 

[San Diego Bay] 

?lmory, Military Reconn. Ft. Loavemvorth 

to S 


an Diego in 1846-47, 11.3J84P. 

Gibbes Llap of Cal ifomia,18r)2 (San 
Diego Harbor) . 


Diego County 

Established Feb. 18, 1850 and defined. 

California, 1850,58-59,1850. 

Statutes of 


D \^'tTlcV 



^OvWXl^TkYv/ ^ CA'^OY-^VB- 

Sandiego Credk __ San Luis Obispo Co. Calif. 

U«L!#Ge0g*B0ard^Apr#7 1909 Sandiego; creek, in Township 30 

South, Range 20 East, San Luis 
Obispo county, California. (Not 
San Diego.) 

3an Diego Creek San Luis Obispo Co 
See Sandiego Creek 


Pt. Sn. Diego 

Same as San Diego - 
La Perouse, Voyage, 

Atlas,, pL 1,1797 

[San luicQO Bay] 

Gan Diogo Harbor 

C-ibbe^ i:ap of California, 1852. 

Hunphrey3,A.A.£. Wfirren,G.K., in Ex. Doc. 
129,33d.Con^-7:.,lst.Sess.,(pt.l) Art. Ij67j 1855. 

San Diego, Mission 

Fomded 1770 

Vaiicouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95 


Galiano, Viage Sutil y Mexicana (1792) 

Madrid, table facing p. 166,1802 (M 


• t 

/ • 

ision de San 

Humboldt, Essai Polit.II 


326,1811; II,841(Statistics), -1811 (foun 
1 769) , 

sp. ,I,x3:iciv 


San Diego Mission 


Audubon: We stern •Journal 1649-1850, 
170, Cleveland, 1906. 


Q:?! Diego, Mission 

Langsdorff, Voyage 


ssion San Diego] 

s and Travels (18C3-. 

1B07) ,Lond.,pt. II, 157,1814 

•De Mofras, Carte de I'Oregon, des Calif- 
ornies, &C..1844. 

-^^ajQ^-~Ilje<^o_^-t-e d^ la, CoUvYie. d 

7)^ Mof 


T cL> 

I « 'V't _ c U^tUL- 



San Diego, Puiita de 

— ^^^^^■nO| Viage Sutil y Me:dcana (17Q2) 
Madrid, p. 174, 1802. " 

'' ''""'* '''■' '■' "'T^i'"''WI^'.i»l!i™(IMIimi«WT1!l"U(ii)t(BK|(|gj 

San Diego, Fort 

[San Diego Bay] 

Voyage de la Perouse, Atlas, 11 

1797 (Port Sn. Diego) 

Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery 
Lond.,II,46e,1798 (Port St. Diero') 

ap 3, 15 









ano, Viage Sutil y Mexicana (179:?,) 

Madrid, p.l74,}802 (Puerta de 


HuniLoldt. Es 

San Diego) 


i Polit.lIouv.E 


•De IJofras, Carte de TOregon, des Celif- 

omics, &c.,1844, /pnr'+ ^« c„v, -n- n 

* * Irort de ban Diep:o) , 

sido de St. Diego 

Diego now 

__JiM^ tt_Point_wh.ere Mission of San 
stfuids, north of San Diego Bay. _ 

Map 55, Atlas du Vouage de La Perouse, 


■iliKIM MHWIIMiMMIilii III iitiiMiilliLP 




Lona .,11, 467, 17S.6 . Uvwuu^ \'i -j o ._ 

yage of Discovery, 1790-95, 

*m m ii K ii m iiiiiiiiii n iiiwi M niwai 

'■ ' ii 'W *i | ij i n m t ■ ■ > w m^m m 

'^7 * t^f**'' ''**■••- "jrsw 

"Tinni'" T iiiiiiiiini ii[ii'ii.tiiiiiiiiiwiiiii iMiji I IUI.IIII.I 

San Diego, Rio 

[San Diego River] 

^ -De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
if ornies, &c., 1 

River in southern California flowing 
westerly from Cuyainaca Mt. and emptying into 
False Bay^ II of San Di-ngo Bay. 

* Emory, lalitary Reconn. Ft. Leavenworth 
to Gan Diego in 104-6-47, 113,1848. 

an Diego 



Emory:Military Reconnoissance,lSi6-7, 113, 1848 

■'■«»*.l,l8|||l' I ,t*^ , fM» 


Sanel Sonoma Co. Calif. 

"Old Indian town of Sanel situated near the 
American town of the same name." Stephen Powers 
Indians of W Nevada & Calif. Ann.Hept. Smithson- 
ian Inst, (for 1876) p. 457. 1877. 

Place in Russian River Yalley helow Healds- 

San Elijo Lagoon ^ San Diego Co-, Calif. 

Lagoon on coast in Lat. 33*1'. 

Not the San Aleio Cany on of Portola Expd 
1769, which apparently is present Batiquitas 
Lagoon and Canyon. 

Monterey Co., Call 
Rio de San Elizario biSalinae Eivexl 

In 1769 the Portola Kxd. followed the course 
of a river from the Santa Lucia Mountains 15 
. leagues NW to the bay foraied by the Punta de 
PinoB and Punta deoAno ITuevo. They thought it 
might be Rio Carmelo, but Crespi nained it 
Canada or Rio de San Eliz; .. Crespi, Diary 
Portola 7)xpd. in Palou's Noticia de la Nueva 
Calif., 2, 171, Mexico, 1874. 

San' Felipe 

■■tm^'im"i m» iiiiw w iiii mm iiii iii. iwii nti.niwiiifcii»n w -Hi)iw » i m.' i .n iiwii m wwmiiiiii Mii iHfc. mi\ ' ■- ihthiit 'iiffwiji mi. iHi. mi 


-^ *■"-"*■ » **»"■ '' ■-— — ^ n ""tn ii ' ii T ii w i ■■■ ■ ' i rm iii ii iii m i rr n , ■ oiiii .k iiiii . i u.. , miiiii m inimii iiiinuMi ■■■ » 

Marcy: Prairie Traveler7"295, N,Y.1859 

# « 

San Felipe." Pacif .R.R.Repts. Gen .Map of Eipl. 

& Surv, Calif. 1853. 

San Fslips.- Audubon: We stem Journal, 1649-lb50| 

168, Cleveland, 1906. 

San Felippe.-Bnory: Military Reconn.ia'i6-7,l(>4, 


San Felipe^ 

Spanish naiiio of Indian villa^^e in val- 
ley of sa.mG naiue, southern California. 

r:ilkes Exped. llarrative, V, map (dated 
1841) facing p. 150, 1845. 

V/illiamr.oa,R.3., map, in Ex. Doc. 129, 33d. 
Cong;., l^t.Sess., XVIII (pt. 4), 1855. 

Blake, W.P., in Pac.Rr.ReTD. ,V,pt.II,l05, 

San Felipe Cre ek 

—...■■»■—«... ...I _ „, t— m— .1 II—— M-— »__._ 

-. Statutes of California, 1850, 59, 1850. 

Creek flov/ing into Fajaro River from 
the E and rising in I^ariposa Mt. in SR Santa 
Cl-ra and 1|E_ San Benito Counties. 


San Felipe Bancho San Benito Co,__ 

3an Feli pe y Ausavmas rancho in San Benito c, 
named for Indians of that locality. — Hist. 
Monterey Co. ,146,1881. 



jN.jwO (X9> S (x\v "V^ e.\ I 

Bio Sa n Pelip e dii ?ere Garcfia ftn ITTA . 
„De Mofras, &arte de 1 'Oregon, des~Californies 

Scc , Gen ' 1 map , 1 844 . 


San Felipe River [now S. Luis Obispo Or.] 

Wilkes E^ed. iJarrative, V, mp (dated 
lc.41) facing p. 150, 1845. 

River flowing into San Luis Obispo Lay 
from the laiE. -^ 

San Felipe Lake 

S-^atutes of California, 1850, 59, 1650. 

™ ^^^^^ ^^G on boundar^^ between present* 

Santa Clara and San Benito Counties. Source of 
Pajaro Fiver. 

San Felipe Valley [San Felipe Valiey] 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^^'**'''*'^^ —mil II. ■.. ..[■j,iiiiiiiiumiL,.ii ^,^ 

Valley in S California, E of Warner's 
Valley. ..V/iliiainson,R.S., in Pac.Rr.Rep. V pt 
1,38,1853. _ _ ^ * »i • 

Sen Felippe 

^mory, Military Reconn. Ft. Leavenworth 
to San Diego in 1846-47, lC4,lo4a. 

- Indian villaf,;e in K i^un Liego County, 

near V/amcrV Valley. 


San Fernando Pass 

Coast Range ("lat. 34° 2\^' 



Hittell, Ilutchings Calif .Mag 


Kx.Doc.l29. ^'Sd.Conr^. . l^t Ses 

O C5 

Intro.. 34. 185^3 



Williamson, R.S.,_ map, in Ex.Doc. 129, 33d. Cong 

Davis, in Pac.Rr.Rep.,I,''?f7,i855 

San Fernando Pass 


— Humphreys, A, A. & Warren,a.K., in Pac.Rr 
Rep., I, Art. II, 88,1855. 

r^ /% «». 

. N-***.. :>OvV^^. 

San Fernando (Mission) 

Founded 1797. 

imi^^]^}o!^^^' Folit.llouv.Esp., 1,326, 
1811; II,841{Statistics), 1811. _ 

'De Mofras, Carte de l^Ore^on, des Calif- 
ornies, £^c.,1844. 

Mission m of Los Angeles, in San Fernando 

\/ el ley. ___ 

jllap of Cali 


>an Fernando 

Place inV of Los Angel os.-Gibbes, Llap 
of California, 1852. __ 

--- "Williamson, R.S., map, in Sx. Doc. 129, 33d. 

Rio San Fei*nand6 


-EiiioryrMilitary Recoiinoissarce, 1846-7, 120, 1848. 

San Fernn.ndo, Rio or River 


Ernory, Military Reconn. Ft. 
San DiG(;;o in 1C46-47, 120,1848. 
- ProKably Lon An/i:Gles River. 


San Fernando Hilis 


Blake, W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.II,79, 

San Fernando Range 


Blake, W.P., in Pac.Hr.Rep.,Y,pt.II,137, 

San Francisco 

•Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 1,345,1831. 

"ftn f^ry, LiliW ;y' Huu u nii. - 4^t. Lcrvcnv' ui' Ui 

San Francisco, Bay 

Wilkes E:q)Gd. 
p. 150, 1845. 

(niap dated 1841) ,V, facing 

GibLetSjMap of California, 1852. 

San Francisco County 

Established Feb. 18, 1850 and defined. 
Statutes of California, 1850, 59-60, 1650 

— &1^^ — rjnr'ii.v\ci^c^_lJl_Aisl'r\CA I 


_ * 

San FranciscoyCDistrictl 

^Vilkes Exped. (map dated 
p. 150, 1845. 

1841), V, facing 

San Francisco, fara 

cj 4. Q^T nf ^ ^°^^^^' of Los ibigeles County 
S of Santa Clara Creek. 

Statutes of California, 18^, 59 1950. 

San Francisco or San Bruno Ran ge [S.Bruno Mts.] 
Blake, W,P., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.II,i39,1857. 


a.n Francisco (Village) 

Founded 1776. 

-^~-- Humboldt, Fssai Polit.llouv.Ksp. , I,xxxiv, 
327,1811: 11,841 (statistics), 1811. 

' St. Francisco.- Langsdorff, Voyages h 
Travels (1803-1807), London, pt. II, 157, 1814. 

SatLFranoisoo Harbor [=Tonial98 Bay] Calif.l 

Vail ejo speaks of Tamales Bay as the'harbor of 
San Francisco (Tamales Bay)'.-- M. J. VaUeio 
Docum^itgs.^Para la Historia de Calif.. MS. T^l. 

Fr ancis co 

Travels of Ca^-ts . Lewis F. Clarke, Fx 
T.o:iuon, 1809. (llaiue on urt),) 

l^ancouvor, Voyage of Discovorv, 1790 
Lond., 1, 430,179a (St. Francisco). 

• » 



Arroyo Sn. .Irancisco L3an i^rancisquito CrJ 

Hiver flowing NE into southern end of 
San Francisco Bay. 

De Mofras Uarte de 1 'Oregon et les 

Californies, etc. Map 16. 

San Francisco Dolores, Mission Af Calif 

Three miles from San Francisco. -- 

Bryant.: What I Saw in Calif. 320, 1648. 
LEntry dated Sep. 30, 1646.] 

Mission de San Francisco 

[Mission Dolores] 

La Perouse, Voyage, Atlas, pi. 33, 1797. 

Mision de San Francisco. Galiano, Viage 
:Sutil y Mexicana (1792), Madrid (table facing 

De kofras, Carte de 1' Oregon, des Cal- 
if ornies, &,c., 1844. _ 

"ancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95, 
Lond.,11,2,14,1798 (Mission of St. Francisco, 
established 1775) ., & Atlas. 

St. Francisco, Mission 

Lnngsdorff , Voyages 

London, pt. II, 154, 1814. 

[Mission Dolores] 
h Travels (1803-1807) J 

San Francisco, 


Madrid (table 

Mision de [Mission Doloroc] 
Viage Sutil y Llexicana (1792), 
facing p. 166), 1802. 

Men. de Sn. Francisco [Santa Cruz Jtenge] Calif 

Mountains north of Monterey Bay(Ufc->A*w^*-^'6^-«U 

De Mcfras, Carte de 1* Oregon, des Califom- 

ies, <S:C., Gen*l map. 1844 . 

Rio de Sa.v Franciscd) 


Spo>8n of Lv Pedro Fon 

as flor/ing '*into the 

port [of San Francisco] on the northern side, 
-Psdro Font:Diar7,Anza Exrd. 1775-1776 :Puhs, 
Acad.Pacif. Coast Hist.?ol.3,No,l,p.77,Mch.l913 

San Francisco, MissionCError for Mission Dolores 

% 9 

' " "" ' ' " " ■ ■■ ■' " ■ ■II ■ mm ■ *m ■ II ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■ li m a i — mm i. nn ii w ii i . rii»i i i.»i ii ii ■ .m^m^mmm 

De Mofras, Carte de 1* Oregon, los Calif or- 
nies, &c., 1844, Map 16. 

San Francisco, Port de 

„_. Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95, 
Lond.,1,430,1798 (Port St." Francisco), & Atlas ' 
(Pto. Sn. Frands^co) . 

•HuLiLoldt, Essai Polit.lJouv,Esp.,I.lxxxix 

•De Llofras, Carte de l»Oregon, des Cal- 
if ornies, &c.,1844. 

Presidio de San Francisco 

■ LaP^roLL^e, VoycL^^ Atlas p\.:?)?), 1*1^1 

Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery 1790 

Iond.,II,4,h98 (Presidio of St. Francisco, 
esto,blishcd 1778) ., & Atlas. 


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Fort 3t. ffrQnfiifff> ft 

pl^'l? 32 ib96^''^^^®^ ^^ Honolulu (book 8*) -^ 


-San Francisc6 River 

About one day's journey from San Joaquin R, 
& "near the rancheria of. .the Ooeemenes". 
-« B 3 echey: Voyage of Blossom [1826], II, 28, 1831. 

1-^^-^^^^-^;,^ Orange Co., Calif. 
San Francisco nolano ^nrj-n j,l ^ iii T ii i i n r.tj_ i lLiLiaij3 

Name given hy Portola Expd, in 1769 to 
canyon iS?* leagues mi ofh^i^^^^^'^^ 
CoBtanso, Diary Portola lilxpd. , Pubs. Acad, Pacific 
Coast Hist., vol. 2, no, 4, 175, 1911 

So named because the expd, arrived there 

on the Day of San Framcisco Solano . — Crespi, 

Diary Portola Ixpd. in Palouts Noticia de. la 
Nueva California, 2. 116, Mexico. 1874. 

^i-<^--jv^Jjt e*c« Ucx ♦^-^o.*^^:*w- Wj 

JM. F^rancisco Solano, Mission de 

De Liofras, Carte de I'Oref^on, des Cal- 
ifornies, &c. , 1844. (map no. 16) 

Mission just N of San Pablo"'Bay, xxr. 
present town of Sonoma, 

De Mofras, Explore tion de l»Orepon S:c. 
Tome II, p. 6, 1844 , Pounded 1823. 

San Francisco Solano, Mission 

Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 1,546,1831. 

1 Pt . ^^Iranc o i a_Jliii±LMiM.Yvus 

Port of San Francisco.' 

Map 15, Atlas du Voyage de la Perouse, _ 

1797. Also orx Map. I. ^ ma.p.:S.__ „ 

1 * ^^^^ .^MMMMWino*' ■'WlWil ll lli M IMIi y illl U iiMMIlPiMliHi.... 

San Franc isqul to 


One of the stock ranches of Santa Clara 
Mission. — m. h. Davis, Sixty Years in Calif. 
1831-89, 98, San Francisco, 1889. 

San Franc isquito Creek 

Creek eiuptying into S end San Francisco 
Bay from the M and flov/ing between present 
tovms of ::enlo Park and Palo Alto, 

•Statutes of California, 1850, 59,60, 1050 .| 

CiLLeCs, Llap of California, 1852. 
Wiliiai,i?on,B,S., mnp, in Ex. Doc, 129, '^:W. 

San Franc inui to 

De i:ofras Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
1 formes, Lc, 1844. * 

Gold mine of LIr. Bario 11 of Llission 
San Fernando, The name on Be Mofras ' map 
is 8t what is apparently the upper (north | 
o± present San I'rsncisquito Pass, where it 
leaves Mohave Desert near Elizabeth Lake. 


San Franc isqui to Pass 

Pass in Coast Range ("lat. .54° 40*"). 
John S. Ilittell, Ilutchings Calif. Llag., 
Ill, 357, Feb. ,1859. 

.HiWnreyn , A. A. ^^ Wnrre^-', ^t.K. , in Ex. Doc . l.?9, 

'5d.Corif:.,l-^..Ger,-,., XVIII, (r^t.l)Ar+,.l;69;1855. 

Y/illiaLison,R.S,, map, in Ex.Doc.l29,3:kl.C©iv;.,| 

Humphreys, A. A. & Warren, G.K., in Pac.Rr.Rep., 

I,Art.II,88,l6e)5. -~- 

San Francisquito Pass Z. 

(alt. 3,445 ft.).--Blal£e,W.P., in 


San Francis quito, Rancho 

Rancho at E end of Williamson's Pass.— 
Blake, ¥.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep., V,pt.II,67,1857. 

San Gabriel Mt. 

Whipple, A. W,, in Pac.Rr.Rep.,III,Art.II, 

_ Los Angeles Co., 

Founded Sept. 1771 on plaiii^^i#5wiiS^3i«^ 

San Gabriel Mission 

. — Palou, Vida d« 
Junipero Serra, 130, Mexico, 1787. 

Lat. 34°51i». Situated about 8 leagues from 
the sea and 2 leagues from the Sierra Nevada 
which lies to the IT. -• Pedro- Pont, Diary Anza 

Exp^J.Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 3, 
no. 1, 43, 53, 1913. 

The original establi^ent was not on the 
present site, but five miles south, near the 
west bank of what is now called the Bio Hondo, 
a branch of the 8an Gabriel River (which by 
tne way, the Spaniards first named in honor of 
another archangel. El Rio de San Miguel)." — 
C.F.Saunders &, J.S.Chase: California Padres 
and Their Missions, 95, 1915. 

SaiL^^iel Arciigel, liision de 

^ Galiano, Viage Sutil y Mexicana (1792) 
liaarid, table facing p. 166, 1802. 
Mission San GalDricl Arcangel. 
Vancouver, Voyo,ge of Discovery 1 700.05 
Lond. ,11,466,1798 (Mission of St. Gabriel ^ ' 
founded 1779, k Atlas (Sn Gabriel) 

San Gabriel, Rio [San Gabriel River] 

<^:^^:^:::==n)e Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
ifomies, &c., 1844. 

River in southern California rising in 

eastern part of San Gabriel fountains and empty 
ing into San Pedro Bay. 

iT^^o ' ^';'^^^^^'^^^^T.^V5i^conn. Ft. Leavenworth 
*f..o San Diego m 1846-17rf';rcing p. 119 1048. 

GibbeSjL'ap of California,] 852. 

Bryant: What I saw in California, 401, 
403, 405, 1848. 


mw of the Santa Ana River "on the banks 

of the stream which unites with others 

and foms the Rio de San Gabriel." -- Pedro 

Font, Diary Anza Sxpd.. Pubs.Acad. Pacific Coast 

Hist., vol. 3, no.l, 43, 1913. 

^§IL i^^-k^ i ©i River _ 

ill !■ nm> 

River explored by Moraga*3 exr^edition in 
1806. S of San Joa^juin River. "This river... 
branches twice, giving: water to another that 
we called San Miguel, and this in turn giving 
water to several others. "—P.Pedro Munoz, Diary 
1806. Arch. Santa Barbara, Vol. 4, pp 31,32. 
1806-1821. * irt , . 

Priestley saysthat this is "no doubt the 
water system of which the Kawe^ih River is the 
chief stream." 

San Gabriel, Sierra de ^ [San Gabriel Mountains 

De Mofras, Carte de T Oregon, des Cal- 
if ornies, &;c., 1844. 

Mountains NE of Los Angeles. 
Whipple, A. W., map no. 2(dated 1353-4), in 

(San Gabriel Mt.). 


Blake,!. P., in Pac.P.r.^ep. ,?,pt.II,137, 




H ^f-^Ax <3-^»w\^)v-aAA.<xX/c^ 

X^^^^-^^^^^^'^^ \1\(VV^ 

V- ^^ 



San Gabriel (Mission) 

Founded 1771. ~~~ 

•HunilDoldt, Essai Polit 

326, 1811; II,841(Statistics),1811 

Nouv.Esp., I,xxxvi 

*De Mofras, Cart 
ornies, &C..1844. 

e de !• Oregon, des Calif. 

r • 

ssion few miles T. of Los Angel 


San Geor^^dno Pass 

[San Gorgonio Pass] 

l^illiaiason, R.G., raap. in ^y.Don.Tr^Q ; 

Cone. , 1 st . Sess.^CVIII ( T^>,.4) m-^G 

33d . 

"• iT'1innl|ill|«|>iiiH|iini|inp n m.^^_^ 

i"l»(»rtllW«ii«i'' .,l*l1'fl|*w*Hi«! 

San Geraldo, Rio 


[Santa Ynez Pdver] 

^Pe Hofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 

if ornies, ^c, 1844. 

River emptying inta Pacific between 
Purisima Point and Point /o-guello. How Santa 
Ynez River. 

San Gorgonio Pass 

John S. Ilittell, Hutchings Calif.Iia^. Ill 
357, Feb., 1859. ^ ' ' 

Pass leading from the Colorado Desert to the 
interior of southern California; now traversed 
by the S. P. Railroad. The tov.-n Beaumont is at 
the summit of tlie Pass; Banning at the E end 
^^here it opens onto the desert. The most import- 
ant pass in California. 

-Sibbets, Llap of California, 1852 (Pa: 

Gorgonie) . 

--•= ^^t. 

ss b 

Davis, 33d Cong., 1st Ses 
Intro, pu. 5, 34; 1855. 

%j • 

H.Ex. Doc. 129 

San Gorf^onio Uts. 

ountains S nf San Crorfonio I 

ass. o.l 


ft. hi^4u-- Hmip]iroY3,A.A.&, ^Jr 

J " J 


in Ex 

Doc. 129, 33d.Cong.,Jst.Sess., XVIII, (r)+,.l) Art. 1 


•-• *^ • 


:^'illiariison,R.S., -lap, in Ex. Doc. 129,. 33d 





Humphreys, A. A. & Warren, G.K 
^ep., I, Art. 11, 87.1855. 

in Pac.Rr 

San Gorgono Mt. 


Blake, W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.II,yO, 

San Gorgoiio Pass 

[San Gorgonio Pase] 


Biake,W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt..II,80, 


„ ^ , ' -^ Los Angeles Co. , Calif. 

-Saii__G:regorio l or O jos de iigua del Berrendo} _ 

In 1769 the Porto la Expd. halted near a 
ratering place 5 or 6 leagues W of Los J\ngeles 
River, apparently near mouth of Sepulveda 
Canyon. The site was named SanGregorio, and 
the soldiers called it Los Ojos de'Jfeuardel Ber- 
rendo. .. Crespi. Diary"PorloIa*T5cpd. in Palou's 

JNOticia de la. Nuftvn O.t 

Oio de feua del Berrendo. — 
Diary Portola ExpH. , HiBsTTcad. 
Hist., vol. 2,90.4, 184, 1911.. 

Pacific Coast 

SuK^ V^ltJLV^ ^ 

. "m i. X .«j Wfc^^ ^jf ' 


•tr^Ti' j« 1^ n r r. « San. Mateo Co., 

Valle de los Cursos [ San Gregorio CreekJCalif 

Valley with stream of runnir^ water 5 
leagues N of Ano Nuevo Point. Name given by 
Portola Expd- in 1769. — Costanso, Diary 

Portola Expd. Pubs. Acad.Pacific Coast Hist., 
vol. 2, no.4. p. 259, 1911. 

Crespi says it was named Valle de los 
Soldados de los Curses $ but he named it 

Santo Domir^o. . .-- Crespi. Diary Portola 
Expd. in Palou»s Noticia de la Nueva Calif •, 

2, 192, Mexico, 1874. • 

San Guido rancher ia 

Santa Barbara Co., Calif. 

ITame given by Porto la Expd. in 1769 to Indian 
rancheria 8 leagues "W^ of Santa Barbara near 

On both sides 


^ ^ . Tai to Mjack ^^k^uJUS] 

coast of Santa Barbara Channel.. 

of canyon that had running water. — Costanso, 

Diary Porto la Expd., Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast 
Hist.,, vol. 2; no. 4, 205, 311, 1911. 

San Guid o de Ccrtona. A rancheria or perhaps 

2 distinct rancherias. — Crespi, Diary Port^la 
Expd. in Palou*s Noticia de la Nueva Calif., 

2, 146, 236, Mexico, 1874. 

Rio ^an Ignacio. ou Avatcha [Estero AmericanoJ 

River and estuary between T^odega Bay and 
Tomales Bay. 

De Mofras, Carte de l^Oregon, i«s Ual- 
ifornies, etc. Map 17. 1844 
[See Estero Ame r i ca no 1 

De Mofras, Exploration de 1 'Oregon, Tomell 
p. 10, 1844: "Avatcha des cartes russes^l 

San> Isabella [Santa Ysabel] 


R6pt. Gen. Kearny, dated 'Dec. 12, 1846,- 
Bryant: What L Saw in Gal if. 3 96, 1648, 

Santa Isabella.— Audubon: Western Journal 

1849-1650, 169, Cleveland, 1906. 


_San Isidro 

■w*IIWimiinil iTi i||i | | [i rMli ^ iiiiUMiiliiii ■■■■i iiirii ... t 

Name on map of Monterey district 1801-10, just 
north of lat.370 & about 121.5^ long. 
Hist. Calif. II, 145, 1885, 

— Bancr oft : 

San Jacinto CMt,] 

Higli peak in douthcrn California. 

^. Hittell, Ilutchings Calif. Mag.. 
I II, 357, Feb., 1859. 

John ^ 

San Jacinto, Rancho 

Ranch on 11 boundary of San Diego County/. 

Statutes of California, 1851, 172, 1851. 
Gibbes,L:ap of California, 1852. -- 

San Jacome^de^ la Marci (or La Pozf de o;una) 
Canyon e^leagues ITW of San Diego, passed by 
Portola Sxpd. in 1769. Called La Poza de 

jOsuna^ by soldiers and ..San Jacome de la Marca 
by the Fathers. — Costanso, Diary Portola Expd 
1769-70. Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hi t. vol.2, 
no. 4, 167, Aug. 1911. 

Crespi, Diary Portola Ixpd. in Palou's 
IToticias de la Kueva California, 2,103,1874 

San Joauuin 


__Piver_^discovered by /..f. D. Gabriel 

a.nd called by him SarLJoatiuin. •» P^ Pedro" 
Moz. Diary. 1806. /rch. Sta. Barhara. ¥0!. 
4, p 6, 1806-1821. 

de Sn. J 

Arm of :)an Joaquin RiverJ 

Calif , 

Ifep of 3an Francisco Bay Region, from Records 
of Mission San Jose, 18^. 

San Joaauin Citv 

Place on ? side San Joaquin River oiDpos 
ito mouth of Stanislaus River.-Gibbjfe, Llap 
of California, 1852. ^ ^ 

Ringgold iGeneral Chart of S. F. Bay Region 
to Sac raiment 0,1850. 

l^oaqiiia CSan Joaquin River] 

Map of San Francisco Bay Region, from Records 
of Mission San Jose, 1824, 

San Joaquin County 

I^stablished Feb. 18, 1850 and defined. 
Sta^tutes of California, 1850, 63, 1850. 

San Joachin River 

Ex • Doc • 

i, 31st Cong. 2d Sess. 

Vinton: Senate i 
Pt-Il. 245,. 1850. 

San Joaquin K. 


Geo. Simpson, An Overland Journey round 

the World, 162, 1847 . 

Emory, Military Heconnoissance, 1846-7, 

^ 113, 1848. 
Kelly, Excursion to Calif . ,Lond. ,11, 208, 


Gibbes, Map of California, 1852. 


_Sah Joaquin R. . . 

Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, I, 346, 1831. 
Mentioned as flowing into what is now known 
as Suisun Bay. lBid.II,4,80ed. London, 
1831 [Entry Nov., 1826: San ,ToaQhin R. I 

Be Mofras, CErte de I'Oregon, des 
Galifornies &c, Gen'l map, 1844 . 


St. Joaquim R. .lSan^JoaQuin_R. J 


Given as tributary to the Pescadores. 


zebue, flew Voyage round th 


e lYorld, 11,141, 

Wilkes ^Ped.Narrati.e^T^.ap (d.ted 1841, 

Eeport °f J-L-Polsom, to-HETDe^t. dated 

Sep. 18, 1848. -Bryant: ;Vhat T q«,<, in 
Calif. .473, 1848. ^^" ^" 

Sgn Joaquin R» 


Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, I, 346, 1331. 
Mentioned as flowing into what is now known 
as Suisun Bay. Ibid.II,4,80ed. London, 
1831 [Sntry Nov., 1826: San Joachin R. 1 

*De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, d'es 
Califomies &c, Gen'l map, 1844 . 


Sio Aa j%i3JuimJ^ . name fi 

of the Bay of 3an x^rancisco. 1775: 

ven by 
rvey and Map 

St_i_loaquim H. LSan Joaquin H.J 


Given as tributary to the Pescadores. 

Kotzebue, ?^'ew Voyage round the World, 11,141, 

1830 > 

Wilkes Exped. Narrative, Y,map (deted 1841) 

facing p. 150, 1845/ ^ 

Military.Reconn.^Pt.Leavem^^^ to San Diego 

Eeport of J.L.?olsOm, to iVar*Dept. dated 

Sep.18, 1848 .Bryant: ;Vhat I Saw in 
Calif. ,473,1848. 

San JoaquiB Rancho Contra Costa Co. Palif 

Name given in 1650 to the 7000 acres of 
Pinole Rancho (near Mattinez) inherited by 
i^rs. Estudillo, the daughter of Ygnacio 

Uartimz. -- IHfo. Heath Davia, Sixty Yearsin 
Calif., 1631 to 6a, &ai, San FT;ancisQo , 1689. 

^^''^ roaquin Vrlley 

_ Davis, in "Flx.Doc .129, "^od.Coni:. , Ist.Ges?!. . 

:OTII^(pt.l) I.ntroo6,^3o5. _ 

Upioer part of present Gan Joaquin Valley. 

-Davis, in Pacific Railroad Rep., f^'. 5,1855. 
Humphreys, A. A. & Warren, G.K. , in Pac.Rr. 
Rep., I, Art. II, 75,1855. 

San Johann 

Small fortress on northern tongue of 
land running into the sea, at entrance of ^^ 
of San Francisco. 

A Kotzebue, Entdeckimgsreise. Weimar. Ill 
189, 1821. 

Sanjon del Alisal ^^^^ 

Creek on^which Salinas is situated. 

■M^Biion; White Conquest, 1,46, 1876 . 

San Jose [Ho. Calif. 1 

V'ilkes map shows 2 places noLied San 

;'f: ^'^"^''^^ E of S end San Francisco Bay, 
ana a. place m soutliern California on the old 
trail between San Luis Rey lassion and San 
Felipe Valley, probably in tinier Valley, the 
Spanish nai;ie of which is San Jose Valle 

,^,,, !'^^'' ^''^'^- liarrative, V, map (dated 
.IMl) iaci% p. 150, 1845. 

San Jose [Cr.] 

Whipple, A.f., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,III,Art.I, 


SanJoseLdel Vails Cwarner Valley] Calif. 

Name on map of San Diego District,1800-30 
near headwaters of San Luis River & a little 
SW of ^gua Caliente [No.l]. -Bancroft.Hist. 
Calif. 11,105,1885. 

Name of rancho in 1836. -Ibid 111,612,1885. 

San Jose, Point 

Point on S side of entrance to San Fran- 

cisco Bay, W of Fort Point. .-3lake.W.P. , in Pac. 
Rr.Rep.,V,pt.II,map facing p. 145, 1857. 


n Jose River 

Huinphreys.A.A.Sc T/arren,G.Iv., in Ex. Doc. 129 

_-Humphreys,A.A.& Warren,CT.K., in Pac Rr 
Rep., I, Art. II, 90, 1855. 

Lftt-l^vC- ^--u 





V 4 

San Jose (Mission) 

Founded 1797, 
Humboldt, Essai Polit.K 

ouv.Esp., 1,319 

327, 1811; II,841(Statistics), 1811 
Gibbetfe^LIap of California, 185 

Port San Jose (Now Alyiso,3 
Sen Jose) 

. 1850 
or 9 miles N of 

— Landing at Southern end of ^^^ 
Francisco Bay 

Ernest de Massey --Calif. H ist 

"^ol.V, No . 4. 353. iJftn. 1Q^^ 
Observation Sept. 7, 1850 ; 

So c. Qua rter! 

See Alviso 

m Jose Valley 

IIii:nphreys,A.AA.Warren,G.K., in Ex. Doc. 129, 
^^3d. Cong., 1st. Ses-^., XVIII, (pt.l)/.rt. 1,71, 1855. 
Humphreys, A. A. & Warren,G.K., in Pac.Rr. 

Rep., I, Art. II, 90, 1855. 




ission San Jose Calif 

Established June 11, 1797, about 12 mi. 

Hcrtheast of Pueblo of San Jose fprssent 
city of San Jase). =.=Pr«d 
of San_Jos9, 84-85, 1871. 

i ssioQ] of San Jo se, or St. Josephs- Bryant; 

__ What I Saw in Calif .309, 1648. [E^ry dated 
Sep. 18, 1846.] 

_ San Jose, Estrecho de 

= -S am of San Francisco Bay. 

Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 1,374,375,183 

San Jose, Potrero de [Alarneda Creek] 

De Mofras, Carte de l»Oregon, des Cal- 
ifornies, &c. (map no. 16) 1844. 

River emptying into San Francisco Bay 
from the E. 

De Mofras' draughtsman placed tho naiiie 
Potrero de San Jose on what is now Alameda 
Creek, evidently being unaware that potrero 
means a pasture. The pastures belonfdnf.: to San 

Jose Mission were probably on lower "Alameda 
Creek near the Bav. 


Vallc de Sn> Jose [SanjJose Valley] 

Map of San Francisco Bay Region, from Records 
of Mission San Jose, 1824. 

San Josef, Point 

Point on S side of entrance to San Francis- 
co Bay, W of Fort Point, called Point San Jose 
on map. . -Blake, W.P., in Pac.R!LRepkV,nt.II.147 
1857 . _ ■ * ^.Jofffiph- De Mofras, Cfirte de l»Ore- 

gon, des Ualifornies, (S:c. ,Map 16. 1844 . 

St. Joseph, Mission 

[Mission San Jose] 

Langsdorff, Joya^es k Travels (1003-1807) J 
London, pt . II , 158, 1814.^'^^''^^' 

St Josft [San Jogfll 

^"* ^^ J ■'■ ■ ! ■ ■' ' ' , 1 

Map of San Francisco Bay 
of Mission San Jose, 1824. 

Region from Records 

_San_J_ose, Mission de 

^° ^--0^1*2,3, Carte de 1 'Oregon, les Cal- 
ifornies, &xj., 1844. 

Miss_ion just E of S end of San Franci 



•Stat, of Calif. ,lG54,222,18r>l. 

SajiJose ___ Qaji^, 

Formerly called Pueblo de San Jose de 

Guadalupe, on Guadalupe River, about 8 mi. 
S. of San Francisco Bay. —Frederic Hall, 

History of San Jose, 8, 1871. 

Pueblg. Antiguo), naine for former sit 
af San Jose. Ibid 46. 


an Jose, City of 

•Incorporated iJarch 27, 1850. 
•rtatutes of California, 1G50, 124, 
'Ibid, 1854, 222, }8[>i. 

Gibbets^ Llap of California, 1852. 


Valley of San Josft (Alameda County) Calif. 




Early name for Amador 
in northern part of present Alameda 
-J.S. Hittell, Hutchings' Calif. Mag.. 
No. 4, p. 162, Oct. 1860. ^ 

San Jose de Guadalupe River [Guadalune River] 

Small river crnpt^aiig into S extremity of 
Francisco Bay from the S. 



Statutes of California, 1850, 100. 1850. 

Arroyo de Sail Joset)h 

^-^ ___. Calif, 

Readied by Aiiza Expd. in 1775 while travelin^^ 
M tlTTougli "Canada de San Patricio", & about 
13 lea-ues SE of Santa Ana River. -Pedro Font- 
^lery of Anza Expd. 1775-1776 :M)s. Acad. Pacif, 
Coast Hist.Vol.3,No.l,p.41,March 191?. 

San Juan, YCsla] de or Ya. .St. Juan 

Island nhov/n as due "' 
"Its position is doubtful." 

of San Dio£-o. 

^.^uicouver, Voya£:e of Discovery, 17^0. 
Lond., Atlas. 1798 fPin«r^ 0+ t i • t , 
ir. +.U TT ^r,/,":. -^^^ ^^- John's Island 


m text, 11,474,1798). 

an Juan [Island] 

Small island represented 

of San ClernontelJl. 


p. 150, 184 

Wilkes Exped. (map dated lG41).V.fac 









Ckl^r+ \\ 

i'*iw wt Miipmi 


wwiw w l iK W i w i m iiiMiiiniiwi 

'■*<***»*l"'-iw«|iilli' WjiiitllHW 

"■ ■ ■ ■ iiii H H Mil Will 

**iiiiiiinii»iwmiiniiiniwiiiimiiiiiiiii j m \iii(m\*«''immimiimm 

miii0mlm»m wmiiihiiiiiii 

'— iiii iiiji iiiiami 

JuLiv\t V^.o^ V-nriVTaYifi-c^ i"o ^|>?i.T^r^_lc/^r<^WtT 


San Juan Nepomuceno 

San Mateo Co. 

Name given by Crespi, Portola Expd. , 1769, 
to site 1 league N of Ano Nuevo Point, where 
there was an Indian rancheria. — Crespi, Diary 
Portola Expd. in Palou»s Noticia de la N^eva 
Calif., 2. p. 191. Mexico. 1874. 


San Juan Range 

Part of Santa Cruz Mountains near the 
Mission San Juan.— Biake.W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep.. 

San Juan Nepomuceno 

- - S an Ma t e Co. 

Name given by Crespi, Portola Expd. , 1769, 
to site 1 league N of Ano Nuevo Point, where 
there was an Indian rancheria. — Crespi, Diary 
Portola Expd. in Palou«s Noticia de la N^eva 
Calif., 2, p. 191, Mexico. 1874. 


Eldred^e says this site was probably on 

Zs'm/r'f ^\'^^ ^^^'''^' Pigeon Pt. 1^ 
Z.S.Eldredge. March of Porto ]a. p. 38. 1909. 

San Juan Range 

_ Part of Santa Cruz Mountains near the 
Mission San Juan...Biake,W.P. , in Pac.Rr.Rep., 

San Juan, Llano 


[San Juan Valley] 

oan Juan Bautista. 

Valley of 

Beechey, Voya^-e of Blossom, 1,379,1831. 

San Juan Bautieta Rancher fa^""""^ Co.. Calif. 

Bite^ll poor rancheria near^:^olnt of llnd^^ 
leagues NW of Pt. Concepcion. Visited by Portola 
Bxpd. in 1769, and named by Crespi San Juan 
BautiBta . .- Crespi^ Diary Portola Expd., in 
Palou»8 IToticia de la Hueva Calif .,2. 152, 

Mexico, 1874. 

^5 Ol'Vv T»'-<Otv Vo^VVvz. 

vufl^. nn^ . 


^ Q».v\.T^*t » O^—jk^ ^LaI^ ^U/^*. — ^ V^«A$0iAJt2^ ^ — 


Llano de Ssui Juan Calif, 

JExtensive plain surrounded by Mtsfjust 

before reaching San Juan Mission on the south. 
— Beech ey:?03^age of Blossom [1826], II, 49, 18 31, 

San Juon, Pte. ^ [San Juan Point] 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
ifornies, hz,^ 1844. Ibid., Char/ 11. 

Point W of San Juan Capi strano,.Los hxi- 
geles County. 

San Juan ^CapivStrano 

Cal if. 

^Settlement near coast, Orange County. 

De Mofras, Certe de l»Oregon, des Califor- 

nies, (tc, Gen'I map. 1844 . 

San Juan Capistranc Bay Calif 

Bay near the mission of San Juan Capistra- 
no. which the naval officers call San Juan 
2aEi?trano_. — Palou. Vida del Pad 
Serra, 169, Mexico, 1787. 

San Juan, Mission 

Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 1,580,1631. 

San Jua n de Oapi*istanc 


Mission of. —Emory: Military Reconnoissance, 

Cainstrano (Mission) 
Vancouver, Voyage of Di 

Lond., II, 467,1798 (I 


scovery, 1790-95 


no), & Atlas (Sn. Juan) 

sion of St. Juan CaDist 



iano, Viage Sutil y Uexi 

Madrid, table facing p. 166, 180 


de Capistrano) 


cana (1792) 


is ion de San 

Humboldt, Essai Polit.IJouv.EsT^ 

l>:xxix, 319, 3;::6, 1811; II 





Be Llofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, dos Cal- 

ifornios, ac.,1844 

^^°^^°" °^ S^n Juan C^^i.t..^^ founded 
Sept. 1776, 26 leagues from San Diego and 
18 leagues from San Gabriel. — Palou 


del Padre Junipero Serra, 169, 174, Mexico, 


San Juan Ba^-tista, Mission 

De Llofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
ifornies, &c., 1844. 

Mission in coast region of Central Cal- 

ilomia m 

Benito Countv, 

-^LS-_m2SLi4fee im corner of S 


Juan) , 

Gibbers, Llap of California, 1852 (San 

De Mofras, Explore t ion de I'Oreg'on &c. 
Tome II, p.47. Saint Jean Bap ti<^f:P. 1844. 

San Juan Bautista, Mission 

»««..■■. .11 -.... , ^ ^ w 

Bryant: What I Saw in Calif 
1848. [Entry dated Nov. 26, 1846.] 


San Jua n Bauptista (Mission) 

Founded 1797 

'Humboldt Essai Polit.IJouv.Esp., 1,327 
1811; II,841(Statistics). 1811. 


San Juan Baptista 

Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 11,653,1831 

tPrice Canyon] San Luis Obispo Co., Calif* 
San Ladislao ( orJancheria del Buchorij 

Small Indian village apparently in Price 
Canyon about 2 or 3 miles IT of present Pi 

Visited by portola Expd.'in 1769. The 



chief of the village had a turner on his neck, 
and f9r this reason the soldiers called him. h 
nis village, and the entire "canyon" El Buchon 

Cre-spi Mamed it S an Ladisla o. '^ "•" " 

Portola Eq)d. in~:Palou's IToti 
Calif., 2, 158, Mexico, 1874. 

San Juan =Nqrth San Juan, Calif. 

--E.G.Waite, in [Edwin F.] Bean's History and 
Directory of Nevada Co., Calif., 556, 1867. 

St. Juan, RCiver] [now Mokeluiiine River] 

Wilkes Exped. (map dated 1841) ,V, facing 

p. 150, 1845. _ 

River flowing into Sacramento from the 

Rio de San Juan Baptista tSan Joaquin River]* 

Ayala's First Survey and Map of the Bay of 
San Francisco, 1775. 

San Lorenzo 

Cisco Bay. 

[San Lorenzo] 
•Stat, of ^alif.,185;, 223,1854. 
' Town in Alameda County" E*^ San Fran- 


San Lorenzo Creek 

Creek emptying into San Francisco Lay 
S of San Leandro Bay, from the E. 

Polit. Code of California, San Francisco, 
p .463, 1897. 

San Loranzo River Calif. 

--River emptying into Santa Cruz Harbor. 
In 1769 the Portola Expd. gave the name 
Bio de San Loranzo to the river which they 
crossed 5 leagues N of Rio Pajaro. - Costanso 
Diary Portola Ezpd.. Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast* 
Hist., vol. 2, no.4, p. 251, 1911. 

Rj^^l^aiLLorenzo. - Crespi, Diaiy PortoL 
i^d., m Palou's Noticia de la Nueva Calif. 
2, 187. Mexico, 1874. 

San Louis 


_j:ovjn at head of navi^^tion, on Sonoma 

-5tatutea._xifLCalifornia, 1851, 422, 1851 
Called San Luis in Statutes of Calif- 

ornia, l^SO, 100, IBm. 

lowi on V side Sonoma Creek, a_ little 

S of Sonoma.— Cibbe's Uaj) of California, 1852. 
(St. Louis) . 

»— »-■ " ■ I I I I IH 


Las Puentes 

Santa Cruz Co., Calif. 
Name given by Porto la Ezpd. in 1769 to 
arrqyo 2 leagues WM of San Lorenzo Hiver. 
near coast. — Costanso, Diary- Portola Expd. 
Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast H-'st. , vol. 2, no. 
4, p. 253, 1911. 

Crespi says the soldiers named it Las 
Puentes, but he called it El Arroyo de San 
Lucas.— Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in 
Palou's Noticia de la Nueva Calif., 2, p. 187, 
Mexico, 1874. 

El Arroyo de Saji Lucas Santa Cruz Co. ,Cali 

Name given by Crespi on Portola Expd. 17, 
bo arroyo 2 leai-ues V/NW of San Lorenzo River, 
near coast. Crespi says the soldiers cafled'it 
Las Pue ntes,-- Crespi, Diaiy Portola Expd.. 

in Pajou's Noticia de la Ntleva Calif., 2,p.l87. 
Mexico, 1874. 



Name given by Porto la Expd. in 1769 to 
canyon 2-1/2 leagues WNW of Rio Pajaro^ -- 
Costanso. Diary Portol a Expd. . Pubs. Aoad. 
Pacific 'Coast Hist., vol. 2, no.4,p. 251, 1911. 

San Leandro, Bay _„[San Leandro Pay] 

Bay on E side of San Francisco Bay, 
S of Golden Gate. 

•Statutes of California, 18M, 210, 1854. 

San Leandro Creek 

[San Leandro Cr.] 

Creek flowing into San Francisco Bay from 
the ?.. -^ 

Polit. Code of California, San Francisco 
p. 463, 1897. ' 

Statutes of California, 1854,210,1854 
Estero de San Leandro) , 

San Leajidro Ai^^eda Co. , Calif . 

Town on E sioe of San Francisco Bay, S 
of Oakland. DeMofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, 
des Calif omies. &c. (chart # 16), 1844. 

Town laid out in 1855 oiji 200 acres of land 
from Hancho San Leandro, deeded for county 
seat by Mrs. Estudillo, owner of Rancho San 

Leandro. — Wm. Heath Davis,, Sixty Years in 
Calif., 1831-89. 545. San FraniRfin. IP.RQ.. 

Rancho San Leandro ___ Alameda Co., Calif. 
Rancho granted to Don Jose Joaquin Estudillo 

in 1836. Boundaries: ^7, Bay of oan Francisco; 
N, Arroyo San Leandro, E, first ridge of 

•mountains or hills; S, Arroyo 3an Lorenzo. 
— Wm. Heath Davis, Sixty Years in Calif., 
1831-89, 3J, 539-40, San Francisco, 1889. 

San Luis 

Tovm on Sonoma River, at head of nav- 


iiiiiiii w iii»ilii|Mg i iii m ii < iiiii » ii w iiiia«i^^ 

Statutes of California, 1850, 100, 1850. 

San L ui3_ Gpnzaga__ 
— Moraga'3 expec 



entrance to the Tulari plain in a site discovere 
by the expedition from the Predidio of San 
Francisco iindxalled San Luis Gonzaga..-.This sit 
has a fair-sized water-hole. ..This water begins 
the course of an.arroyo.«-P. Pedro Munoz .^iary I 

^''^Vo'b?blv'^"t"^'^^'^• ^' ^ 3,-1806-1821. 
_ .ProbabljiSan Luis Creek as Bancroft- — 


San Luis Obispo County 

Established Feb. 18, 1850. and defined. 
•Statutes of California, 1850, 59, 1850. 
'County boundarios aiiiGnded, May 13, 1854. --| 
Statutes of California, 1854, 148, 1854. 

San_.Luis Obispo de TolollTltsiL^'^!!!^ 

Palou'^Vid« iT^^f ^?^^- ^'^^^- - Francisco 
Mexici. 1787^ Junipero Serra. 142, 

Written also San Luis — Ibid, 142. 

57, 1913, 

Luis » — Vane 


Mission of San i.uxb. Uflnf^nnuov H^„«r.« 


Galiano. Viage Sutil y Mexicana (1792), 
Madrid, table facing p. 166, 1802. 

Humboldt, Essai Polit. Nouv. Esp. , I, 
xrxvi, 326, 1811: II, 841 (Statistics) ,1811 

Wilkes Expd. Narrative, V, map (dated 1841), 
facing p. 150, 1846. 

^ , . San Lui s Ob i spo > — Bryant: What I saw in 
Galir., ;$74 & elsewhere. 1848. 

St. Louis Obispo. — Becl^Qurth: Life h 
Adventures, 505, N.Y. 1856. 

San Luis Obispo Mission [con'd] 

Whipple, A.W.,map no,2, (dated 1853-4). 
Ex. Doc -129 33d. Cong., 1st Sess. , XVIII 
Vpo.4;, 1855. 


o r ' rs^j Santa Barbara co. , Calif. 

San Luis Obispo Rancheria [=Do8 Pueblod 

Name given by Portola Expd. in 1769 to 
large Indian rancheria on Santa Barbara Channel, 
5 leagues W. of Santa Barbara. -- Costanso, 
maxy Portola Ixpd., Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast 
Hist., vol, 2, no.4,205,511, 1911. 

Crespi, on same expd. says that it seemed as 
if there were two rancher ias instead of one. - 
Crespi, Diary Portola Ibcpd. in Palou,8 IToticia 

de la JTueva Calif. ,2, 145, Mexico, 1874. 


(Engelhardt says this was probably Doe Pueblos 
Indian village of later date. -* Engelhardt, 
Missions and Missionaries of Calif,, II Pt 1 
37, ftnt., 1912) ' * ' ' 

San Luis_ Rey de Frajicia Olission) __ 
Founded 1798. 

De llofrar., Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Califor- 
nies, &c., 1844 (San Luis Roi de Franc e^. irw;^ 

Fmory, miitary Reconn. Ft. Leavenworth to 

San Die^^o in 1046-47, 123, lB48i (Mission 
Lui?! Rey) . ' 


San Luis River 

[Snn Lui -^ Roy River ] 

'"' '^ 1 .n 

Humphreys, A. A.aifarren,G,K., in Ev.moc.129, 
')3d.Cone:.,lst.Ses3.,XVIII,(pt.-l) Art. 1,66, 1855. 
_- — Humphreys, A. A. & Warren^G.K., in Pac.Rr. 
Rep., I, Art. 11, 86, 1655. 

San Luis Roi de France, Mission [San Luis Rev! 

'4>W«iMMIHWiMMMMw.iuH. •~"i|nilllliii«niiniiiiiwiiiH|iiiiiinmii.|iiiii ^^^^^^^ " ^^B^ ^^^F ^^ ^ ^Wl^f ^f M 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
if ornies, &c., 1844. 

Mission San Luis Rey in southern Cal- 

llission San Luis Rey. 
^.ecoiin. ?t. LervoLiForth to 
47, 123, 1848. 

^mory, i.:ilitary 
San Li ego in 1846 

^ A 

San Linz ^veque, Mission de [San Luis Obispo] 
De Mofras, Carte del' Oregon, des Cal- 

ifornies, &c. , 1^^ 

Mission at San Luis Obispo 

San Luiz, Pte. de 

Be IJofras, Carte de 
ifornies, &,c., 1844. 

Has Point San Luis, 
Obispo r3ay. 

1' Oregon, des Cal- 

N end of San Luis 

San Luiz, R. & Mouillage de 

De Mofras, Carte de I'Oregon, des Cal- 
ifornies, &,c. , 1844. 

^^ov*^ San Luis Creek and San Luis Obispo 


Santa Barbara Co., Calif. 
San Luis Rey (or La Gabiota) rancheria 

Uarne given by Portola Expd. in 1769 to 
Indian rancheria on Santa Barbara Channel, 
5i leagues 1 of Pt, Concepcion; In canyon^'^^o 
which estuary of salt water. sntered (Gaviota 
canyon). — Costanso, Diary Portola Expd., Pubs. 

Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 207,311, 


Crespi says they named it San Luis, r ev de 
Franc ia . but the soldiers called the place La 
Gabiota (seagull) because they killed one of 

l^T ^fn'^P ,^^^f«- -: Crespi, Diary Portola 
l^?i; S J^^^.""^ Noticia de la Nueva Call? 
<J, 147, 236, Mexico, 1874. 


eva Calif., 

't'''^-^*-^ %A^ V-ouL* 


Hanr^e Gaviota still in use. 

San Lufz Key de ^TBncik^UiMlnP^ 


Mission, San Diego County. 

De Mofras, Exploration de 1 'Oregon &c 

Tome II, p.394. ISS. ' 

I. Sn. Marcos 


ccordirig to Spanish chart found on 
captured by Admiral Anson in 1743. 


The southernmost of a group of islands 
Southern Galifoi^nia. May have been 
Clemente or San Nicholas. 

La Perouse, Voyage, Atlas pi. 67, .179''. 

vC ^"1i r^ ^ " — ; — : ^ 4 


San Martin Islands Lower Calif. 

Islets or rocks about 15 miles S of the 
port of San Diego. 

Called Los Coronados by Vizcafno, and the 
islands of San Mart in bv Cabreba Bueno. — 
Vicente Villa, Diary Portola Expd. , 1769-70. 

Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2,qo.1, 

B9, 1911. 

San Mateo "" 

■■*iw"*wwMiiiwiiiwii«i^^ _... . , 

Name on map of San Diego district 
or near the coast a little south 
San Juan Capistrano, So.Oalif. - 
Hist.Oalif* II, 105, 1885, 


1800-30, on 
of mission 
Ban cr ft : 

^^-^ W (.^...^^J, ,_i^ ^^(V.,^ ^ 

San Mateo 



Be I.:ofras, Carte do I'Oregon, dcs Cal- 
ifomies, &c., 1844. . 

_ Small settlement on coast SE of San Juan 
Capistrano and Kt of San Llateo Point. 

<-;,,. vJi°"-^° ^^ confounded with San llateo on 
oan Francisco Peninsula. 

San liateo County 

County seat Hedv;ood City. 

"Statutes of ^ali lornia, 1856, 176, 1856- 
1857,222,1857; 1868,174,1868; 1877-8,71,1877- 


San Mateo Creek 

Creek emptying into Pacific Ocean at m 
comer of San Diego County, southern California. 

Statutes of Calif . ,1850,58,59,1850. 

Hot to be confused with the San Mateo of 
San Francisco Peninsula. 

Gribbes^LIap of California, 1852. 

Rancho San Mateo n , . ^ 

Hanch m San Diego Co., owned in 1830 by 
Pio Pico and Andres Pico. - Wm.H.Davis. ^iitv- 
Years .n Calif.. 1831^9.593. Sa« Fra n^is^o "^ 

San Matlieo 


Beech ey: Toy age of Blossom[lS26:],II,M,1831.^' 


San Matheo 

Tributary to Mission of San Francisco. 

Beechey, Voyage of Bl 

ossom, 1,376,1831. 

Sh, Matheo 

LSan Mateo j 


Settlement 3 of 

<p J 

• ir^mrm 

3an ifVancisco. 

De Mofras, Uarte de 1 'Oregon et des 

Californies, etc. Map 16. 1844 


aieo. L^an Mateo OreekJ Calif. 

Diary of Pedro Pont.- Anza Exped^! 
1775-1776: Pubs. Acad. Pacif .Coast Hist., Vol .| 

% ^' V^ 5^;i^ ^^^^- F^-^ ^^— ^ 

Arrop S.Matheo.- Flows NE and empL^es into 

east side of S.F.Baj.-Rin^r^old: 

Chart of Farallones,& Entrance to S. 
if ,Bujf 1850, 

De Mpfras, Carte de l^Orep-on et des 
aliiornies, Map ib. " 1844 . 

San Matheo, Arroyo 

9 ^ ■ i — i i i 

[San Mateo Creek] 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
ifomies, &c. (map no. 16) 1844. 

Creek on San Francisco Peninsula empty- 
ing into San Francisco Bay S of San Llatoo 

San Matheo, Pta. [Point San llatco] 

De Mofras, Carte de 1' Oregon, dcs Cal 
ifomies, &c., 1844. 

no. 16) 
Point on W side of San Francsico Bay, 

of San Mateo, 


St. Michael 

li*»W*l|ftili|l(ll|l|*|»» <lllllll|llll|i|lllWli.linii»i|||jiiMi IIIIIU, «W.ihMMIJliM<4u,|«HW:.. . 

^^^ngsdorff, Voyages £: Travels (18C3-1607)"| 

London, pt.IJ, 204, 1814. ^^ 

t^Xy )Ul.,^ ^, ., ^^^ 

San_Miguel, Isla de [San Miguel Island] 

Island in Santa Barbara Channel IIW of 
Santa Rosa Island. 

liano, Viage Sutil y Mexicana (1792), 
kadri^ci, p. 173, 1802. 

St. Miguel or St. Darnardo Island.— 
Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95, Lend., 
II, 448, 179c, & Atlas (Ya. de 5n Miguel). 

'Wilkes E:rped. Narrative, V, map (dated 
1841) facing p. 150, 1845 (San Miguel Island). 

San Miguel Ranch 

• Ranch of Mrs. [Mark] West, 5 V4 miles 

11 of Santa Rosa.— Gibbs, in Schoolcraft. Ill im 
1855. '* *^^' 

San Mi guel River 

'"" '* ■^^^^■—■1.—^— a— —„,— ,- „ , — ^.^..^^^^. ^ ^ wiilix'T' IWIIil itllil , _ _ ,1 

_ River explored by Moraga in 1806. "The 
river is called San Gabriel and branches twice 
givias water to anotTier'lTiat we called San M igikl 
and this in turn giving water to several other sf 
About 7 lea/^es W of rancheria Telairie (in 
vicinity of Goshen).— P. Pedro Munoz''.T.806. Arch. 
Santa Barbara, Vol. 4,pp 31,32, 1806-1821. 

Priestley says this is "no doubt the 7/ater 
system of which the Kaweah River is the chief 


L Vjs 

^^"^^^h^<C * 



A-^^|. niH.^ Q..s.Ta^,^i^ 

El Rio de San Miguel Pio Hondo] Calif. 

Name first given b}^ Spaniards to Rio 
Hondo, branch of San Gabriel River on which 
mission of San Gabriel was first established. 
C.F.Saunders h J.S.Chase: California Padres 
fand Their ?./[issions, 95, 1915. 

Valle de San Miguel \isan Ga'Sl^lVal 1 e^i Calif. 

Name ^iven b y the Portola Expd, in 1769 to 

Costanso, Diary Portola Ixpd. .Pubs. Pacific Coast 
Hist., vol.2, no. 4, 179, 1911. 

Lat. 33034 ». — crespi. Diary Portola Expd. 
in Palou»s Noticia de la Nueva Calif . ,2. 122. 18 74. 

'■ ■ I tu i i fcwl— Miiw 


San MiguelitiS 

Name on map of Monterey district 1801-10, T 
little northwest of mission San Antonio. 
-BancroftrHist. Calif. II, 145, 1885, 

Susan River 

"utchi„g3 Calif. Mag., 1, 540, June, 1857. 

treek in Lassen County, HE Californi- 

ilovan{=; past Susanville an '""o^nic 


c! emptying; into 'Honey 

•Beckwi^.h.v.c, in Ex.Doo.l.'ZO.^-Ki.Cow' l^+ 
'^ess.^XyiII(pt.;?),Art.5a;51;1355. ■ • ' ■ 
Stevens, I. I., chart of mapCdated 1353-4) 

46,1855 '•• '"^^'=-P-^-'^«P-.".Art.Il, 

San Miguel Mission 

[Mission San Liip;uel] 

Vancouver, Vo^^age of Discovery, 1790-95, 

Loncl.,11,477,1798 (Mission of St. Miguel, estab- 
lished 1787). 

'Humboldt, Essai Polit.lIouv.Ksp. ,1,326, 
1811; 11,841,1811. (founded 1797). 

'De Mofras, Carte de I'Oregon, des Calif- 
ornics, &,c.,1844. 

•Wilkes Exped. Narrative, V, nap (dated 
1841) facing p. 1^,1845. 

Mission on upper Salinas River. . 

San Miguel, Mission ^ Calif. 

Bryant: What I 6aw in'Calif. 571 and 
elsewhere, 1648. 

San IJicolas, Isla de 

[San llicolas Island] 

•Island in Gulf of Santa Catalina SW o. 
Santa Catalina Island. 

, /Galiano, li^se Sutil y Llexicana (1792) 
l^acirid, p. 174, 1802. _ ' 


las I.) . 

•Hmiboldt, Essai Polit.Kouv.Esp.,I,lxxxix, 
Gil)bes,L:ap of Cal ifornia,1852. (St. llich- 

!• San Nicola's 


«nH ^"'^fy?^^"^ ^.°^.^^?^^ Barbara Channel 
and 'H of Outer Santa Barbara Channel. 

De Mofras Carte de l»Ore^on, des CclifornBs 

&c, Gen»l map. 1844. 

San Pablo 

Place on E side of San Francisco Bay. 
eechey, Voyage of Blossom, 11,652,1831. 

San Pablo Bay __ [San Eablo Bay] 

Gibbets^LIap of California, 1852. 

Williaia3on,R.S., map, in Ex.Doc.l29, 33d. 


Williajnson,R.S., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.I,9,i853 
Vinton, Major D. H. , 31st. Cong. 2d Sess. 

Senate Ex. Doc. 1, Pt. 2, 252. 1850. 

lame Nues tra Senora de Guadalupe. — 

Lieut. Ayala's First SurvTy and jlfep of the 
Bay of San Francisco, 1775. 

Bahia Redonda . — Report of the Pilot 
Don Jose Uailizares to Commander Don Juan de 
^ala, in Zoeth Eldredge, 'March of Porto la \ 

^ . ^ ^ 'noma »— Map or San Francisco Bay 

Region, from Records of Mission San Jose, 1824. 

5' Vabl SL [San Pablo StraitLCaliiJ 


*fess'ion^n'ln^.S^^^^.5ay Region, from Records 

on oan Jose, 1824. 

Rancho San Pablo 

Contra Costa Co., 

Rancho W of Rancho Pinole. Owmd in 1836 
by Castro Family. [San Pablo Bay on N 
and SaiR Francisco Bay on S & W]. -^ m. Keath 
I^avis, Sixty Years in Calif . .1831-89.31. 
San Francisco, l889. 


San Pablo Stra i t C al i f 

Strait connectirg San Francisco and San Pablo 
Bays . 

Called Strait of San Rafael de %uaniu by M. 
Vallejo. MS Hist, of Calif., I, 146. Bancroft 
Library, 1875* 


San Palo 


Place on San Luis [Key] River, about 23 


miles from mouth.. .miipple,A,W., ri.ap no.2(dat 

l^>-'3-4) ,- in Ex.Doc.l29, 33d. eon^. ,1st., Sess., XVIII 






W^i'Mfilf --H- 




-- '— ■———.. 

San Pantaleon (oi^guage del lllTrGo^ek)^^^^' 
C Small waterliig-piace on extensive ^^n^'^'^^^ 
3 leagues m of San Juan Capistrano, passed^ 
by Portola Expd. in 1769. Soldiers called the 
site loM,Mit03,J,e2^VaATe^0ome^^^^ Crespi nained 
it San Pantaleon,^ — crespi, Diary Portola Expd. 
in Palou'o Hoticia de la ITueva Calif . .2,117, 
Mexico,, 1874. 

Discovered ty Padre Gomez and named Aguage 
^2i-lafeS.£2£ie 2 . .. Costanso, Diary Portola 
Expd., Pulpe . Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., '^^J^?* "o,4,\ 

San Xacqual 

I^mory, Military Reconn. Ft. Leavenworth 
to San Diego in 1846-47, map facing p.l08,184a. 

ilace and valley on San Fasainl or San 
Dieguito River, San Liof-^o Co., California 
v/hero battle of San Pasqual was fought with Ilex- 
leans and won by ilniericans under Gen. S. V. 
Kearney, Dec. 6 and 7, 1846, 

^ipple,A.W., map no.2(dated 1053-4), inl 

^V ^^J>LA/v>C^A^JU^JU^ uLsU 

San Pasqual 


rSan Pasqual] 

.^^Bjake.W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep..v7pt.II,i26^«by. 


'-^ ' "'VTI-lipf itMiilfw 

Sail' Pasquel ?San Pasqual) ' Calif 

Marcy: Prairie Traveler, 295, N.Y.1859, 

Sani Paacual.- Bryant: What I Saw in Calif. 367, 

1848. [Entry dated Nov. SO, 1646] 

San Pasquai Vaiiey 

BiaKe,W.P,, in Pac.Rr .Rep., V,pt. II, 1^7,1857. 

_Valiey on San Pasquai or San Dieguiio Riv- 
er, San Diego Co., California. 

Canada de San Patricio 


Reaaied by Aiiza Expd. in 1775 a"fter travsl- 
ing m tliroLTg?! pass callad Puerto de Sa:o Carlos 
Tlie lat, is given as 33^37 •. --Pedro Pont: 
Diary ,Aiiza Expd, 1775-1776 :Pubs. Acad. Pacific 
Coast Hi St. Vol. 3, No. l,p.41, March 1913. 

San Pedro 

^JL/ilkes Exped. Uarrativo, V, map (dated 
1841) facing p. 150, 1845. 

Place on W side Colorado River, after- 
ward Fort Yurna. 

San^ Pedro 

Audubon: Ws stern Journal 
178, Cleveland, 1906. 



San Pedro 

[San Pedro] 

■^o^^ ^ear W end San Pedro Bay... Stat of 
Calif., 1854, 223, 1054. 

Voq ^J'^'^^^y-^'^'^'^ Warren,n.K., in Ex.Loc. 


^^^'^' ^" P^c-Rr.Rep., 1,^22, 1855. 


River explojed by Uorsip^ in 1806 (Oct.) aa 
"discovered by the previous Expedition in 
April." Rancheria Coyehete located on this 
river Lwhich Kroeber identifies as Tule River]. - 
P.Pedro Munoz, Diary, 1806. Arch. Santa Barbara. 
Vol. 4. p 32. 1806-1821. 

San Pedro (anchorage k point) [Point San Pedro] 

L ovGr 1 IT • J. 

-J i^irst prominent point on coast S of 

'^an Francisco {la.i,37' 3d) . 

De Llofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
ifornies, &c. (general map) 1844. 

Gibbes, Llap of California, 1852. 

A-^^ l^ ao.>.>v^^ -1----^ X.CtX..ou^ .E^ fi^^ 


Lieut, Ayala's First Survey and Map of the 
Bay of San Francisco, 1775. 

Pedrp Font. Diary Mza Expd. 1775-76, Pubs, 
i^cad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 3, no.l, p. 67, 


San Pedro 


Anchorage on W. coast 3an ?rancisco 
Peninsula. Not to be confused with 
San Pedro Bay, S of Los Angeles. 

De Mofras: Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Californies 

ac, Gen»l map, 1844 . 

Sail Pedro Bay 


[= San Pablo Bay] See card for Whalers Harbor. 

Alto del Jamon Santa Cruz Co.. Calif. 

Name given by Portola Ejcpd. in 1769 to hi^ 
hill near coast 4-1/2 lea^sues NW of San Lorenzo 
River, — Costanso, Diary Portola Expd. ,Pubs. 
Acad- Pacific Coast Hist*, vol, 2. no.4. pp. 
253. 279, 1911. 

Crespi says the soldiers called this site 
' Jum ifl. but he named it San Pedro 
. — Crespi, Diary Portola Expd., 
in Palou's Noticia de la Nueva Calif.. 2, 
p. 188, Mexico, 1874. 

San Pedro de Alcantara 

Santa Cruz Co. 

Name given by Crespi on Portola Ebcpd.,176' 
to high hill near coast 4-1/2 leagues NW of 

San Lorenzo River. Crespi says the soldiers 
called it El. Alto de Jumin . — Crespi. Diary 
Portola Expd. in Palou»s Noticia de la Nueva 
Calif., 2, p. 188, Mexico, 1874. 

Alto del Jamon . — Costanso. Diarji Porto] 
Expd., Pubs. Acad.Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2. 
no.4, pp. 253, 279, 1911. 

San Pedro Ilolasco, Pte. [Purisiina Point] 
De Mofras, Carte de 1' Oregon, des Cal- 

ifornies, &c., 1344, 

How Purisima Point. 

-- _ Point midv/ay heUieon Pt. Sal. and Pt. Ar- 

Pta. San Pedro LPt. San Pedro] Calif, 

Point on W side of passage between San 
Francisco and San Pablo Bays. 

Beech ey, Voyage of Blossom, 11.653. 1831 
De Mofras, Carte de l^Oregon, des Cal^ 

ifornies, etc. Map 16. 1844 
Geo. A. Simpson, An Overland Journey Round 

the World, 162. 1847 
Gibbers, Map of California. 1852 (Pt.San Pedro! 

Ayala named this point Punta de T^ang-osta . 
Lieut. Ayala 's first Survey and Map of the 

Bay of San Francisco, 1775. 

Fte. San Pedro 

-Ca li iL 

Point on coast near Los Angeles. 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Calif omie. 

^* Gen»l map, 1844. 

Timta. San Pedro 

""•"• ■"" ""•""" -■••"•»»««..«.«a..v»««,K,, 

On W side of San Francisco Bay at its 
northern end,. -Beechey: Voyage of Blossom 
[1826]. 11,425.1831. S'^U, A3^. 

De Mofras Carte de 1 'Oregon et des 

Call formes, etc. Map 16, 1844. 

»p!!^v;2^^?^ ^^^ P?^"^ ^y *^e word 
'Eoche* (rock) only. 


Ft> 3. Pedro | San Pedrq__Bay] 



Harbor N end San Catalina Bay. 

Mofras, Carte de l»Oregon, des Californies 

&c Gen»l map, 1844. 

San Pedro, Pte. lUs K^vat^Us ^o.") 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
ifornies, he, 1844. 

Point on San Pedro Peninsula, S of Los 
Angeles. i..ay be present Pt. Vincente. 

Rancix* San Psdro Calif! 

Ranch in San Mateo Co., owned by Fi-ancisco 
Sanchez in 1830. -- m. H. Davis, Sixty Years 
in Calif., 1831-89; 599, San Francisco, 1889. 

Rio de San PedrCi [-Piitah Creek] Calif. 

(Arguello 1821) Bancroft, Hist. Calif. 11,446 ft! 
note, 1885. 

[Identified as Putah Creek from mention of 
MhaytQS rancher ia (400 inhabitants in 1821) 
which was on Putah Creek near or above present 
town Winters^t^C/WvvJ^ 

San Fedro, Rio 

[Los Aiigcles River] 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 

ifomies, Sec, 1644. 

River emptying into San Pedro Bay. How 
Log Angnles River. 

Punta de Almejas t.Point San Pedro] Calif. 
Point on coast about two-thirds of the way 
from Point Ano Nuevo to Golden Gate. — Lieut. 
Ayala*s First Survey azid Map of the Bay of 
San Francisco, 1775. 

Pedro Font, Diary Anza Expd. , 1775-76, 
Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol.. 3, no.l, 
p. 67, 1913. 

E^dv^in 1769 to their camp about 2-1/2 miles 
S of thg present point San Pedro, because thiy 
|tound so many shellfish there. 

. incon^dj Jj^ jyjnejas • — 
Diary Portola Expdf, PSbs. Acad, r 
IKist.. vol. 2, no.4, p. 263, 1911. 

P,.n+n 5r?^^ says. that the soldiers called it 
Punta de las AlmPiaa, but that he namr ^ '^ 

cific CoaSt 


|1 Custudio. .- Crespi. Diary Portola Expd. , 
Palou's Noticia de la Nueva Calif., 2, 197, 

Mesico, 1874 

'Sail Phillippi 

[San Fel ipe] 

*Capt. A. R. Johnston'^Eriiory, Military 
Reconn. Ft. Leavenworth to San Diego in 1846-47 
560,613,1648. ^ 10^04/, 

'Indian villa^re and vegas in E San Die.^'-o 
County, probably in San FeliT)e Valley near " 
V/amer Valley. ^ 

Pta. San Quentin (now covered by San Francisco') 

Fonner point (now obliterated) just N of 
Potrero Ppint, W side San Francisco Bay- Old 
Mission Bay. now filled in, was between Steam- 
boat Point and old Point San Quentin. 

DeMofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Califomies, 
etc., 1844. (map no. 16) 

Binggold»s Charts. 1850. 

Chart San Francisco Bay. U.S. Coast Survey, 186 
Note: Not to be confused with present Point' 

San Quentin in N part San Fra^ncisco Bay r 

— "^ M overj 

N of Tiburon Peninsula. 

Point San Quentin. San Francisco Bay. Calif. 

Point in N part San Francisco Bay, N 
of Tiburon Peninsula. ^^ ^L^^^s^ 


U of 

^^^^■-'^^^ [San Quentin] 

Place on W shore of San Francisco Bay 
Han Francisco. 
•Statutes of California, 18'4, 78, 1854. 

San Quentin, Point Calif 

^Biake^.P., in Pac.HnRep.,V,pt.II,146,1857. 

Point on W side of San Francisco Bay, }] of 
Tiburon Peninsula. 

'~'^" ' iijiiiiiwiwwiliiiniiii ■-iiiiiiiiTininiiiiHniiiiii^iiwniiiiiiiiiiiiji.i 

Named Fjnta de Quintin because Indiar. chief -— 
Quint in was conquered there by the Spanish in 
1824. Later erroneously called Punta de San 
Quintin by -Americans.-- M. J. Vallejo, MS 
Hist, of Calif., I, 148, Bancroft Library, 1875 

San Rafael 

_ [San Rafael] 

Gibbes, Map of California, 1852. 

San Pablo, Estrecho de 

Strait betv/een 
Pablo Bays. 

San Francisco and San 

Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 11,654,1031. 

Punt a San Pablo 


On E side 

northern end. 

II, 425,1831, 

of San Francisco Bay at its 
-Beechey, Voyage of Blossom 


Fta. San Pablo _J^San Pablo Pt,] 


Point on E side of passage between San 
Francisco and ::>an Pablo Bays. 

Beech ey, Voyage of Blossom, II, 653, 183; 

De Mofras Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
if ornies, etc. Wg l6. 1844 

Geo. A. Simpson, An Overland Journey ^ound 

the iVorld, 162. 1847 

ISan RafaelL 


«'^rfs;L?§.:i:;i«?„v ^•8'-.. "» ^^o,* 

oan Jose, 1824. 

San Rafael Creek 

S into -San 
SE of San 

Creek in Marin County ernptyi 
Francisco Bay from the V/. a littlo 
Kaiacl . 

Polit. Code of California, San France* 




L=San Pablo Strait] 
San Rafael de ifeuaniu , Strait of 

Name used for San Pablo Bay by M. J. Valleio. 
MB Hist, of Calif.. I. 146. Bahoroft Libra^, 

S[anJ.Eafael. Mission _IS8nJkfaelj_ Calif. 

De Mofras Exploration de l-Oregon &c.Tome II, 

/^•,-, •^"-'•^» ^Hcrt 16, spelt San Ha nh« p"1 — ^ 

Bryant^^S^ California^ imsS'Sl. 
-Bryant, ;?hat I saw in ^Blif7:33B~in^mt: 

where, 1848.LEntry dated Oct. 17,1846 


.Santa Barbara Co. , Calif. 
Ramon Nonata (or Bails de las Indias or 
La Cxraciosa) L;iSan Antonio Creek] 

Najne c^iven by Portola Expd- in 1769 to 
lake Lnow disappeared] about 6 miles N of 
Santa Inez River. Given name Baile de las 
Indias because first place where they sav; 
Indian women dance. Others called it La 
Graciosa; Crespi named it San Ramon Nonata * — 
Crespi, Diary Fortola Expd. m Faiou's I^oticia 
de la Nueva Calif., 2, lt4, Mexico, 1874. 

See also Baile de las Indias, La Graciosa 

Sap Rftwinn Vflll eu rnnnf>»q Costa (S: , 

Alamaaa Cos • ) 


pan Bflmon Vanfty; Valley in present counties of 
C9ntra Costa and Alameda, between Berkeley and 
j)iablo ranges.-- J.S. Hittell, Hutchings ' Calif. 
Mag., Vol. 5, No. 4. p. 166, Oct. 186r 

San Renione 

[San Rarnon] 

I.It. Diablo. 

'Stat, of Calif., 1854, 222, 1854. 

•Place at S end San Ramon Valley, SW of 

San Roque (or Carpenterfa) Santa Barbara Co. 

Large Indian town on Santa Barbara Channel, 
5 leagues ISTW of Ventura River. Visited by Por- 
tola Expd. in 1769 and named San Rooue by 
Crespi, and La^_Car£enterik by the soldiers 
because they found the natives building a 
canoe. — Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in 
Palou»s IToticia de la Nueva Calif. ,2, 140. 1874. 
Pueblo de la Carpentaria , .. Costanso. 

Diary Portola Expd., -Pubs, Acad. Pacific Coast 

Hist., vol.2, no. 4, 199, 1911 

Arroyo de San Salvador Calif. 

Reached by Aiiza Expd. in 1776 after passing 
mouth of Rio de Guadalupe at southern end of 
San Francisco Bay k following ai-ound the shore 
line of the bay on its east side about 10 

leases. Called also Arro3ro de la Harina. 
-Podro Font:Diary,Anza Expd. 1775-1775 :Pubs. 
Acad. Pacif. Coast Hist.Vol.3,No.l,p.7?,Mch.l913. 

I>-^n^glvador „ LSan Clemente L]_Calif. 
Island S Santa Catalina I. 

De Mofras, Carte de l»Ore 

ornies, &c. Gen J 

See San_gKnenteIsland. 

•on, des Ualif 
map. 1844. 

San Sebastian, C&p^ Cape Sebastian 
Cape on coast of S Oregon erroneously 

placed on California side by De Mofras. 

De Mofras, _Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 

ifomies, &c. (general map) 1844. 

m xT^® Mofras, Exploration de 1 'Oregon. 
Tome II, p. 39, ;844: "..thus named by yiz- 
camo m 1602 .^' Ttrs) ^ 

Rio Sn. SebaBtican ou K.Slavianska ^Russian P.] 

De Mofras, 
ornies, S:c.,1844. 

Carte do I'Orecon, des Calif- 

• Santa Barbara Cb,, Calif. 

San Seferino (San Zeferlno) rancheria 

Indian rancheria 3i leagues E of Pt. Concep- 
cion, visited by Portola Bxpd. in 1769 and 
named San Zeferino Pa pa, In canyon. which an 

estuary enters. — Costanso, Diary Portola Expd., 
Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist. , vol. 2, no. 4, 1911. 
San Sef exinoj Papa . ^- Crespi, Diary Portola 

Expd., in Palou*8 Noticia de la Kueva Calif., 

2, 148, 236, Mexico, 1874.. 


^ij Simeon 

.^ P^ Hofras, C- rte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 

1 formes, &,c., 1844. 

^^^ , "^'l]"^' ^'^^^^ anchorage N of T^steros Bay, 
now oan Simeon and San Simeon Lay. 

San Simeon 

[San Simeon] 

Zliii^nPacific coaot ab out. 20 .Ml^TF 

01 ^^"teros Bay. --Will in>-,c,n,n d o 

Bop T^Q ':;':^^ n ^•^-Liai;ison,R. S.,^ map, inE-- 

» ^^^b- ,-LSL.oesa. , AVlII(pt.4) ^2855.. 

W M*i*l«IWWi1«IIIWlllli|iWi 

San Simon Lipnica San Diego Co., Calif. 

Hame given by Portola Ixpd. in 1769 to valley 
10 leagues m of San Diego. At the end of valley 
was an estero. - Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. , 
in Palou»8 Koticia de la ITueva California, 2. 
106, Mexico, 1874. 

1 ^/^'--j^iA/Vs^tS-l. 

,-4^^ e^Jti^v:^ ^A ^J^ ^ 

Santa Barbara Co., Calif. 
San Zeferino (San Seferino) rancheria 

Indian rancheria 3i leagues E of Pt. Con- 
cepcion, visited by Portola Expd. in 1769 and 

named San Zeferino Papa. In canyon. which an 

■i n Wii im i »iii ^ 

estuary enters. — Costanso, Diary Portola Expd. 
Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 191 

San Sefer ino. Papa . — Crespi, Diary Portola 
Expd., in Palou»s Noticia de la Nueva Calif., 
2, 148, 236, Mexico, 1874. 

H. sans nom 


Tributary, Sacramento B. .flowing M.; 

E side. 

De Mofras, Carte dd l»Ore^n, des Calif or- 

nies, &G. Gen'lmap. 1844. 

See Sacramento R. 

S. Solano 


[See Sonoma j 

San Solano, Llission [IJow Sonoma,. Mission] 

__.™-n.i„....uL — ., ~'~ir " iiii iiiiiiii ' i ninii ii i iii»iiiiiiw ii iiiii n iiii itt,. i „ i nn ) m i| i Bi mpi in(„|(|,|„n, in, , ,„-,. 

^De Mofras, Carte de 1» Oregon, des Cal 
ifornies, &c. (general map) 1844, 

liission where Sonoma now is. 

Santa Ana 

Arroyo visited by Moraga in 1806 located 
4 leagues fron: San Joao;uin River t oward 

Merced Riier.-p. Pedro AMoz. Diary.-^Arch. 
bta. Barbara, Vol. 4, p 24. 18Q 6- 1821. 

Arroyo de Sa'n.ta An^-ela de Fulf;inO Oali 

On south shore of Suisin Bay, reached by ihiza 
Expd. in 1776. -Pedro Font:Dian',Anza Sxpd.l77[ 

-1776:Babs.Acad.Pacif.0oast Hist,Vol.3,Noa,r .8 
Mai-ch 1913* 


Santa Anna W Santa Ana) 

Town and river. -- Emory: Military Eeconnoi- 
ssance, 1846-7, 118, 1848. 

ant a Anna 

[Santa Ana] 

To-n on Ganta ilnna [Ana] Rivor^^.^Vd^ 

Emory, liilitary Rcconn. Ft. Leavenworth 
to Diego in 1846-47, 110,1848. 

es,LIap of California, }852. 

Sxx.'vctoL KVvYvOcTolSS 

' II W ' M ■ > 



aJ& /W^ ^ [m^Lj^ ^^^^^ 


O^^-^^*^*-^ ^io\^owo'^o". 




Ranch on Santa Ana RiverTomed in 1846 by 
Dona Vicenta, widow of Toms Yorba. — V.te. Heath 
Davis, Sixty Years in Calif,, 1831-89, 432, 
Saa FJ^ancisco, 1889. __ 

Rancho Santa Ana Calif. 

- Ranch in San Juan Bautista Valleyr, owned 
in 1830 by Juan Miguel Anzar and Manuel Larios.j 
--WM. K. Davis, Sixty Years in Calif,,, 1831-89, 
iOO, San Francisco, 1889* 

Santa Aiia, R|oj 

_[ Santa Ana River] 

De Mofras, Carte de POregon, des Cal- 
ifornies, kc.^ 1844. 

River in southern California rising in 
San Bernardino Mountains and reaching the 
coast a little ?/ of IJev.'port Bay. 

' Santa Anna River. 
Reconn^^Jt. Leavenworth 
47, 118,1848. 

- I^rnory, Llilitary 
to Gan Diego in 1846' 

Santa Ana River Calif. 

River T8 l.omguo e IJWVijr Dan Dlu^ . grossed 
"by the Portola Expedition in 1769 and named 
Jesus de los Tembl ores because they experienced 
a terrible earthquake there; also called by 
the soldiers Santa Ana. — Crespi, Diary Portol 
Expd., in Palou»s Noticia de la Hueva Calif., 
2, 119,120, Mexico, Yg74. 

In 1776 the Anza Expd. crossed the Rio de 
_S anta Ana three times. -- Pont, Diary Anza 

Expd., Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 3 


no,l, 40,45,51, 1913 

(See also Rio de los Temblores) 

Santa Anna River 

[Santa Ana River] 

Emory, Military Reconn. Ft. Leavenworth 
to San Dier:o in 1846-47, 118,184G. 

Sa-nta Anita Ranchc Calif. 

In 1644 Wm. H. Davis visited Santa Anitaj, 
a rancho situated a few miles N of San Gabriel 
MissicHi, in a pretty valley about 8 or 9 miles 
easterly from Los Angeles. -- Wm. Heath 
Davis, Sixty Years in Calif., 1531-89, 1%, 
San F^'ancis©, 1889. 

Santa Barbara, Bay or roads tead__ 

/Jichorage at Santa Barbara, 

Vancouver, Voyage of Dincovery, 1790-"5 
Bond. ,11,456,1796. 

Santa Barbara /[District] 

Wilkes Exped. (map dated 
p. 150,1345. 

1841), V, facing 

C^^^'-^^^w r^-^-«sj^,^i^ 



^^ Mo^Ta^s 




fend in 



Santa Barbara 

Incorporated as city April 9, 1850. 
iStatutes of California, 18.00,172,1850. 

•Ibid, 1854, 223, 185^1. 

Santa Barbara, Canal do [Santa Barbara Channc 

Galiano, Viage Sutil y Mexicana. (1792) , 

I'ladrid, p. 173, 1802. 

Huniboldt, Essai Polit.lIouv.Ksp., 1,319,1811 

Canal de Ste. Barbe 


Map 15, Atlas du Voy^e de la Perouse, 


irke. cn^ M 




Canal de Santa Barbara. Galiano, Viage 
^til y Mexicana (1792), Madrid, p. 173, 1802. 

J^ancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95 
Lond.,n, 44-8,1798 (Canal of Santa Barbara)., b.' 

coO • 

'"" W illi ■ wm il M WI WK II i 

Santa Barbara, Channel de [Sta. Barbara Channel] 

Wilkes Exped. (map dated 1641) ,V, facing 
p. 150, 1845. 

*'•? °^ California, 1852 (Santa 
harbara Channel) . 

Gibbes. M 

Scut a Bar bara County 

Established Feb. 18, 1850 and defined. 
'Statutes of California, 1850, 59, 1850. 
'County boundaries ainended, IJay 13, 1854. --j 
Statutes of California, 185^1, 148, 1854.' 

Santa Barbara I. 


Small island W of NW end of Santa Cata- 
Ima I., 40 miles 8W of San Pedro Bay. 
Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95 . 
Lend.. I I, 462, 1798 (Island of Santa 
Barbara) <S:Atlas (Ya de Sta Barbara). 
Galiano, Yiage Sutil y Mexicana (1792) 
,.^ Madrid, p. 173, 1802. Isla de San!a Barbara 
'^ilk^s l^^xped. (Map dated 1841) ,V, facing p. 
156, 1845 . ^ ^ 

De Mofras. Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Call for- 
mes (ice. Gen a map. 1844 . 
Gibbes, Map of California, 1852. 

Santa Barbara^ Pte. 

[Pt. Las Pitas?] 

De Liofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
if ornies, 8cc., 1844. 

Point at E end of Santa Barbara Channel, 
a short distance M of Buenaventura, apparently 
Pt. Las Pitas. 

Santa Barbaraj^ Presidio 

Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95 
Lend., II, 453,1798, & Atlas. 

Presidio of Santa Barbara founded 1782, ««9 
leagues from San Buenaventura, where there is 
a bay and a large Indian village" (Pueblo de la 
Laguna). — Palou, Vida de Junipero Serra, 
255-256, Mexico, 1787, 

Santa Barbara, Llision de [Santa Barbara llission 

Oaliano, Viage Sutil y Mexicana (1792) 
Madrid, table facing p. 166, lc?02. ' 

Santa Barbaras I 

T • 


Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95 

Lend., II, 452,469, 1798/ & Atl 

Humboldt, Essai Pol it 

319,326,1811; II,841(Statistics) .1811 


Be Llofras, Carte de I'O 

ornies, &c..- 1844 

regon, des Calif- 

__ • Wilkes Exped. Ilarrative, V, max) (dated 
1 841 ) f ac ing p . 1 50 , 1845 . 

0:^ '■ ^ ^ c(^ 

Laguna de lad Grullas __ Monterey Co,, Calif 
Hame given by Portola Expd, in 1769 to pond 
among low hille 4 leagues S of Pajaro River near 
coast, Famed for the great number of cranes. — 
Costanso, Diary Portola Exp d. , Pubs. Acad. Pacif- 
ic Coast Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 247, 1911. 

^respi says the soldiers called it the laiie 
of the Grulla (crane), but he named it Santa 

- Crespi, Diary Portola Expd, in Palou; 
Noticia de la Nueva Calif., 2, 181. Mexico, 1874'. 

Santa Catalina Island 


-- — Large island S of San Pedro Bay 

Sa» Catalina * — According to Spanish 
chart found on ship captured by Admiral 
Anson in 1743 • 1 

Isla de Santa Cat alina* — Vicente Villa 
Diary Portola Expd*, 1769-70, Pubs. Acad. 

Pacific Coast Hist*, vol. 2, no*l, p* 85, 

Ycuie St a* Catalina * — Vancouver, 
Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95, London, H^^^ 

464, 1798.,. & Atlas. ' 

La Perouse, Voy^e, Atlas, p. 67, 1797. 

^B»g7^^ de 1 •Oregon, des Calif or- 
f'xibbs, Map of California, 1852 

Valle de Santa Catalina or Los Encinos 

Name given by Portola Ixpd,. ip ;769 to 
valley (6X8 leagues)' 

— Costanso, Diary Portola Sxpd.^Pubs. 
Acad. Pacific Coast Hist, . vol. 2. no. 4, 185, 1911. 
Valle de Santa Catalina de Bononia de 
los Encinos^ Lat.34**37^ — Crespi.l)!!^ 
Po-tola Expd. in Palou.s Noticia de la ITueva 
California, 2, 127, 1874. 


Name gncino appears on 
Angeles district, 1800-30, 
little NW of Los Angeles. 
Hist. Calif, 11,352,1885. 

map of Los 
located a 

-- Bancroft 

Enfilno is a station ofl Southern Pacific 
in south-central part of San Fernando Valley 

4-» de Ste . Catherine- 

Probably Santa Cataline thougli possibly 
San Clemente. 

Map 15, Atlas du Voyage de La Perouse, 


Ste, Catherine 

ProbablxSanta Catalina,__though possibly 

San Clemente. 


^li Atlas du Voyae-e de La 


rouse, 1x9/. ( A<^c.or4 i>io~te <>, 2> p ci:n.i'':>\v 

MHfM!^'4«<tMM>+' iMUliiili 

■ M i(ii««iWlii H i.„.iaMilim, MM 

■■■WlMiiiiiiiiiiiii mill t I 

Arroyo de Santa Cailiarlna 


Passed hj Aiiza Expd. in 1775 in So. Calif, on 

their way from Colorado River to San Gabriel 
Mission, & about 13 leagues W of a place called 

San Selustian. —Diary of pedro Font, Anza Expdl 
1775-1776 rPubs.Acad.Pacific. Coast Hist. Vol. 3, No j 
p. 39, March 1913. 

Santa Clara Canyon ,'Mq,vv3cu.v(v C%, 


Haine given by the Portola Expd. in 1769 to 



which they followed for 8 leagues to the Santa 
Barbara Channel, — Costanso, Diary Portola 
Ixpd,, Pubs. Pacific Coast Hist. , vol. 2, no. 4, 
191, 1911. 

Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in Palou's 
Noticia de la Nueva Calif . ,2,153, Mexico, 1874. 

Qo ♦ n, E^ir<l°"**»l Ventura Co.. Calif, 
Santa Clara de Monte Talco or Pueblo del Bailarin 

Populous Indian rancheria on Santa Barbara 
Channel, 4 leagues HW of Ventura River "on 
point of land near which ram a stream of good 
water * (Rincon Pt.&Creek). Visited by Portola 
Expd. in 1769 and named Santa Clara d e ?jonte 
Talco by Crespi and ]^ Bailarin by the soldiers 
because chief of vilTage was a good dancer. — 
Crespi, Diary Portola Ixpd. , in Palou's Hoticia 
de la Uueva Calif . ,2, 138, Maxico', 3.874. 
El Bailarin. — Qostan^o, Diary Portola 

Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 
197, 1911. 

Spelled Bilarin by Bancroft 

Santa Clara, Lit. 

-Wtfli 1^ 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
^mies, ^.. 1844. (map no. 16) 

Mt. 3ta. Clara 

LMontara Mt.] 


Mountain on 3a n Francisco Peninsula. 

De Mofraa, C^rte de 1 'Oregon et dos 
CaliTornies, etc. Map 16. 1844 

Cnnt.T Clara River 

_^HHiTOhreys, A, A A Warren, Cx.K., in Ex. Doc. 129 

••-oiv.., 1st. 3css.,:{Vni,(.+,.l) Art. 1'60. 1055 

williciiu3on,R.S., map, m Ex. Doc .129, 33d. 
Cong. ,1st. Sess,^XVni (pt .4) , 1055 . 

Humphreys, A. A. & Warren, G.K., in Pac.Rr. 

Rep., I, Art. II, 90, 1855. 

Santa Clara River 

^fe-wiucXOL ^o.x Calif 

River in southern Calif, eicptying into E end 
of Santa Barbara Channel. 

Fame given by the Portola Expd. in 1769 to 
the canyon pl\^ river 

which they followed for 8 leagues to 
the sea. — Costanso, Diary Portola Expd,.Pub8. 
Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 191, 1911 

Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in Palou»8 Koticial 
de la Nuexa Calif., 2, 133, Mexico, 1874. 

In 1776 the Anza.Eypd. crossed the Bio de 

BSbt;^ 'Ped?f Ion? %■'''' ^""^ <^« ^"^^ 
Aoad. Pacific CoIetH?^; ^^^f^ ^"^a Expd..Pub8. 

ttciixc ooast Hist., vol. 3, no.l, 53,1913. 

&c^r?8fl"' °*"*' '*<' ^'°-«°«. ''"^ Californies, 
Crtil]?' "^^ °' California. 1852 (St. Clara 

Santa Clara County 

Established Feb. 10, 1850 and defined. 
Statutes of California, 1850, 

60, 1850. 

Santa Clara falley 

Plain extending southward from 

Frajicisco Bay.^ Formerly callM San 
Bernardino. Valley, which see. 


Calif . 

-3' Clflra [Santa Clara]. 

^/gP of San Francisco Bay Hegion from Records 
of Mission San Jose, 1824. ^^«uoras 

Santa Clara, Embarcadero of Calff. 

In 1844 the embarcadero of Santa Clara; 


now the town of Alviso. -- In. H. Davis, Sixty 
Years in Calif., 1831-89, 595, San Francisco, 


-Sta OlfirA ISanJVancisco Bay] Calif. 

St. Clara t^o^vdoL^Va^VoO 

Kotzebue, Entdeckungsroise. Feimar. 
1821. __ * » 


^ 4u>.<^Y, 

&j>^ » 

Uoytls TTa.vLs\-a,-li'ow . Lowdow. T , Vl(] \%1\ 


^l^-^^a CI ara__(Mi s sion) 

-^■-■--irTi,,. ,ii|, •"■I'W'Wiiiiwwwiiiwii— iiitw ■■ 

Founded 1777. 

•Hurnboldt. Fssai Pnl i+ n^„ t 
3-^7 ifln. TT o^wn/ •^^^•''°^^-^sp., 1,319 

->-'', loll! II.S4lfRt.n+.iof,-^„N nnn-,* ' 

S41 (Statistics), 1811 
Langsdorff, V(jyrigGs &, Travels ( 

London, pt.II,15';;'^f8r4. 
'Kotsebue, Entdeckuiv<s 


1821 (St. Clara): J 

sreise, l^eimar.II. 7 

> ' I 



i loid, Lloyd's translat 

ion. I 

'De Llofras, Carte de I'Ore/^-on des Cnl^^ 
ornics, &c.,1844. ■ ' ^ ^^^^'- 

Pounded Jan. 1777 in the great plains of 
San Bernadlno (Santa Clara Valley) i league 
from the river of Our Lady of Guadalupe. — 

llT^t^""^ ^^^°^' Vida de fadre Junipero Serra, 
220, Mexico. 1787. 

Sfinta Clara, Mis ion de 

[Santa Clara Mission 

.iano, Via^e Sutil y Mexicana (1792), 
Madrid, p. 160, 1802. 


.ncouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95, 

Lond., II, 4,15,1798 (Mission of Santa Clara) , & 

Santa Clara, Mission; e^ Calif. 

Bryant: Wliat I Saw in Calif. 517,1846 
[Entry dated Sep. 20, 1646.] 

Santa Clara, valley 

CVIII,(pt.l) Intro., M,18k,, ' ' 
- Davis, m Pac.Rr.Rep.,I,27,1855. 

Ventura Co., Calif, 
Santa Conefundis vor Eancheria Volante) 

Santa Conefundifif. — ]srajne given by Crespi 

Ife^^Tiw^fi:?!^* ^P^-»^'''^^» ^o 8^11 Indian rancheria 
1^2 leagues along beach NW of Ventura River. -- 

Crespi, Diary Portola 2xpd. in Palou»8 iJoticia 
de la ITueva Calif . ,2, 137,1874. 

Rancheria Volante . — lTam« given by Costanso 

to same village which he callsi a temporary 
village of Indian fishermen. — Costanso, 

Diary Portola Expd. , ?ubs, Acad. Pacific Coast, 

Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 195-7, 1911. 

Santa Cruz 

otiao . 

[Santa Cruz] 

-T rv 

01 I 

M if., 1854, ,"223,1854. 
•Tov.'n at II end Monterey Bay. 
GibbeCs,-ap of California, in52. 

Santa Cruz Arroyo 

Santa Cruz * Co. , Calif • 

Name given by Crespi in 1769 to the first 
arroyo which the Portola Expd. crossed, travel- 
ing alor^ coast WNW of Lorenzo River* — Crespi 
Diary Portola Expd., in Palou's Noticia de la 
Nueva Calif,, 2. p. 187. Mexico. 1874. 


Santa Cruz Cou nty 

^ / 

Established April S5| 1851 . 

Statutes of California, 1051, 173, 1851. 

(Formerly Branciforte County) 

Santa Cruz Island 

Lond., 11.448.1798. 

[Santa Cruz Island] 

Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95 
& Atlas (Ya. de Sta. Cruz)/' 

De Mofras, Carte dp 1 'nror-r^y. /: n -, - » 

omies, &c.,1844. Oregon, aes Calmf 

IPAi^ , ^-^^^^ f"^"'^- ^^^^^^^ive, V, map (dated 
1641) facing p. 150, 1845. 

Large island in Santa Barbara Channel. 

Santa Cruz Island 


— Santa Barbara Channel 

lastern Id, of the 3 large Ids. of Santa 
Barbara Channel. — Miguel Costanso, map Calif. 
Coast. 1770. in I.B.Richjiian»s Calif, under Spain 
and Mexico, Insert, pp. 104-5. 1911. 

ITote: in his diary of Portola Expd. 1769-70, 
Costanso says that the eastern id. was San^ 
Barbara (and the central id. was Santa Cruz) — 
Costanso, Diary Portola Expd., Pubs. Acad. Pacific 
Coast Hist., vol, 2. no. 4, 207. 1911. 

Santa Cruz [-Island] 

~ '^^&^ island in Sant^i 
•^"ilkes Exped. (map dated 
p. 150, 1845. 

ara Channel. 
^'^41),V, facing 

Gibbes^LIap of California, 1852. 

Santa Cruz (Mission) 

Founded 1794. 

"Humboldt, Essai Polit.Nouv.EsT) I 319 
•27, 1811; II,841(Statistics), 18li: ' 

-Langsdorff, Voyages k Travel 5(1803-1807) 
Lonaon, pt.II, 170, 1814. 

ancouver, Vo^rare of Discovery, 1790-95, 
Lend., II, 25, 1798 ("very recently established" 
in 1793), k Ailap. 

Santa Cruz (Mission) 

[Mission Scinta Cruz] 

Mission said to be "very recently es- 
tablished" in 1793. 

Vancouver, Voyage of Eiscovery. 1790-9*^ 

"'^7 imi^^'^'T^i^^^ ^''^' Polit.Kouv.KsT).,I,319, 
0^7,1611; 11, 841(StatisticB), 1811. (founded 1794) 

Langsdorff, Voyages & Travcls(1603-1807) 
Lend., pt.II, 170, 1814. 

De Mofras, Carte de POregon, des Calif, 
^nnes^ &c. . (general map h chart Ilo.l4) .1844. 


anta Cruz, Mission de 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal 
ifomics, &c., 1844.(,J..oo^^^o^^^;^^] 

^"^ Present toi/in of Santa Cruz, N end of 
Monterey Bay, 

Santa Cruz Mountains 

Mountain range in Santa Cruz County, 
running parallel with coast. 

Statutes of California, 1850, 59, 1850^, 

^ - Blake, W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,Y,pt.II,l59, 

1857( Santa Cruz Range) . 

Santa Cruz, Port [Santa Cruz Harbor] 

Sta^-.utes of California, 1853,311,1853. 

Santa Cruz, Pta. de 


;De Mofras, Carte do I'Oregon, des Cal- 
ifornies, &.c., 1844. 

^ Point justVN of present Santa Cruz Harbor. 
Callea Point Santa Cruz. 

Gibbets, ^-ap of California, 1852 (Pt. 
Sa,nta Cruz) . 

Santa Cruz, Rio de Hovm ^ocw Lotewxo ^x-<iA 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
ifornics, &c., 1844. Ck^Lri l4. 

_^:W^ptying into present Santa Crus Harbor. 

&= Salinas River] 
Santa Delfina, River & Valley __ Calif. 

Valley of the Salinas River. In 1769 the 
Portola Expd, camped near the mouth of the 

Salinas River and Crespi named the place Santa 
D elfina .-> fjrespi, Diary Portola Expd. in Palou» 
Noticia de la ITueva Calif., 2, 175, Mexico, 1874 

"Valley of the Santa Delfina through which 
flows the Rio de Monterey" (Salinas River). — 
Pedro Pont, Diary Anza Expd., Pubs. Acad, Pacific 
Coast Hist., vol, 5, no.l, 65, 91, 1913, 


In 1772 Expd, under Fages from Monterey to 
San Francisco Bay camped at Salinas River . 
which thev named Santa Delfina. — Crespi, 
Dian^ of Fages Expd. in Palou's Noticia de 

la Nueva Calif •III, 5, Mexico, 1874. 

In 1774 Expd. under Rivera from Monterey 
to San Francisco ' camped at the Rio de Santa 
Delfinafi nd"crossed the plain or grand canyon 
of Santa Delfina. — Palou, Diarj'- of Rivera 
Expd. in Falou's Noticia de la Nueva Calif., 
Ill, 264, 265. Mexico, 1874 

San Luis Obispo Co, , Calif • 
Ilena (or Csinada ir^gostft) 

Portola Expd. in 1769 to 
San Luis Range S of Los 
pi called it Canada de 
says the soldiers calTed 

Tt C aHada Atj^ us ua* — urespi, uiary 
Expd. 'in Pr " - • • • -^ - - ^ 

2, 159, Mexico, 1874. 

a Nueva Calif. , 

C anada Angosta* — Costanso, Diary Portola 
Expd. , Pubs^^lcaHT Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, 
no.4, 219, 1911. 

Santa Inez Ridfre 

■"'»"**'W""'"i "" Wi* " ii'| " ii' «■!■ t«MaiMiai>i>hi.ii*Bh. i*.irt.h,Mii..h-M«-^-««,-„^.„_ ^..«*^ 


Range between Santa Inez River and the 

-*^^ ^- J^ittell, Hutchings Calif .ra^^., Ill 

555,1859. _ ^ ' ' 

Blake, W.P., in Pca.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.n,137, 



iCxV (AX- 


Bio San Bernardo y su Companero 
Rio St. Balardo 



Mission de oainte Injs [ganta Ynez Mn.1 Calif. 

Ticinity Santa Barbara 

l>e Mofras. iSxploration de 1 'Oregon, Tome ll, 

p. 59. 1844 . 

Santa Ines^ Mission [Santa Ynez Mission] 

De Llofras, Carte de !• Oregon, des Cal- 
if ornies, &c., 1844. 

De Mofras, Exploration de I'drepon &c. 
Tome II, p.59. 1844, Mission de Saints Ines. 

Santa Isabel 

[Santa Ysabel] 

'Stat, of Calif., 1854, 223,1854. 



e,W.P., in Pac.P.r.Rep.,V,pt.II;i25, 

Santa Isabel 


Name on map of Monterej district 1901-10, 
little west of Salinas River and San Miguel 

- Bancrof trHist. Gal if. IL, 145., 1885. 



Santa Isabel 

• • 


Marcy: Prairie Traveler, 295, N.T.1869. 

Santa Isabel, valley 

— Blake, W.P., inPac.Er.Rep.,V,pt.II,i86,iat)Y. 

Small valley in southern California, IJK 
of San Diego i ^ 

^^■^ "■""■'''"*""»-'«*»~-" "'^^^ ■■■■- ■■ 

— [Present name of valley. Not to be con- 
fused with name Valle de S^^nta Isabel, 


by Crespi in 1769 to present Soledad Valley] 

Valle de Santa Isabel 

San Diego Co., Calif 

Kame given by Portola Sxpd. in 1769 to 
valley 3i leagues !IW of San Diego, running from 
SE to NW for Hleagues and 400 varas wide. — 
Crespi. Diary Portola Ixpd. in Palou's IToticia 
de la Uueva California, 2, 103, Mexico, 1874, 

Name not in use. 

6) o\ ^^ \Uib»o^ ^ 

(^AXJl.'W*»avw rf losT<.v>Aja<j^^oi"). 

Hoya de Santa Lucia 

Monterey Co . , Calif 

Kame given "by Portola Expd, in 1769 tp hollow 
in Santa Lucia Mountains 5 leagues S'^ of Junc- 
tion of Arroyo Seco with Salinas River. — 

Costanso, Diary Portola Ixpd. ,Pu"bs. Acad. Pacifi* 
Coast Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 229, 297, 1911. 

La Hoya de la Sierra de Santa Lucia. -- 
Crespi, Diary Portola Expd, in Pa;ou»8 Noticia 
de la Fueva Calif., 3, 166, Mexico, 1874. 


Bancroft says in region of later San Antonio 
^/assion. -Bancroft, Hist., of Calif.. 1,145. 

in^pf^^S" f ?^ Antonio; of Padua was founded 
in Cafiada de los Bobles m Hova d e la Siftrm 
ie^,tav Lucia> — Palou, No'ticia de la Nueva 
II., 2, 289, Mexico, 1874. 

Sierra de Santa Lucia 


f 1- 

In 1769 the Portola Expd. crossed the range 
known by the name of Santa lucia in the sailiner 
directions of the pilots who navigated these 
seas, particularly with Sebastian Vizcaino. * — 
Costanso, Diary Portola Expd. , PiAbs. Acad. Pacific 
Coast Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 227, 1911. 

Cabrera Bueno has good 
the Sierra de Santa Lucia 

i*»»«"i««»"<pw««p— ^ 

'■I ■■ 

massive.*' — Diary Caspar 

ason for describing 
as high, rugged and 
de Portola, 1769-70, 

Piiibs.Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol.i, no, 3. 63 


Begins a little below the mission of San 
luis (Obispo) and, following the coast, termi- 
nates near the- mission of San Carlos del Car- 

T®"^ ?•**«"". •^°"^» I^iary Anza Hbcpd.. 1775-76. Pubs, i 
Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 3^ no.l, 59, 1913. 

^ Santa Lucia Mountains 



the name Monta^ 

as.--§^^ ending back of MonW^^^y. 

Range extenaing along the coast from Pt. 
Pmos S nearly to San Luis Qjpispo.. -Blake, W.P. , 

in PaQ.RK.Repls.,Y,pt. II, 159, ie57( Sierra de' 
Santa Lucia) , 

-■■'— ****■—"" ■"'■"" — -— — ... 

gm-^ ^^^^^ Ml liWiWrtiiili'«tii«|||iiwi|ii|^wiw|gai||B|||| i! Ill— ■ -«.^, j.^L ■_.!_ ^, , ^^ _^^^^^^^^^ 

J^^^^^^I^^^e Mofras, Carte de I'Ore- 
gon. des Califoniies^ Jjc.,^n'^ map. 1844 


Fiiri-ko-lu.T] is San Antonio Indians' na/ne for 

-Santa Luoi-a Mountain.-- H. W. Henahaw, MS 

/ocabular/ San /intonio ^^ission Indiana r^ ^^(\ 
No. 843. Bureau Ethnology" 18^4. ' ^' -^'•^' 


^ I '"J oanta jsaroara CO., Calif. 

Santa Margarita de Cortona<^l8la ovMescaltitan 

Three or more Indian rancherias on and close 
to an island^li miles wide^, (formed by the 
branching of an ««tuary 3 leagues .W of Santa 
Barbara on the Santa Barbara Channel. Visited 
by Portola Expd. in 1769 and called by the 
soldiers. Mescaljtlag, by others the pueblos of 
the Isla, and by Crespi, Santa Margarita de 
^' 9^^^n^ • — Crespi, Diary Portola Expd., in 
Palou»3 Noticia de la Nueva Calif . ,2,144,1874. 
See also Isla, Mescaltitan. 

S an t ajlar gar i t a . 

De iuofras, Carte de I'DrCf-^on, des Cal 
ifornies, he, 1844. 

Place If of San Luis ObisDo, 

Santa Mar/.-arita or St. Uar^uerita 

few miles W of San Luis Rey. 
•Emory, Lilitary Peconn. Ft. Leavenworth 
to San Diego in 1846-47, 117,123,1848. 

Statutes of California, 1651, 172,1851 
(Santa Largaurita,<^:s^^^ o- aoius^^ju t^ M JUw^Laj^.^,^ 

GibboD Lqj^f rnl, 1fornia,lCD2 (Santa- 

Santa Margarita Canyon . San Diego Co. . Calif . 

Name given by Portola Expd. in 1769 to 
Canyon 15 leagues NW of San Diego. — Costanso, 
Diary of Portola Expd. 1769-70. Pubs. Acad. 
Pacific Coast Hist.. vol. 2, no. 4. 173. 1911. 

Named Santa Margarita hP/^«no^ the expd. 
"arrived there on the day of that sainted 
virgin. «— Crespi. Diary Portola Expd, in 
Palou's Noticia de la ijueva California. 2, 111, 


Name still in use. 

Rancho Santa Margarita Calif. 

Banch in San Diego Co., owned in ISSO' by 
Pio Pico and Andres Pico. -- IHb. H. Davis 
Sixty Years in Calif., 1831^9,59©., San F^a- 
Cisco, 1889. 

Santa Maria 

Gill if. 

Im the valley of Santa MariaCCireekl',- 
Aiadiabom: We s term Journal 1849-18i)0, 170, 
Cleveland, 1906. [NE of San Die^ J 

Santa Maria.— Em cry .-Military Reconn.ia46-7.107 
1848. • • 

^ita Maria, Creek [Santa Llaria River] 

River emptying into Pacific IJ of Point 
Sal, and forming part of N boundary Santa 
Barbara County. 

Statutes of California, 1S50, 59, 1050. 


Gibbets^ Map 9f California, 1852 (Santa 
Maria River) . 

Santa Maria, farm 


Statutes of California, 1850, 59, 1850. 

UovN Village 

oundar - 


Barbara County. 

^ _^ • Placed in San Luis Obispo County by 
cnange^of boundaries between Santa Barbara and 

-^n Luis Obispo Counties, May 13, 1354.- Stat- 
utes of California, 1854,148,1054. 

Santa Liar i a 

Ranch S¥ of San Isabel [Santa Ysalel]. 

•Kmory, Military Reconn. Ft. Leavenworth 
to San Diego in 1846-47, 107,1848. 

Blake, W,P,, in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.II,i26, 

l857(RanGho of Santa Maria) . 

Santa Maria Valley 


Blake, ll:^P., in Pac.Rr.Rep. , V,pt.II,l2Z, 

Valley SW of Santa Ysadel Valley. 

....iMimmiii im ii n iiimmiiiinii P 

Santa Maria Valley _^ Kem (Id. (lelii. 

U# S.Geqg^ Boards Apr^ 7^909 SantaMani; valley, extending norL. 

westerly through central part of 
Township 30 South, Range 21 East, 

Kern county, California. (Not Santa 

Arroyo de Saiita Maria Ma^daleim Cal-'f 

Leaving Santa Aim River, the Aiiza Expd. in 
1776 traveled about 14 lea^pes SSE & halted in 
the "Arroyo de Sacita Maria Masdalena.otherv/ise 
called Arroyo de la Quema". -Diary of Pedro 

Pont,Anza Erpd. 1775-1776 rPubs. Acad. Pacif, Coast 
Hist.Vol.3,No,l,p.45,March 1913, 

Santa Maria Kagdalena for c S*"?^! °°' ' °*^^ 

guaiena Lor Caflada del Incendio 


^^^-V^"^^"^^''*'*****"**^^ passed 

}f.rr^ . " """^' -ri^l769 and nained Santa l^aria 
j^agdalen a or Canaria r?^T T "■" — - ^^aria 

^^'iary Port Ola i^S ^ -^lo.^. -• Costanso. 

Hist vm P Acad. Pacific Coast ' 

ifist..vol,2. no. 4. 173. 321. 1911. 

la o,~r^^^~^^-^"^^-^^^^^ alias 
la fiuemada. Lat. 330l4» •. r. ^ 

Portola Expd m pi , * ^''^^^^' ^^^^^ T Palou»s Koticia de la Uueva 

California. 2 n^ oyto ,r . -"ueva 

^^^^^^^ 114, 242, Mexic o. 1874. (over 


In 1776 the Anza Expd. Halted halfway 
between the Santa Ana and Ban Luis Rey rivers 
in the Arr oyo de Santa Maria Magdal^n^^ 
otherwise called the Arroyo de la Qu em^.— 
Pont. Diary Anza Expd. 1775-76, Pubs.Acad. 
Pacific Coast Hist.. vol. 3. no.l, 45, 1913. 

Font also says that they had hegun to 

establish the mission of San Juan Capis- 
trano at La QuejLa . — Ibid, 45, 

Santa Marie Valley Kern Co. 

See Santa Maria Yalley 


Santa Marta (or loa Ojitos) _Orange Co., Calif, 

Kame given by Portola Expd. in 1769 to 
narrow canyon in mountains 2 leaguenS^ofT^^ta 

Ana River. — Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in 

Palou»s Uoticia de la ITueva Calif. ,2,12l;Mexico, 


Los O^Utog. — c<^8tanso, Diary Portola Expd, 
Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no,4, 
179. 1911, 

^ ^ U^Tv^l^c. cu-,^ San Diego.. Calif, 

La CaTla da de Santa Pragedis de los Rosalee 

Canyon 4 leagues WW of\San Luis Key, Passed 
by the Portola Expd. in 1769 and named Los 
Resales from the abundance of rose-bushes. — 
Costanso, Diary Portola Expd. ,1769-70, Pubs. Acad 
Pacific Coast Hist, , vol. 2, no. 4, 173, 1911. 

La Caliada de Santa Pragedis de los Roaales . - 
Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in Palou's Noticia 
de la Kueva Calif. ,2,11 HCexico, 1874. 

t.Q|ji»>-t~:*^ U^-Vv.l^<t5 da....^^^'^ 

Santa Rita 

San Benito Co. 


U.S. Geog.Board.Mar.6. 1912 ^^;'^^''^' p-k (elevation 51 55 feet), 

Q ^l^^^^* ♦ >• ^ j.*^j.K^ 5 miles southeast of New Idria, on 

f main ridge San Carlos division, Diablo 
Range, San Benito County, California. 

Santa Rita 

Mora^^a's expedition of 1806 left San Juan 
Bau tista , travel led E a bout 17_ leag ue a, a nd 
arrived at an arroyo called Sta^ Hi.ta. about 
2_JLeag; ue3 from S an Joauuin River. — K^. Pedrb 
Munoz. 1806, Arch. Sta. B arbara, 701 ^4, pp 
A, 5 , . J806-1821,, 

SJa^Rita land gr an t _oaJOank S.«,J^uin 
Eijfer opposite mouth Chowchilla River. 

Santa Rosa 


Name on map of Bodega h Ross district in 1811- 
20, a little north of Petalum&, Calif. 
-Bancroft:Hist. Calif. II, 306,376, 1885. 

Santa Rosa Creek 


Name given by early Spanish-Californians 
to Chocoalomi Creek because in 1829. Priar 
Amoroso captured an Indian girl at the rocky 
point opposite the ♦old adobe*, and Baptised 
her in the stream, giving her the name Santa 
Rosa. — Robert A. Thompson, Historical and 
Descriptive Sketch of Sonoma Co. , 70,Phila.l877, 


anta Rosa IJ 

on, dcs Cal- 


bant a 



Lond.,IT 44a 

Santa Rosa [Island] 

'Island T/ of Santa Cruz Island, Santa 
Barbara Channel. 


-Wilkes T^xped. (map dated 1841) .V. f acinar 
.1 £0,1^345. _ ' ' ^ fc> 

Gibbes^Llap of California, 1852. 

Rio de Santa Rosa for San Bernardo y su Co^ro 
or R'^io de San Verard^tsanta Inez Rive^ 
Large river 6 leagues m of Pt. Concepclon, 
passed by Portola Expd. in 1769 and"named San 
Bernardp^y^gu^^Coffipagero ; others gave it the 
name of Santa Rosa. - Crespi, Diary Portola 
Expd. in Palou»8 Noticia de la Nueva Calif. .2, 
154, Mexico, 1874. 

Eio Grande de San V«raiffjn (s.^ Berardo in 
Spanish text on opposite page), •. Costanso . 

Diary Portola Expd. .Pubs, Acad. Pacific Coast. 



Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 213, 1911. 

Rio de Sa n Verard o (Berardo). .- ibid,307. 

* ^i^4® S^^Q' Rosa. — River reached bv 
f^^fvi^ ^^l^A^^H'' r^dir^ Pt- Concepcion 
177R ^/'r.": PQ^ro/ont. Diarv Anza Expd-, 
1776-76- Pubs- Acad. Pacific Coast HiiC. Vol.3, 
No. 1, p. 55, March 1913. 

Missio n de oante "^osa .LSanta KosaJ Cclif. 

Attempt to found in 1827Vsix leagues 
from the lands occupied hj the Kussians"; 
but never established. 

De Mofrcs, Exploration de I'Oreg'on &c. 

Tome II, p. 6. 18447 

De Mofras, Carte dcl»Oregon.des Ualifornies 

&c, Gen 'I map? 1844. 

Santa Rosa 

Sonoma Co.#^llf. 

* // 

Town, county seat of Sonoma County. 

JUame given ^y IncLiono to Chocoalomi 
|lDecause in 1829 ii'riar Amoroso baptised an Indian 

girl there, giving her the name Santa 3osa. 

RolDert A. Thompson, Historical and Descriptive 
Sketch of Sonoma Co., 70, Phila, 1877. 
Stat, of Calif., 1854, 223, 1854. 

tJibbs, Map of Calif.. 1852 fSt. Rosa) 

o« * T> . (^anta Clara Piver) Calif, 

Santa Bosa de vlterbo( or Rancheria del Corral) 

Populous Indian Rancheria on Santa Clira 
River, 4 leagues across the mountains from 
San Fernando Valley, visited by Portola Expd. 
in 1769 and named Rancheria_de3^Cprral by the 
soldiers and Santa Rosa de Viterb o hy Crespi. - 
Diary Portola Expd. in Palou's Koticia de la 
Hueva Calif,, 2, 130. Mexico, 1874, 

5anta Rosa, Mission 


s^^io^ possibly on Rio St. Balardo 
Lbanta ^nez River] .,establi shod 1788." 

^ Vancouver, Vo3/af:e of Discovery, ' 17^0-^5 
Lond., 11,^148,1798. ^' ' 

Santa Rosa La Purissima 

Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95, 
Lond., 11,489, 1798. 

Santa Rosa Plains 

Gibbs, in Schoolcraft, 111,101,1853. 

Santa Rosa Ranc} 

'Tribbs, in Schoolcraft, 111,101,1853. 


Santa BarlDara Co,, Calif. 
Santa Rosalfk (tr Canada Seca) I - 2>ju»os.^s*xCc.1 

Canyon 1 leagueH^^of Santa Inez River, 
passed by Portcla Expd. in 1769. Named G pleLda 

ca by soldiers, and Santa R p5Q.^f jp, by Crespi. 
Crespi, Diary Portcla Expd. in Palou*s Hoticia 
de la Nueva Calif., 2, 153, Mexico, 1874. 

Cariada Seca. >• Costanso, Diary Portola 


Expd., Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist. , vol. 2, 
no. 4, 211, 307, 1911. 

Santa Sinf orosa ^"vv^ok 

b K^u«^ H^vovvdoJi 

San Diego Co., Calif. 

i.'ame gi- en by Portola Expd. in 1769 to 
canyon 11 leagues m of San Diego. .. Costanso, 
Diarir Portola Expd., 1769.70, Pubs. Acad. 
Pacific Coast Hist., vol 2. no. 4. 169. 1911; 

Crespi, Diary portola Expd. In Palou's 
Noticia dela ipieva California. 2, 107. 1874 

Santa Susana Mountains 

Mountain ran^e immediately II of ■!! end 

of San Fernando Valley, crossed by W boui^daiy 
of Los Angeles County. ^ 

Statutes of California, 1850, 59, 1850. 

<5o^+« rn^^ I ^ , Santa Barbara Co., Calif 

Santa Teresa (or Rancheria del Cojo) 

Indian rancheria in canyon 1 league E. of 
Pt. Concepcion. Visited by Portola Expd, in 
1769, The cacique of the town was lame and for 
that reason, the soldiers named it Rancher ia 

del Co . jo , but Crespi called it Santa Teresa . -, 
Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in Palou's Noticia 
de la Uueva Calif., 2, 150, Mexico, 1874 

See also Cojo. 

_Sajita Teresa 


Name given by Crespi to little lake in 
a canyon 2-1/2 leagues WM of Rio Pajarov 
The canyon ^vas named by the Portola Expd. 
La Lagunilla. — Crespi, Diary Portola Expd., 
in Palou*s Noticia de la Nueva Calif., 2, 185, 
Mexico, 1874.__ 



i^5a,,4 g^gr^uus ^ oiiTt .T( 


0^ A^UiH. 

Santa Ysabel 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
ifornies, .^cc., 1844. 

Small settlement and valley in southern 
California HE of San Diego. 

Santiago Creek ^ Orange SoJf 

Stream rising in Santa Ana tTrabuco] Mts 
and flowing into Santa Ana River immediately 
after passing between present towns of Orange 
and Santa Ana. Named b}' Portola Expd. who in 
July 1769 crossed it about 3 miles above its 
junction with the Santa Ana. — Costanso, 
Diary Portola Expd., Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast 
Hist., vol. 2, no.4, 177, 1911; and Crespi, 
Diary Portola Expd. in Palou's Noticia de la 
Nueva Calif., 2, 118, Mexico. 1874. 

lLv-<^ S(>^Vv.Vvo^q^o ^Tg&o Cix.^«.V 


ti^U^'Vftsi^^.s- OcLo\^Q<*^, 

Sierra de Santiago 

[Santa Ana Lloimtains] 

* Statutes of California, 1653,119,1853. 

Santo_ Don: ingo _______ 

— Moraga's expedition of 1806, after leavir^ 
rancherias Latejate and Lachu o on T»/Terced_Biver 
traveled £ about 10 leagues coming, to the "bed of 
a large arnoyo -thaJ^^mstJ^e^Gonsiderable v ~~ 
which they called Santo Jpmijic^ . -P, .PedmJ 

Diaiy, i!rch. S ta.._^rbara Jal^ 4 , pp23,24, 
1821 • 

W of San Joaquin River about_8_league3^ 

o + T^ • t y?^ley of San Gregoria Creek! 
Santo Domingo Valley San Mate? Co.. Calif, 

Valley with stream of running water 5 
leagues N of AHo Nuevo Point. Named Santo " 
Domingo by Crespi on Portola Expd. ,1769,althoug: 
he says the others called Valla de los Soldados 
je los Cursos. — Crespi, Diary Porbola Expd. 
in Palou's Noticia de la Nueva Calif., 2. 192, 
Mexico, 1874. 

Valle de los 0ursos , — Costanso, Diary 
Portola Expd., Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., 
vol. 2, no.4, p^ 269, 1911. 

San Tomas T. 

«Ma!»»irr-»niiiiiMririiiii' nm 

See Enca 

^P^ , «ic KvvcuLOLfaa^ 


Santos Oreek 

Kem Co. 

U.S.Geog.Board.Apr, 7.1909 


Santos; creek, flowing northeasterly 
through southeast quarter of Town- 
ship 28 South, Range 19 East, and 
joining McLean creek, Kern county, 

San Mateo Co. , Calif. 
Los Santos Apostoles San Simon y San Judas 

Name given by Crespi, Portola Expd. 1769 
to camp 9 leagues NM of Ano Nuevo Point. 
Crespi says the soldiers called it El LLano 
de los An sares because of the nunbers of 
geese* — Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in Palou' 

Noticia de la Nueva Calif., 2, p. 195, Mexico. 


Llan o de_jLos^ Ansares . — Cost anso , D i ar y 
Portola Expd., Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast 
Hist., vol. 2. no.4, p. 263, 191i. Fq^q^i 

Eldredge says this site was on Pilar- 

citos Creek S of Spanishtown or Halfmoon 

^^io"",L5-^^^^®^®» March of Portola. 
p« 38, 1909. 

LLano de los Ansares^. San Mateo^ Co., Calif. 

Name given by Porto la Expd. in 1769 to camp 
on coast 9 leagues MW of Poina Ano Nuevo. 
Named because of the numbers of geese. — 
Costanso, Diary Portola Expd., Pubs. Acad. 
Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no.4, p. 263, 1911 

Crespi says the soldiers called the camp 
Sl^tt§ng_deJgs^An§gr§5 , but he called it 
X^og San tos A post oles Sen Simon y San Judas. 

— Crespi, Diaiy Portola Expd. in Palou's 

Noticia de la Nueva Calif., 2, 195, Mexico, 1874 


Santos R eyes (Kings River) 

Moragars expedition of 1806 left their 

Cxmlp.J2Il_Sarl_J^^aquin River & ."Traveling 5 leagues 
to the E came to _the_ rive r of the Sant os Reyes.** 
"In these mount ains a river of m uch water rises, 
and divides into 2 arms, one flo\vi n^ the~o^ier~' 

" ' ' " " ' II I 'fc m • 

side _Qf^the_jriOuntain^. and the other beirii- this 

San Joaciuin RivexJL.i::£_PedrQ_Munoz, Diary _IR06 

__?.i:ietley _ say[s_jthj^_l3_Ki r^ s River. "^ ^ 
IJL the na me_was applied only to th_e eastern 


course, and not to the lower streain, which 
flows from the tular into the San Joaquin.' 

Canada de San Vicente 


Passed by Anza Exj:d. on their v/ay from San 
Francisco Bay south toward Ilonterey. Leaving 
Canada de San Vicente, V^ej traveled S throurh 
Arroyo del Coyote. -Pedro Font :Diar^.% Anza Err 
r/,Pacif. Coast Hist. Vol. 3, No,!, 
If'^farch 1913. 

San- Yermess River CSanta Ynez] ' ' Calif 
MarcyrPrairie Traveler, 278, N.Y.1869, 

San Ysidro Cai^cn 
U. S .Geog, Board,Nov 

Santa Barbara %. Calif. 

1 2911 San Ysidro; Canyon, Santa Barbara 

County, California. (Not Dinsmore.) 

San Ysidro Rancho Calif 

In 1837 there was an P^ian attack on the 
rancho of San Ysidro in what is now San Diego 

Go, -- Hfoi. Hsath Davis, Sixty Years in Calif., 
1831-89, 234, San Francis®, 1869. .__ 


- — "" ■■ — ' ■ ~ — vslii, 

,^.,/^s^salito orWhaler's Hcrbor*.— Chas. 
iYilkes, Narrative of the U.3»Explorin^ Exped.*cr 
p. 151, London, 1845. r t> r 

Sansantito or Whaler's Harbor [=SaucelitoJ Calif 

Typographical ecror for Saucelito, J.Cr.Clark. 
Lights and Shadows of Sailor Life, 229. 184?/ 

^^ C^ * " I * * lil W MW ' iiWi» »» W M- l Wi awWIlWllllllli y i U MIIIlllIP ■ l liPl. WH |i 

C-Ua.Y't 1(0 


ne-5.r S-a.vcsB.Ut 



r.Jrf?}^^¥'J'^ ^i^^ harbor about 12 miles west 

W^t T.nJ''?^ ^^"^ ^^rancisco. "-Senate ;lx. Doc.l. 
Jlst. Gong. .2d oess. pt. II, 248, 1850 

Punta de Santhiago [.Point Bonito] Calif 

Point at N bf entrance to Golden Gate. 
Lieut. Ayala*s First Survey and Map of the 

Bay of San Francisco, 1775. 

Point Bonito. Present name given it in 
1776. — Zoeth Eldredge, March of Porto la. 

63, 19D9. 

Sarahsville_=Bath, Calif. 

--Directory of the county of Placer [Calif 1 fnr 
the year iSsi. by R.J.Steele and others. SO ,1861^ 


Place "between llashville, ^1 Dorado Co., 
and Drytown [Ai-iador County], 

•Stat, of Calif., 1854,222, 1054. 

R, des Sastes 

Labasta H. 1 

-w— M*ii»«i>iii i ii i i ' ■ m * m \titmmm'KHimm iiiiiiiiii. - -i.i»iiii i iii n . iii..ii m i. -imiHimm-m«mf»*'>im0t»-»Mt0tglf<,».-^mM»m 


Hiver flowing N into Klamath R. , N Calif 

De Mofrasj Carte de 1 'Oregon, les Cal- 

ifornies, etc Gen»l Map. 1844 

Pie del Sauce 



-ill a canyon passed i:lirou^i by Anza Expd. in 
1775 in So. Oalif. not far east of the pass in 
mts. called by them Rierto de San Carlos. 
-Diary of Pedro Font.Anza Expd. 1775-1776: 

Pubs. Acad. Pacific. Coast Hist.Vol.S.No.l r 30 
March 1913. --^.p.^-, 



JMame on map of Los Angeles district. 1800-30, 
located between Santa Monica & San Pedro 
--Bancroft. Hist • Calif. 11,352,1885. 

-"ibid maisflf''^"^' "^ " ^-^^^ ^ ^^^^^- 

-Sausalito Point 

mmft'i^immKMmmmm ' 

'■i''9'>'>>Mm»imiA-Mm0m mm m^ 


-Baech^rVoyage of Blossom [1826], 11.426.1831 

iMd: II, 653, 1831 . 

De Mofras, Carte de IrQregon et des Califomi 

^, Map 16, 1844. ^eiifornn 

Sausolita L [Sau^alitd] 

Kept. Gen, P. F.Smith in 
1st Sess. 92,1850. 


Sen. Doc.47, 31st Cong 

Sausolito.- Bryant: What I Saw in Calif. 339, 

1848. [Entrjr dated Oct.18, 1646.] 
Sousoleto.^ Rept.Col.R.B.Mason ,Aug,17,1846 
BrySntr^aWhat I Saw in Calif .456 1648 

'Vwi^ 1^ ^ioJllP 

• J 


Beochey, Voyage of Blossom, 1,347 IQV' 

Wilkes Exped. (map dated 1841 J, t, facing 

p. 150, 1845 . ^ 

Gibbes, Map of California, 1852 (Sal^- 

saulito). * 


A settlement has been long' since formed 
here by a Captain Richardson, who owns the 
entire saddle of good land that rides betwixt 
the high hips of the Coast Range there "The 
place IS called Plaza de los Carallos [typo- 
graphic error for Caballos]. 

Kelly, Excursion to Calif ., London II 
265-266,1851. ^ ___ ' ' 

Saucelito Bay 


e,W.P., in Pac^.Hep.,V,pt. II, 145,18571 


Sousolet(i_Jit, Sausalitol 

Marin Co. .Calif. 

Spellir^ by Col. R.B.Mason in leter to Gen 
F. Jones, Au©^st 17. 1848. published by J. 
Ely Sherwood in California, Her Wealth and 
Resources, p. 14. 1848. 

Sawtooth Ridgs Kern «Jc 
U.S.Geog, Board, Apr. 7,1909 


Sawtooth; ridge, lying mostly in Sec- 
tion I, Township 26 South, Range 17 
^^ East, Kern county, California. 


Schoolcraft Id. [Now Sutter Id.J__ 

Bomided by Sacramento River and its upper 
West Pork and upper Middle Pork [Sutter and 
Steamboat Sloughs]. —Ringgold, Chart of Sac- 
ramento River, 1850. 

Schwart z * s RancH 

T-'Ti n Wiii - ii Ba- |i i ^ mm 


wni Lne bacramento between Suisun and 
Sacramento City. Visited by Lieut. Buffum, 
Oct. 50,1848., who p-ives a deeription of 
Schwartz and the ranch.- Buffum, E, &ould, 
Six Months in the Gold Mines, 31, 1850 





Place l: of IJercecI River, Llarinosa C 


Cribbe^s Lla-o 

of California, J8 

Scotts Foric Trinity River [S.Fk 


• u. 

rinity R.] 

Cibbes, Map of California. 105 

^^ • 

Scott's River 

[Scott River] 

^River emptying into P-laLiath River from the 
S, in W Siskiyou County, 

^ Statutes of California, 1852, 233, 1852. -~ 
"-^")s, in Schoolcraft, 111,1:0,156,159,1853. 
Gibbet Map of California, 1852. 

Scott's Mountain 


20 miles from Fort Jones. - Marcy: 
Prairie Traveler, 285, N.Y.1869. 

Scott's Valley 

[Scott Valley] 

•GiLbs, in Schoolcraft, 111,156,157,160, 

tw*' • 


eal Rock 



t S 


siae entrance to Golden Gate. 
CaliiMJag., 111,530,1859. 

Sears' Diggins 


'Place between CLittle] Grass Valley and 

Valley [Pluinas Countv]. — 

•Statutes of Galifor^i;, ia53, 315, 1853. 

S eUcL^V 

GciU^ ^ 

X- HvdttV'^x/Ny? ^i^JLl:^ 

Seeds-k9 -dee =Co loradQ River 

G^en°R}vr^'^°o°^-^^? '^^f*' *^« Seeds-ka-dee, or 
T^ufL j!'^' f^ ^^ ^l ^^«° sometimes called "-- 
ReviMk tdiUor' °^ Capt.Bonneville,521,!e52. 

■■•-— — -- - - —.—.«__ ^~s>ll. 

Segars Bar 


Cxeld Diggirigs on Yuba River 26 miles above 


Seldon; Pass, Latitude 37° 17', Lon- 
gitude 118° 52'. Fresno County, Cali- 

CI * -? 

II- S. QeooTBoarcl.Teb.a, iHiS 

Seven Mile House 

" ■" ■'«!'- 

Colusa Co. .Calif. 

Place 6n Sacramento Hiver 7 miles above 
vOl . u a. rancheria on site of present town 
01 tolusa.— J.H.Rogers, Colusa County, 
Its History t Resources, p. 263, 1891 


Place on S side Cosurnnes Piver 10 miles 
from rnouth.-Gibbes, Map of California, 1052.^ 

Shale Hills 

K&i^n Od. 


Shale; hills, northeast quarter of 
Township 27 South, Range 18 East, 
and that portion of south half of 
Township 26 South, Range 18 East, 
which lies east of Raven pass, Kern 
county, California. 

Shale Point 

Kern (l6. 

U.S.Gepg. Board, Apr. 7, 1909 


Shale; point, low ridge in northeast 
quarter of Section 7, Township 27 
South, Range 19 East, Kern county, 


haste/ Ilount 



es Exped. Ilarrative. V 

1841) facing p, 150, 1845 

ount Shasta] 
, nap (dated 


165 ("Mount Shast 
the Shaste Butte") 

bs, in Schoolcraft, 111,153,1853 



e. or 

it i 

s unually called 


Gibbe^ Map of Califo 

rnia, 1852,(14,700 



Marcy: Prairie Traveler, 285, N.Y. 1859. 

Sliasiia: Described in 1850 as ^'Readinr's ^Drin^^q 
a famous mining-camp in those days, which^has^ 

Min5^^'*'''^ l^^"" \^^ ^^^'^'« 0^ Shasta. "-Overland 
Monthly, p. 527, June 1871. ^veriana 

__ Shasta Citx 


'County. Seat, Shasta Caunty, in 1851. 
'Statutes of California, 1851, 177, 1851. 
^Ibid, 1854, 222, 1854 

Gibbs, in Schoolcraft, 111,160,164,1853 
(Readings Springs or Shaste City). 

Gibbe, Hap of California, 1852 (Shante . 
Citv) . — 

—Gunnison, J.W.& Beckwith.Til.G. ,inap(dated 

1853/4), in Ex. Doc. 129, 33d. Conp- 1<!+, Sess., 
XVIII(pt.4),1855. .ons.,ist. 

Shaste City 

[Shasta City] 

Giibbef Map of California, 1852. 

Shasta, village 

Originally Reading's Diggings, Reading* 

Dry Dig^aiig5_.^ni_. Reading's Springs. .._..,_ 

Hutchings Calif.Mag.., 11,61, July, 1857. 

™-. Spokerx of in 1849 as Reading's Diggings 
by Kelly, Excursion to California, London,., ^851 

ww>'^Hii«wtf"'..»«iiiii #m i iii^ 

Wi|l>> "* MlWIW P IIIII l »l» 

Shasta Countv 

Established Fob, 1"., 1G50 and defined, 
statutes of California, 18£0, 62, 18cO 

m, nsi. ^ ^ 

^^"^— ^--^ -f-^ ^i^^^ aL^ a^.ltei 


__Sha3thenini Yaina iMount Shastal 

Klajmth (of Southwestern Oregon), name for , 
Mount Shasta. Also called lielaikshi or Lemaik- 
shi.— Aj^S Gatschet. Kl^ath Indians, Gontr. 
N,,Pt.2, pp. 214 di 2^1,1890. 

Shasta Butte City =Yreka, Calif. 

''^E^^?}^ ^^^ ThemisT a Sacramento 
in MemU and Biog'l Hlst.of llo^h^n 
Lewis Pub'g Go,, 94, 1691. 

(?) weeklT, 
Calif.. •'' 

Shasta Butte C^tj^Yreka City [Yreka] 

Town in m am of Shasta Valley, Siski- 
you County; ori^^inal county scat of Siskiyou 
County; nnxae changed to Yreka City when estah- 

^y^atutes of California, 1852, 233, 1852?"' 
bt to be confounded with to-7i of Shasta 
m county of same name, a few miles miW of 


in S 



Nameu rec^sntl 

Alta Calif., June 7. 1852 


i^ ^r$kM> 


_S haste' Valley 

I Shasta Valley] 

s, in Schoolcraft, 111,156,157 1 



Shasta Eutte 

Hutchings Calif .Mag. , JT 245 





^'^ ^.Schoolcraft, III, 165, 1B53( "Mount 

^naoLe^__or^_as , i tL_i,s us ual 1 y called the 


■ ' '** wii a>i iMiiiwiiiiH^a i ii,i| ij ii||Bij.]|,pi)|,p,^ 

'iii**wiiiiiiiiiimmii 1 1,^ ^ -«•. ^ 

"frr III!' Ill t«iiiiiKii|ijinnmi,j|, 

Shaske, Shashtl, Shaster =Shasta 

"The Shaske or Shashtl Mountains."- 
Ind. Tribes, V, 217, 1855. 


Inland to Mount Shaster. "--Ibid 484. 

Shaste' River 

sta River] 


a.#-U^ A^G.\VUs '^v.'fi^ 

*nibbs, in Schoolcraft, 111,137,1853. 
•River flowing into «pp^ Klaraatli River 
from the S. ckXjl^ uu.^^^ ..-jl^ 

Shastl = Shasta 

"Shaste Valley . . Tlie true Indian pronunciatioa 
of this word appears to be Shastl. "--Gibbs, in 
Schoolcraft, Indian Tribes, III, 100, 1655. 

ount Shastl.— Fremont: Memcirs, 1,475, 
[3d Exped. 1845-1646.] 

Sheustl Peak.— Brantz Mayer: Kexico, pp. 
377, 1853. 


Shasta L-VVShasta 

"Massive peak of Shaste 
capped head. "^ Buff mi, K, 
in the Gold Mines, 57, 






Sautes ,H:,de6 

mmammmmmmmmimm J 

j)€l \o^TaS .Co-tU attO^g)^^ des Ca\i^0TT\\e6 -it.,! W. 


[Llount Shasta] 

"Mount Sliaste, or, as it is usually 

celled, the Shaste^Butte."— Cihbs, in School- 
craft, III, 165, 1853. 

Saste, Mont 

[Mount Shasta] 

Lofty mountain at N end Sierra Ilevada, 
in IIE California. 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
if omies, &c. (general niap) 1844. 

"Mt. SaBte.^ha3txI": Spellings on C.F.A.Harb- 
man's Special Map of California. 1849. ' 

Sastes ber^e : Spelling in J. Hoppe, Califor- 
nien, p. 21, 1849, 

Shagtv Fiver 

Calif . 

*i— liiKiW 

Shown as branch of the "Clamet*,-- J. ArrowsmithJ 
London Atlas. Sheet entitled British North 
A"^^erica. London, Feb. 15, 1834. 

Sheldon Grant or Baylor Ranch 

A 5-lea,^ue 
Sutters Fort. 
Life & Events 
p. 39. 1872. 


?>lfexican Grant 16 miles E of 

V n^'^' ^,^^"®^^» Narrative of 
m Calif., MS, Bancroft Library, 


Place on Y/ side San Joaquin River, 
mouth of Chow-chilla Creek. 

Gibbe^s^LIap of California, 1352. 

S of 

Sherlocks Creek 



Creek flovdng into Llerced 
S just W of mouth of S Fork.- 
of California, 1852. _ 

River from 

Sherlocks FCara] 

^^ * ,, „^ , , ^ ^^ ^^ 

Place on San Joaquin River 
witli Lake Slough. 

at junction 

Gibbers, Llap o 




Sherman Island 

CSheman Island] 

^0 .avers. -Oibbes, :.:ap of California. la^P 


Sacramento Co. 


<?ov, f^^^ German Id. ,betwGen>,3acramento and 
ban Joaquin Hivers.— Ringgold's Map of 
Anchorage off New York of fee Pacific. 1850 

ocino Co* 


• .i 

Sherwood Yalley 

Small valley in north-central Mendociiib Co* 
Hutchings Calif. Mag. ,111,152,1858. 

Native Indian name Che-hul-i-kai , signifying 
north valley.— History of Mendocino Co. 167, 
San Francisco 1880. Alley, Bowen & Co. Pubrs. 

■■;- «"™'«"«.aBi(i!l:awci mnwiuMMliMIW 

_. [ Shingle tov;n] 

Shingle, Toj/n 

ilutchings Calif ,I.Iag. , 1 , 540 , 1857. 

Small sctllcment in S Shasta County at W 
base of Lit. Lascen (lat. 40° 30'). 

Beckwiih,E.G., in S-. Doc. 129, 5M.Con,'7. ,1st. 

Beckwith,E.Q., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,II.Art.n. 

Shoal Point 


Contra Oosta Co* Califs 

Shoal; Point, south of Richmond, 
San Francisco Bay, Contra Costa 
County, California. (Not Point 
^ __Potrero.) 


heal Point 1_ Contra Costa Co* Califs 

U. S^Gpo^ Tintt-rrl M^aVi P T QT ^ ^\^^^\\ Point, south of lllchmoud, 
J^..^lxeOg*130ard,ieT3*2,1916 San Francisco Bay, Contra Costa 

County, California. (Not Point 
_ I^otrero. ) 

Shoal Point 

Contra Costa Co. 

•*»— ' W C<t» J» JL JL 9 

U. 3,. (Teog.Board,Fe"b.2,19 

Sho shone Q =Snake River 


"The Shoshonee or Lewis* fork of the Columbia " 
-Schoolcraft, Indian Tribes, I, 202, 165i: 

'''"**°"' III Wiiwi III! ■iiiininin 




w.'7i(i ; 


^cJt.4^ Qj^ *3-jjWJC,yTlaLl> (o% 



^^^^^<A^ ]<Ho(o 

Sicard's Ranch 


^rant of 4 leagues on south side Bear_JRiver 
opposite Johnson's Ranch^^afiiiJ ed by_Theodo 
-Sicaj3L_in 1846,— Crilbert^^J'ells & Chambers^ 
Hiatorytf Butte Co,_^_p, in,, 1882. ~~~^ 



oierra^Kevada or Znoiiy Llountain 
^ '14 f Langsdorff , V^o^ya^es & Travel 
London, pt.II,2Q4,l5l4. • 

s (1805-1807) J 

SifixraJkmda;-.-J.3.Hittell, Hatchings » Calif. 
- - Magazine, p. 262, Dec. 1858. 


1^ / 77^ 


Sierra Valley 

Large__val 1 ey in Sierra County. 

IMdiings_Calif.LIag., 11,556, June, 1858, 

Sierra de la Conversion 


In 1769 the Portola Expd. journeyed 8 
leagues through a mountain range SE of the of the Santa Clara River, which Costanso 
speake of as Sieri^^de^la^gnversioiL. — 
Costanso, Diary Portola Expd. , Pubs, Acad. Pacific 
Coast Hist., vol.2, no. 4, 316, 1911 

O — -'"x. --,.„. ^ .€< 


/ "».»-^'~- d l . l . |IM j i Mifc l / 

ii * * iiiii m i M iiiWii im iwiiiiMiw * 

-■H'f iiii n ii T i i iii H i rT iiii iiiii "! ii L niii 




i tn i m j ii n ' iwiiiw w i ii mu m i 


\ tA 


|iii>WPIllilll | i|i ; ■ WW ff i i ii PW ii n Bii ii|| I H ixu KM HipiiiiiMiimiii 

_ H^v\\c TOT oje-trs. H^yfujL 



■WWII* WI'41imW«:"Kl.*<iim«m«...^. , 

*M*M DIUilliillllilliHPilli 

Siorra County 

Established Apr. 16,1852, and defi 

me a. 

Statutes of California, 1852, 230, 1852. 
Original county seat, Bomieville. 

Sierra del Monte Diablo Kern Co 
See Diablo Mountains 


Sierra del Sur 

Haine used by Capt. Beechey in 1806 for 
Santa Cruz Mountains.- Voyage of Bio 

t^r -.n.-, --•:-'""""'•- "oyage oi mossom, I, 
376,18ol. l,§4A---V4*^'W^r^-i^a^.„bs.J-..^ 


Sierra Maare 

Rang e of mountains running irom San i5er- 


naramo Mt. to b ena ol Sierra Nevada. 

used by the "Padres".— Blake, W.P., in Fac.Rr 

Rep., V,pt. 1 1, 137, 1857. 

Cap Sievero Zapadnoi 


Cape on coasts W of Pt.Ross,Sonoiite Co. 

De Mofras Carte de l;Oregon. les Gal- 

ilornies, etc. Map 17. 1844 . 

Signa Island = Mare Island 

Statutes of California, 1652, 236, 1852. 


^"^^^^^^^ V^^ ^^ ?1^\ - Vwuok^ . 

SigTior Island = Mare Island 

•Statutes of California, }852, 236, 1852. 


ignor IS error for Yegua, the Spanish 
word for Mare. 


Consent of Califomi 


U. 5. granted May 11, 1854.— 

to purchase by the 
Stat, of Calif., 

'Silver Gitv Mevada 

^;ill^gugg^l0fltJglg^glittKtltmmmmmmmJi^lJmt ■■■■ —»— —mwiiim .i ■■ i m i m i m il II iiiii II m ill mmmmmmiimmmmmimmmmmmmmf0iim i n m i ■ i i - — - 

Blake. Wm,P*, Notes on Geolop^y & Mines of Nevada 
Te-ritory (Washoe Silver Region) /Quarterly Journ. 
Geol.Soc.London.pp. 317-328. April 13,1864. 

Silver Creek c^ ,. l ^ii 

Creek flovring into E Fork Carson River 
a little SE of Llarkleeville. 

Hutchings Calif.liag., 11,537, June, 1858. 

Silver Creek Fresno 8c San Benito Cos, Calif, 

U.S.GeOg.Board.Mar.6,1912 SnverjCreek Fresno and San Benito 

^ t w ^^ ^K/ Counties, California, draining north- 

• ward from east end of the Vallecjtos 

through deep canyon between Gris- 

wold and Tumey Hills, Diablo Range, 

to junction with Panoche Creek near 

edge San Joaquin Valley. (Not 


ilverthorr/s Ferrv 


...Ilace on LIcCloud R., 7i miles fron mouth. 

lst.Sess.,XVIII(pt.2),Art.5a;62il855. .^ "' ' 

™. Beckwith,E.G., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,II,Art.II 


De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
ifornies, &c., 1844. 

^^^11 ^owi in valley just W of San Fer- 
nando Valley. U. 0^e,*l,t.. Co, 

Simi Ranclio 


Ranch about halfway between Santa Barbara 
and Los Angeles, 07med in 1842 by Jo^e d# la 
Guerra j Noriega, who also owned Las Posas 
Rancho which adjoin-^d Simi Rancho. -- Wm.Heatl- 
Bavis, Sixty Years in Calif., 1831-^9, 347, 
S-an Francisco, 1889. 

Cal if. 
Simmons Springs [Wilbur Springs] Colusa Co., 

Early name for Wilbur Springs on Bear Creek.- 
95. rf^lll; isli.^"^ of Colusa County, p. 

Pt. Siramona 


On Suisun Bay at southwest 
(now Chipps Id.) Hnggold, Ma- 
off New York of the Pacific, ll 

end of Knox Id. 
of Anchorage 


Simons Canal 

Canal in Alviso, Santa Clara Couaity; 
head of naviga.tion on slough extending from 
Alviso to San Francisco Bay. 

Pol it. Code of California, San Francisco, 
p. 462, 1897. 

o ,* 

oimpson's Landing 

Place at head of navigation on 
Creek ( uJ^^ l-jx^ 4j>u^\/^j.^^.C^ ^) . 

Polit. Code of California, San 
p. 463, 1897. 



C! 4 

Siro y k Clarkn 


Place on II side Stanislaus River 10 
from mouth.— Gibbes. Man of California 


^i^'2>,f.Uir, V^^^, 

Siskiyou County 

Established Liarch 22, 1852 and defined. 

Statutes of California, 1852, 233-235, 1852. 
^ Original county seat, Shasta Butte City, 
hich shall be knov/n as Yreka City. 

Siakiyou Mountains • • Calif. 

Marcy: Prairie Traveler, 285, N.Y.1859. 

SlxrJiilfl^ Canon 


Blake, Wm. P. .Notes on Geology Sc Mines of Nevada 
Territory (V/ashoe Silver Region) ,Cuarterly Journ. 
Geol.Soc. London, pp. 317-328, April 13,1864. 

Slap Jack Bar 

Mining Camp just above junction of 
with hiaale Fork -American River,- 
Inion, Jcxn. 15, 1852. 


Cafjon Creek 
- Sacramento 

Slate Creek 


lates: Four Years; on Pacif. Coast, 
1857. tSth Ed. 239, 18^.] ftipties inio 
K Fk. Tuba river. 

Slate Range 


s: Four Yeara^ on' Pacif. Coast, 

lasr. £5tb Ed. 262, 1858.] M of Marysville 
soutb of North Fork of Ymfea river. 

Slavianka River 

[Russ ian Ri ver] Calif. 

119, 1830. 

Kotzebue, Nov; Voyage xound the World, II 

Spelled blavianska on James 

Slavianka River* ^---^^-^^-^ 


's Map of Gold Region of Calif. London, 


Mo SlavicanGkacLU.R.Sn. Sebastian [Russian RJ 

De Mofras, Carte de POre/-::on, des Cai'- 
if-^rnics, £:c.,1844. 

iawianska: De Mofras, Exploration de 1 'Ore- 
gon,^ Tome II, p. 6. 1844, 


Cap. Slavianska 


■ III <iii 

Small point on coast between mouth of 
Russian R. and Bodega Bay, Sonoma Go, 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, les Cal- 
if ornies, etc. Map 17. 1844 

(l_f^) \%\^ 



^oJU.4i_SL9^VtC XtrvW, S,UvU>v.&k<^,, ^UwiCLVviks. 

Sly Park 

Place on or near N Fork Cosumnes River 
Hutchings Calif.Mae.,ii^52,Aug.,1857. 

Smith's River 

[Smith River] 

'Gibbs, in Schoolcraft, III, 136, 137, 1853. 
•River emptying into Facific from SE 
just S' of California-Oregon boundary. llai.ied 
for Jed-ediah S. Smith. 

— Gibbet^5^ Map of California, 1G52. 

Smithville =Pine Grove, Calif. 

"Pine Grove. Sometimes called 'Smithville.*" 
—Directory of the county of Placer [Calif.] for 

51. iDY R.J.Steele and others, 54^1861, 

Smith, Mount 

C i:ountain in High Sierra II of LaJce Tahoe 

ree;ion - possibly Donner Peak. 

•Wilkes Expcd. Ikrrative, V, map (dated 
1841) facing p. 150, 1845. 

Smith Peak 

See Diznns Peak 

olano Co, 


Smith River 


rt • 

River in liW California, emptying into 


ilkes Exped. narrative, V, map (dated 

1841) facing p. 150, 184 



-I \ 

The Smith River shown on T7ill^ 


present Smith Pdver but the lowe 

es map is 

of i:iG::iath River. Klajnath R 

r -part 

was supposed to 
Oregon. .__^ 

iver at tl-iat time 

into Rogue River in S 

Smiths River Calif. 

Shown on filkea" gap of The Orqgon Tarritory^ ^ 
U. S. Bx. Ex. 1841, as risirg in the mountains 
west of Mt. Shaste and flowing northwesterly to 
the coast, its mouth being confused with that 
or Klamath River, which on this map is confused 
with Rogue River. 


Place just S of Lerced River, Mariposa 
County.— G-ibbeis^ 1 lap of California, 1G52. 

Smith's Ranch 

*Ranch in Bodega township. --Stat, of 
Calif., 1854, 223, 1854. 

Sngg Islan d 

On Suisun Bay, south of Dutton Id 

Called Palo Alto Id. on Rinsp-old 
of SUisun h Vallejo Bays:. 1850- 


Snelliiig's Ranch 

"|i»|i»«»(iMlt**jy I AJMrlpiliiMh. 'I.:: 

Place between Stockton and Millcrt 


San Joaquin Co.-'-Stat. of Calif . ,1854,222,1854 

SnovMif BtdAe. 1»^n3^4J^vojl^ 

Snowyr Mountainfi [Sierra Nevada] Calif. 

Quoted I J Bryant from DrlMarsh; Tan 

Q^l^c^r ^of thl*;;^ Joaquin'^'f^r.- Bryant: 
WIriat I Saw in Calif. 275,277, 1648. 

Rancher ia del Socorro 

S side of Carquinez 

First Surve}^ and Map of 
Cisco, 1775. 

Cal if • 

Strait. Lieut, i^&la's 
the Bay of San Fran- 

Soda Lake 

San Luis Obispd Co. 


U.S .GeOg.Board, Apr.7a909 soda- lake Township 31 Somh, Range 

^^ fX^'t***'^/*^ j^ East, San Luis Obispo county, 

California. (Not Salt.) 


3oda Lake 

Davis, ir ^", 
:VIII.(pt.l) Intro 

Doc. 129, 33d. Cong., 1st 



• • *->^ N.V 


1 Iiophr CY s , A . A . £l War r en, G . K 

in Ex. Doc. 129 

53d .CoHF, J-^+. .Sess . ,X?III , (t.+ .1) Art.l , 53, 1(355 

(sir^ of Mohave R.) 
lip; 21, 1855. 

dated 1853-4), in 

[Soda Lake] 

Soda Lake 

_Jumphreys,A.A.& Warren,CT.K., in Pac.Rr. 
Rep., I, Art. 11,75,1855. 

Soda Springs 

Place on 

.upper Sacramento River at cro 
0. boundary between Siskiyou and Shasta Counti 
Statutes of California, 1852, 233, 1852, 


Solano County 

Kstabished Feb. 18, 1850 and defined. ~~ 
•Statutes of California, 1850, 61, 1850 

La Soledad San Diego Co., Calif. 

Indian rancheria 4 leagues NNW of San 
Diego. Anza Expd, halted there Jan. 1776. «- 
Pedro Pont; Diary Anza Expd.. Pubs. Acad, Pacific 
Coast Hist.. vol.?, no.l, 45, 1913. 

Soledad, Ilission de I®estra] Sinor^ de la 

Be Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon", des Cal-^ 
ifomies, &c., 1844. 

Mission on W side lower Sal 
[Soledad Mission 


Val 1 ey . 

Solida Missioil.Boledady] 


"At the ford of Rio del 
: Prairie Traveler, 278, N.Y,1859. 

Soledad (Mission) 

Founded 1791 

Soledad (Mission) 

[Soledad Mission] 

Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95 

Lond., 11,488, 1798, & Atlas (M 


Humboldt, Essai Polit.lIouv.K 

ission La Soledad) 

T) . . 1 . 326 

1811; II,841(Statistics),1811 (founded 1791) 

Carte de 1' Oregon, des Cal- 

De Hofr 

ifornies, &c.,1844 (Mission de N/s.'de 1 


Wilkes Exped. Narrative, V, map (dat 

1841) facing p. 150, 1845 


Solidaxi [cr6(5k' 

A few miles N of San Diego 


— EmoryrMilitary 



Solidad [Creek] f'^n-'or...^ n i -, 

"* — — LooxGCLaci Creek] 

- Creok aaptying into Pacific about 10 
miles IJ of }vi3e Eav. 

•/ ■■ "■' - ■■ - 

I^rnory, LliliUry Heconn. Ft. Le 
to Sail Diego in 1846-47, 1137^' 

i;. -L^nairenworth 



Sonomfi G 


v.4n^ ;q-^^ "Which rises in the coast-rahee of 

villi ^i^^^??^ ^5^ emjjties into the bay of fan 
Fablo, 25 miles from San ?rancisco.'»— Maior D H 

Sonoma Creek 

[Sonoma Creek] 

Gibbe±s Map of California, 1652. 

Sonoiaa V 


Major D. H 
Cong. 2d Sess 

Yinton. — Senate Ex 
pt. II, 252, 1850. 

Doc. 1. 31st. 

[San Pablo BayJ 

rs/vi? 0? San Francisco Bay Region, 
of Mission San Jose, 1824. 

from Records 


ff^•fl?Q IT . ^n ^S^^£? i^ ^^ perhaps previous 
to 1849.— Major D. H. finton. Senate Ex. Doc, 1 

31st Cong. 2d Sess. pt. II, 252, 1850. 

Sonoma - 


Town in S part of Sonoma Valley. 
De Mofras indicrtes Mission de San Vrfin ^ 
eisco Solano_ at Sonoma. 

De Mofras. Carte de llOregon, des Cal- 
if ornies etc.. ^Gen» I map.l844 
Also Map 16 ibid., Zonoma . 

Sonoma County 

•Established Fab. 18, 1850 and defined. 
County seat Sonoma. 

•Statutes of California, 1850, 60, 1850. 
•Boundaries amended; county seat changed 
to Santa Rosa, April 27, 1855. 

•Statutes of California, 1855,150-151, 



Val 1 ey 

Valley in Sonoma County, drained by 
Sonoma Creek. 

^^^-^^^GS of California, 1650, 61, 18c0 

Sonoma " m -. 


_ -County Seat, Sonoma County, in 1850. 

'S^a-^^^ea of California, 1850, 60, 1850. 

How a village just E of Sonoma Creek. Ij 
of San Pablo Bay. 

- Gibbets^ Map of California, 1852. 

S no ra 



oonora Creek 



Hnfrr^ T'^ flowing thro^ogl, S 


'tet. of Calif., 185.1,1,;^, 

Sonora Pass 

""^ " ■■""I""" " — ■■ ■■■■■ '"■— r— — nriii i h » n mn imiiiiniiiiiMi .. - ^ _ 

"'""""■'""'""■■•"<i«"iii«"ii*<<iiiiii«iii«liii»iiiimiiiiiiiii unuiinipiiwpii.. 

Pass in Sierra 1^'evada ("lat. 38° 15»- alt. 
10,132 ft."). __ 

John S. Hittell, Hutchings Calif, IJag., 
Ill, 357, Feb., 1859. 



y^ftnnrftnian camp.— Mining camp on Stanislaus 
River mentioned by Major Robert Allen m 184y.- 
Senate Ex. Doc. 1, 31st Cong. 2d Sess. pt. II, 
276, 1850. 

Sonoranian Camp [Sonorpl 

Stewart (fomerly Sonoranian Camp), 
County Seat of Tuolumne County. 

Statutes of California, 1650, 63, 1850. 

'^norim^Bsi Califr 

*"* -~ — ' — ^■'-- —-.,.- ^ v-^ cti 1 jT • 

Afcout three miles out from Mlrys- 
ville.-- Bates: Four Years on Pacdf.Coast 

• ieS7.r5thEda44, 1656.] Mentioned 

Soscol Creek 

CSuscol Creek] 

___Statutes of California, 1851, 17.<f, 1851, 


Southampton Bay 

Bay Nt of ^f^ E end of Carquines Stra 
— Ayala named this bay Puerto de la 
Assum^ta. — Lieut. Ayala*s First Survey 
ans map of the Bay of San Francisco, 1775. 

Soui.h San Francisco 

[S San Francisco] 
OiLbes, Map of California, 1852. 


South San Fra.yi.-^ift.^ft 

Town on San FranciBCO Bay about 2 miles 

Q? H Hu^^ ^rP^i'»?9- — Buffuic, E.Crould, 
Six Months m the Gold Mines, 156-^, 1850 

South Yolla B6lly ,Tfinitv .:6. ' Oalif 

U. S . Ge og. Board.Mar.4 . 1906 t'^L^^r ^L^ "^^^^^^^^^^ 

5^""*^' Califcnia. (Not North 
Ya o Ba y, So.itli Yallo Bally, 

2J V ^v^'; I""'^ ^^"y- Yolla 
Bally, nor Yola Buli.) 

— ■ — .. ■ II .MM M ill , 


/f^ SJi«J^C<,wiiyu,13aiA., >?.U. P. 1 0, li. /3, il£3 



f^'C'^lg., \^; 

Souzal (Santa Clara Co) 


"The river Gruadalupe, named after the 

saint of Mexico, has its source about 
one league southwest of San Jose, in the 

plax3e called Souzal. J! — ^Frederic Hall, 

ory of San Jose, 11, 


Spanish Bar 


Gold divings on Middle Fork American River 
about 10 miles frcrn junction with North 
Fork.-- Sacramento Daify Transcript, April 

Spanish Dry Diggings 

Gold dig^^ings on Middle Fork of ilmerican 
River between Georgetown and the bpanish 
Bar.— Empire County Argus [ColomaJ, April 



Spanish Flat 

[Spanish Ranch] 


^4Iutchings_JIal if .Mag. , II, 245, Dec . , 1057. 
^Place in present Plumas County, im of 

::Stat. of Calif., 1854,222,1854. 

MWli w iiiw iliiiiiil i iiilt m wwiiiipiii 



Sp anishto wn =Hallmoon Bay, Gi^lif, 

Still so called by old settleT^T^e 

?^°f^D^i?^-n°^ ^°^st Counties of te 
Lewis Pub 'g Co., 210, 1893. 

M. by Henry D. Barrows. 

morial and 
Central Calif 

Spanish Valley 

.Val 1 ey . 

'otatutes of California, 1853,313 1853. 
'Valley in Plurnas County, mi of Wican 

Spark's ferry. 

^Ferry on Tuolumne River, at head of" 
navigat i on ( ^ UO^^ U^^^^^^^j^^^ 

•~ 'Statutes of Colifomia, 1850, 101, 1850. 

Spearhead Point 
U.S. (jQog. Board. 

Esmeralda Co, 

Feb. 3,1909 spearhead; point, Goldfield quSdran- 

gle, Esmeralda county, Nevada. 

Spellacy Hill 

K&m 06. 


[Spellacy; hill, lying mostly in Sections 
22, 23, 24, 25, and 26 of Township 32 
South, Range 23 East, Kern county, 

U.S.Geog. Board, Apr.7, 1909 

oT)r liif^i 1 Gi. U. ^_-«-«««». , ■»«.— — ^. 

Place on ?. side of Sacramento River 5 
miles S of mouth of Rio d. 1. Plumas [Feather 
River].— Gi'oLes, Map of California, 1852. 

—Alameda Co., Calif 

Squatterville _^_ _^__ 

1851J along the banks of San Lorenzo Ci^eek 

at a place subsequently kno;vn as Squat tervi lie V 

044, San Prancisco, 1889. * * 


Stanford Peak 

Mono Co*. 

-i-._.„__. Calif, 
Stanford Peak, Mono Co.. Calif. Ut.37^29* 
long. 118'' 47\ Altitude 13.^26 ft. 


Stanislaus Comity 

•i-stablisned ^ipril 5, 1854, and definedif 
•Statutes of California. 1854, 191, 18c4. 
'County boundaries amended, Hay 3, 1854. 
* ^^^'^^^-^tes of California,18M,40,1854. 
•County boundaries amended, May 4, 1855. 
Statutes of California, 1855,245,1855. 

Stanislaus Rivei* 


- Fremont :Expl.Expd. to Oregon k Calif. (1844), 
249, 1845. 

Stanislaus River 

Kelly, Excursion to Calif ., London. II 
208,1851. ' ' 

-^- Gitb^is^-ap of California, 1852. 

StanislauB River Calif. 

Stanislaus River and County wsre named 
after Stanislaus, an Indian educated at the 

mission of San Jose* -- ?fci. Heath Davis, 
Sixty Years in Calif,, 1851-69, 23^, San 

Francisco, 1889 . 


Stanislaus City 

Place on I] side Stanislaus River, near 
mouth... CribtJ^s Llap of California, 1852. 

V/illin..ison,R.S., maT^, in Ex.Doc.l.^!9,33d. 

? Hinggold's aeneral Ch£ 
Bay to Sacra/nento, 1850. 

■ utiy 



Fortr^er town on 
River at junction 
Buffujn. E. Gould, 
Mines, 156,1850. 

north bank Stanislaus 
with San Joajuin. — 
Six Months in the Gold 


— : San Joaquin Co., 

Name of Post Office, Bridge and Ferry- 
operated 1851-? by David I. Staples on his 
ranch on the Mokelumne River 4 miles above 
the present cifcr of Lodi. — David I. 
Staples, Statement of Incidents and Informa- 
tion on Calif, during the First Years after 
She Became an Integral Portion of the U.S.. 
8. MS. Bancroft Library, 1878. 

S_tatc Bar 

Bar on Yuba River KR of Fosters Bar.— 


s ^Llap 

of California, 1852. 

state F;an{-e 

Place on S side II Fork Yul)a River, HE 
of Indian Valley. -Gibbos, Mat) of California. 

Point Stephens,,^ — Contra Oosta Co, 


Stewart Fork^ Trinity Co. 

Soe Stuart Pork 


Stewart (fqmerly Sonoranian Cajiip) [Sonera] 
County Seat, Tuolunine County. 
Statutes of California, 1850, 63, 1850. 




City iiT^ov/er part of San Joaquin Valley. 

j> ^i^J^K'^^" ^^^ l^i^ Q"^ i^^ the latter part 
of 1848 by a aenran, Charles M. Weber, who 

by gold d igging and trade with Indians had 
made between $400,000 and $500,000. He pur- 
chased the ground where ^toc^tdti now ie, laii 
It out m building lota, and the town soon 
had nearly 2000 permanent residents. — 
Buffum, E.Gould, Six Months in the Gold 
Mines, 126,155,1850. 



'County Seat, San Joaquin Co. 

•Statutes of California, 1850, 63, 1850. 

•Ibid, 1054, 222, 1854. 

GibbeCs^ x.:ap of California, 1852., 

Weber's Settlement) 

French Gamp (=Stockton, Calif. 

iuleDurg J — "' " — 

•"^^^^?}® ^^^S /-^^fT^i s , a Sacramento (?) weekly 
m Mem'l and Biog'l Hist, of North* n Calif! ^' 
Lev/is Pub'g Co., 93, 1891. ^aiii.^ 

_3teamboat_ 3prine:s_ 

Blake. Wm.P., Notes on Geology & Mines of Nevada 
Territory (^/ashoe Silver Hegion), Quarterly Journ 
Geol.:30C. London. pp. 317-328, Xpril 13,1864. 

Stockton Slough 

:SlQugh on San Joaquin River near Stockton. 
iStatutes of California, 1851, 423, 1851 
* Ibid, 18£4, 1^39, 1854 

mmmmmmimp — "T'fi iiiimiiiiiiiiii a,p( u 

I M lllHllMllll. mM 'lUlw^ -^^ ^WMIMMM..... 

"Ill " ' " W l i ■'■W«W»l«><IPII>IMIl<liMit»i^ 


uuone h Waters Ferrv 

- ^l^ce on San Joaquin River just above 

junction v;ith LaJce Sl6ucJi CSa.njon de San Jose]. 
--Gibbes, Lap of California, 1852. 

Stonemnns Mts. 

__ Mountains about 25 miles IHE of San 

Fernando. --Fil I ion C3nn R <^ .. • -n -.^ 

ion -xv r ^•■^-^|^^^^'^son,K.o., map, in Ex. Doc. 


- Wiliiainson,R.S. ,^iLPac.Rr.Rep.', V,"pt.I, 

29,i853(Stoneman's Mt.). 

tony Bar 

Bar on uppnr waters Hiddle 
d. 1. Americanos Ci\merican River]. - 

a-n of California, 1852. 

Fork Rio 

Stony Butte___ 

Glenn Co 


i prominent landmark on Stony Creek 
six ailes west of Orlando 

m Ill — — ^^^^— ^ ■■M 

Capay Creek„IStQny_Creek3 ai enn h Colusa Coa. 

Indian name for Stony Creek, used for it until 
Peter Las a en and JVm. C^Jo on ^imde^^rlnds tones 
on one of its branch es , aft er which it was 

———————————— -y 11 . <i »j a . _ ., 

called Stony Greek.— Gen. John Bidwell in J,H. 
Rog ers. Colusa C ounty. Its History h Resources, 
p. 52, 1891, 

[Not to be conf used wi th Capay Valley on 
__ Cache Creek, Yolo County] 

stony Creek 

:utchings Calif. Llag. 

Gunnison, J. W.^, Beckwitn.E.G, , mar) ( dat ed 


1355/4) ^^ Ex.Doc.l29,53d.Cons.,l3t.Ses 
(pt.4),1855(Stone Creek)- ^ 


^^ay was Indian mme for Stony Creek and 
was used for it until Peter Lassen and Wm. 
t. Moon made grindstones on one of its 
branches after which it was called Stom 
Creek.--rxen. John Bidwell in J, H. Rogers . 
Colusa County, Its History & Resources, v.dZ 


strawberry Valley 

Valley near Ten Ilile River, Lendoc 
Hutchings Calif, Mag., Ill, 155,1858. 

ino Co. 

Strawberry Flat 

Place in middle Sierra Nevada 
Hutchings Calif.Mag.,II,531,j;no,.1858. 

Stuart Fork 





Stuart; Fork of Trinity River, Trinity 
County, California. (Not Stewart, 
Stewarts, Stewart's, Stuarts, nor 

Suisun Embarcadero [Suisun City] 

ToTOi m Solano Cou2it3r^ on Tmisun ?d 


Statutes of California, F50, 100, 1850. 

Suisan City 

CSuisun City] 

Gibbers.iViap of California, 1852. 





Suisun Bay_ 


*^^t-ibbe8, Map of California, 1852. 

Williamson, R.S. Map, in ibc . Doc . 129 , 33d 
Cong., 1st Sess., XVIII (pt. 4). 1865. 

Williamson, P. S., in Pa. RR. Rept*, IT, 
pt.i, 9. 1853- 

Vinton, Major D. H. , 31st Cong. 2d Sess. 
Senate Ix. Doc. 1, Pt. 2, 249. 1850. 

names for SniRnn Bay; ^ 

Evangel istofi ( Ar 

. ^ MHE^iBts. — Lieut. Ayala's 

' irst Survey and Map of the Bay of San 
Francisco, 1775. 

Boca del P uerte Dulce (Mout h of the Fresh> 

^^f^^rt- ;- Pedro Font, Diaiy Anza Expd- . 
Pujs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist. .vol.3,noa, 

Susuin Bay 

Blake, W.P.. 

[Suisun Bay] 
in Pac.Rr.Rep.,7,pt.II,14i,1857 

-mr >lli y \i ^ M 


Soeson^ [Suisun] 

-~.|r- ^HII- ■■ II g, I I I I ^^.. ^ 

• Ga,l i f . 

'•We enca/nped that night at tlie heaTof 

ib48,. LEntry of Nov. 8, ia46.] 

"The "Soeson*, the upper division of the 
Bay of San Francisco.* Ibid 342, 

SQiaoom Bay. - Fremont: Meraoirs. I, 512, 1667. 

C2d Exped. 1645-1846.] 

Suisun City 

__ ■..illinmo,on,R.S., map, in ET.Doc.l29,35d. 

Suisun Pancho __ Solano Co. Calif 
North of Suisun Bay; northeast of Benicia.- 
Williamson's Sketch of Earner's Hcute in Sac- 
ramento Valley. Sen.Doc.47, 31st Cong. 1st Sess. 
Pt. 11,1850. 




Excursion to Calif ., London, II, 

SU-iSUnjctx IgjoTc^Tt^ cixta Tf^aer - Y>ot ^r^sa-nt SJiS^Tl Cal If. 

City of Suisun laid out in 1848 or 1849 on 
west bank Sacramento River about halfway be- 
tween San Francisco and Sacrairento. on spot 
;DreviouBly kno7/n as Hala-chum-ciuck. - feuffui 
E.Gould, Six Months in the Gold Mines, 152, 18? 

Shown on larfee scale aap on Chart of Sacra- 

[fento River by Cadwalader Rin^old, 1850. 

Opposite Gillespie Island (later called Wood 

Island, west of Brannan Island). The present 

^10 Vista IS apparentl.v on the old Suisun Ci^v 
site. •^ 

[Suisun .^y] 


of"iLsion'ia^o"s^r?8if ^^^ion. from Records 

Suisuii River 


River emptying into Suisun Bay from 
and drainin^r^^olano Co. 


Statutes of California, 1850, 100, 1850. 

Suisun Valley 

,• NAL 

Valley in^Solano County, II of Suisuii Bay. 
Statutes of California, 1850, 61, 1650. 

Sullivans Creek 

Creek flowing into II Fork Tuolunine River 

from the E, 5 miles U of Jacksonville. -Gibbes, 
::aT} of California, 1852. 

. *\ 

Sullivan's Diggings _^ 
A canyon', rich in 

hy John Sullivam, in 
Oould. Six Months in 

— — Calif, 

gold dust, discovered 

1848. Buffuflf, E. 

^he Gold DiggingB„126, 


Su iflrnit C ity =Meadow Lake, Calif. 

Directorv of 

^?..^!!^^:? ^•Ll^^:?Jistory and 

Nevada Co., 208 



umnit Creek 

Bockvatn.S.G., in KT.Doc.l?9,3.\i.ConP-. ,lc,t. 


Beckwith,E.G., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,n,Art.II, 


Surinit Springs 

Hutchings Cal if .LLog . , 1 , 540 , June , 1857 . 

at .. 

4 r 

J > 


h *■ 

• \ f 






across the first 

^ end of San Franc 

i'iles Ca 


^ange, just E of 


end of 


-iiacied for Don Antonio Sunol Willi 
Kolly, writing in 1649, states: "i £S 


nonor ox an introduction to Senor Don Ant 


observGd a profusion o 

clustcrod with their luscious burdens !"r. Ex- 
cursion to Calif. ,London,II, 302-303,1851. 

(Alameda County) 


Sufiol Xg^^^g' Valley in present 
— J. o. Hit tell, Hutchinps^ Calif 

No. 4. p. 166, Oct. 1860. 

Alameda County 
Mag., Vol. 5, 

Sunset Yalley San Luis 
U.S.Geog. Board, Apr. 7, 1909 

Obispo Oo. Calif. 

Sunset; valley, central and eastern 
portion of Township ii North, Range 
24 West, S. B. M., in the Sunset Oil 
District, Kern county California. 
(Not Maricopa.) 

Jiitro Orasi Mounialn : 


— -~ Oalif. 

Sutro Crest; mountain, San Miguel 
hills, San Francisco, California. (Not 
i Blue Mountain.) 

Sulphur Jlountain k Springs 

iLmilos IJW of Benicia. 

lutchingG Calif .Mag., Ill, 485,1859. 

WMMWHWMte "■4IMh;:»4«wM 

'bsmm-'tm' '■''mi*:i^ 

«iHn«rhMlM|lt> ^. ,„,,Hi,, ««»^.„^;|g, 

Sulphur Springs 

6 miles m of Benicia.. 

-Jiutchings Calif Jia^. , 111,485, 1859. 

*■"'""'"•* ■»• •« HHUi 

Sunflower Valley Kings Co. 
See McLure Valley 


Sie^rra del Stu* 

HIsWEIfc-.'*!"- i'k *i™.:.»tii..» 


Name given by Beechey to hillc along the 
coast between San Bruno rar^e and San Ifateo. 

— Beechey: Voyage of Blossom [1826], II, 44, 8 vo 
ed. 1831 . ^C-v,^^.^^>v. 

Surprise Valley - Calif. 

" ' "'""" " ■—»—««— I—.—— — , — ,,„, ,, ^ 

skin McselGeorge f .Perrie] : Life 
from trie Lakes to the Pacific, 99, 258,, 
1873. [NE Calif . , east of Upper Alkali 
Lake . ] 

Susannah Mts. 

# ' % 



Williamson, R.S., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.I, 

Suscol Creek 

rSuscol Creek] 

Creek flowing into Ilapa mv^ToTilava 
•Statutes of California, 1850, 61, 185o/ 
Gibbers,. .-ap of California, 1852. 


Solano Co. 

- Calif 

Bounded by Steamboat and Sutter Sloughs and 
Sacramento River. ^^^^a ana 

Called Schoolcraft Island on Ringgold's 
General Chart of San Francisco Bay.T?and Sac- 
ramento River. 1850.^a^x^s.;,x.,JV^T^^^^ 

ic, ^o^f^^^^^^^^ on Ringgold's General Chart 
IS part of present Ryerlsland. 




^^-^^lilJt |V^'^ei*» located on east bank of 
bacramento River, ad.ioming Sacrairento Citv 

Rnf^,2^H'^' ^^'?^^"^^'y,,^^P^- J.A.Sutter; -1^' 


^J<UJ^J>^^yy,^JUvy^ ^ AjuUu 


Kv^OL^LoY^ d 







Gibbe!^s Map of Calif 





Sutter County 

Established Feb. 18. 1850 

and defined 

Statutes of California, IBIX), 62, 1850. 

amended. — Stat, of Calif .1854. 26i 




.gutter, Buttes [MarysviUe Buttes] Sutter Co. 

Name^sometimes applied to Maiysville Buttes.-- 
Gilbert, Wells & Chambers. History of Butt^ 
County, p, 104, 1882. 

Sutter Creek 

lutchings Cal if .Ma^. , II , 100 , Sept . , 1857. 
-ToTO and foundry in present Ainador Co. 
* at. of Cal if., 1854, 222, 1854. __ 




Tyson: Geology of Calif. Sen.Doc.47, 51st 
Cong. 1st S ess. 11, 1850. Also on map. 

Sutter^si Fort or Fort Sacra/nento.- Bryant: What 
I Saw in Calif. 265 and elsewhere, 1346. 

_Sutter, Ifouyol le Helvetic de C a.pit.nin. 

_^e_Mofras,_Carte de_l • Oregon^ los Calif. 

Establ_ishmcnt^f_Capt. John A. "suttcr on 

le?^!^H''^^^ ^T^''"- °i-^ericanTork, 
-S^SSL>W9._ Mamea Jew Helvetia by Sutter but 

gene rally called Su tt.Pr-. ir^rt . 


- -u ?^ Sacramento Biver, at north 
^choolcraft Id. (now Sutter Id. ).- 
onart of oacramento River, 1850. 


end of 

Sutter Creek 

Calaveras Co. 

^ nZ^ t vj^i^Se. township and pos toff ice 
p^ifrr °n ^^^ ^^'^ i^ northern part of 

r^^itl q?!.^^^''^^--; Sacramento Daily Demo- 
cratic State Journal, Dec. 2, 1853. 

Sutter's Buttcs 

[=LIa.rysville Buttes] 

Ilutchings Calif .Mag. , III, 485, /-ay, 1859. 

Sutters Eutte s or Ma rysville Buttes 

Hutchings Calif .Ma^., HI, 485 

i on) , 1059 . [ U±W Amiuv-m^ w^l 


'"'S'"*****'' ^ '^ • "■ ■ ' '"WP I I W llMW I MiiiiilWI P i W Iiiiii H iwwi 

Gutters _Lake 


Foimer lake or pond now covered by city 
of Sacramento.— Einggold, Map of Anchorap^ 
off Sacramento City, 1850. ^ 

Sutter's Mill =Coloma, Calif. 

--Directory of 
for the year ' 
1661. ^ 

tiie cougty of Placer [Calif. ] 
► Dy i^.J. Steele and others, 

- — ^ _ 




« 1.2^ S^S^^"^ ^an^ of Sacramento Biver iDst 
south of Sacramento City.--Hin^old Char^^f 
SaQfamento River, 1850. ^^-^^^S^oia, unart of 


--_. ''ettlGment begun by Caiot. John A. Sut 
on Sacramento River three miles below the th 
new tovm of Sacraiaonto, in 1849 (after ab 
ing his ^ilace ca,lled Sutter's Fort. 




.i <• 

ew Helveti 

as a result of the rush of miners following the 
discovery of fcold) . /niparently he rid not st 
long at Suttersville but lived at Hock F; 


•irm on 

Featlier River 

48. 1851 

Kelly, Excursion to Calif ., London, II 





Place betY/een Middle and S Forks Yuba 
of llevada City. -J Stat, of Calif 

i. cc^ ^ lo54t 

'■''•f* "*"" I" lliWillliimKmi,. IMIiMIHIllWMIHi'w 

Sweetzer's Landing 

Place at head of navigation on Novato 
Creek, Marin County. 

. zir. Soi^* ^'^" '^ California, San Francisco 
p. 463, 1897, _. 

Sycaj'nore Sloup-h 

above i-nit^fs Lanfi^. "" °^ ^""^^ 


Sycamore S lough 

Slough on J.he Jacraniento^Yolo County. 
Statutes p^f California, 1551, 179, 1851. 

SycaLio r e Point 

^ Poi?it at head of navi^tation on San Joa- 
qum River. 

Syncline Hill San Luis Obispo «:o, 

^IJm^. uni • - —————.—„ jp- -■ . ■■.. I.. . 

Syncline; hill, prominent feature in 
southeast quarter of Township 29 
South, Range 17 East, San Luis 
Obispo county, California. 

U.S. Geog.Board.Apr.?, 1909 

Syncline Hill San L{ll§'@S!§f,g6Sg^ 

Cal if , 

Table Tluff 

Bluff at S end HuraLoldt Harbor. --rxibbCs, 
IIa,p of California, 1852. 

T^\A^ ^x\V 



TaDle Hill 


Mountain N or entrance to San Francisco 

Bay.— Blake, W.P., in Pac.Hr.Rep.,V,pt.II,140, 
1 857. 

jRin^old, General Qhi. 

#i|iiltl«ii*i,iJrt»ylifc:i:ii^ |l |IHWI|i|ll i| ito iiilil|i,w. 

Ta.ble, LIt._de la [now Mt. Tamalpais] 

De Mofras, Carte de l*OrGgon, dcs Cal- 
if omies, (C, (map no. 16) 1844. 

Moi^ntain immediately 11 of Golden Gate 
(highest mountain in Ilarin County). 

Cribb ei^s Liap o f Cal i f o m i a , 1 852 . ( Tabl e 

x»i yj • / • ■ - - • - ■ - - ■■ ■ - 

Table Peak 

'E end^Tainalpais] 
Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 11,653,1831. 

Lake Tahoe 


Suggestion that najne of Lake Bigler be 
changed to Tahoe, an Indian name.— Red 
Jslufl bemi- weekly Independent, June 9 


Mount Taiiulpais ETamalpaiaJ 


Barnes: From Atlantic; to PacifieJ 

•^^ Overland, 99^, 1666. 

Table I'Ountain 

[Table fountain] 

Lountain LI of upper waters of San Joa- 
quin River, E of San Joaquin Valley.. -Cibbe-. 
I'-ap of California, 1852. ' 


Table Mountain 



Near W©oO diggings;, on- the] nol-!Jh .^ 
Audubon: Western Jcurnal 1849-1850 215 
Cleveland, 1906. J Kast of Stocktons] ' 

Table Mt. 

liountain in Tuolurnnn County. 
Hutchings Calif .Llag. , J, 397, 5^M, 1857. 

Table Mountain 

Inyo Co^ 

Table; Mountain, Latitude 37° ifv l> r H >, i t» • 

Longitude 118° 37'. Inyo County ^•^'^C-<>^3toa.\|..>UA^. ^.\HV5". 
California. ^ 


Table Rock 

Rock^near St. Louis, Sierra Countv [old]. 

■■■ ■ ■ ■i n iiiii nnm 

I " m mmm 

Tah-ee-cnay-pah Creek 

Creek flowing toward Tulare Valley 

emergir^g from the mountains midway between Ker 
River and tne Tejon. Calied Bass GreeK oy 
Fremont.. -Wiiiiairison, R.S., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,Y 
pt. 1, 19, 1853. ' ' 

Tahone Pass 

C«=Tejon Pass] 

Senate Ex. Doc.l, 32d Con^^., 1st Sess.. 
pt. I II, 494, 1851. 


Lake Tahopic [Tahoe] or Bigler. 

'<i1llffOllllllillllllWllillllll. mill IIWfilinilUMIIIIIIIIliaillBt ilU m inilllHilimilllllll :illtr''='lt*~-ir~'l'-""-^ ■ '^^ ..^a^-m^t^tl^mMm.m m«, i«,i».m mfH i| ,m« |H y II l|l ■! ^ ^ftfUfmmifU^ f ■■w TTi i^i.lB.'W.-W|WMi<r*.>MMMWI#*WWII|.»>w»>.>-:-^^ .■■■^- . - '- '" « '— — "■TJf — * i U 'l W.B W^P'*'-*'''**' ■»'»««-^»-«***™*l'fWi« 


Barnes: From ' Atlantic to Pacific, 
Overland, 8fe, N.Y.1866. 

See also Lake Bigler 



Josumnes River, also called Tahualmes and 

Macasomy. —Bancroft: Hist,Calif.V,106 ftnote 

I A,Ol^ 





Tahunga Canyon 

U.S.Geog, Board. Feb. 5,1913 


Tahunga; Canyon, northeastern part 
San Fernando Valley, California. 
(Not Tajunga nor Tuyunga.) 

(ContrsL Oosta Co/) 

, laliei: Small valley in present Contra 
ounty, tributary to Alamo Valley. Name 
!a (irom tfeverb tasajear, to cut up 
meaning a place where meat is cut up and 
^5 i^he^sun; named from the circumstance 

to the Mission San 
in this valley, — 

A -.rr ,;.^— R- Calif. Mag., Vol. 5. 

4, pp. 166, 167, 6ct. 1860. 


dried ^ 

that some cattle 'belongin 
Jos6 were cut up and drie 

J.D. Hit tell, Hutchings' 

No. ' - -- - 

^^-^■**- S-fviOzfc Ta,s>scLlQLy-a. o-Jl Toe 

- ^ /_^>^ia ni 31^^ settle- 

rrent cind Hot Stipes r^f^^ir* nf^v-i^^m ^4> tt i. /^ ~ 

— ^ — \^ ^^i- 6^::^^* xit?u..i cenuC r 01 Monterey Co. 

L__the_suiLlthe_3MjDs_l^ ierkAv 

^iace also , . ^tasai erJ 



Tassajara Creek. 

jllejneda Co«, Calif 

Stream entering Livermore Valley from the N 
and emptying into Laguna C|;eek near Pleasant on 
— Wm. P. Bartlett, editor, Livermore Valley, 
p. 6. 1878^ _ 


Umas^T^ <l.yM^.^ iUJUJL .UAjtuJ^ 

CXSCxjq^ 4fjufc^TaL4a.*CLvo^ o^ T«.s(tW<t^<<^. 


Tajtmga Canyon 


See Tahiinga Canyon 

iaxpeyar =Mare_Island, Calif. 

Indian name for it.— Article from Themis 
Sacramento(?) weekly, in Mem'l and Bio^'l 
of North*n Calif., 90, " '"" '" ■ - 


^ Hist 

(Lewis Pub'g Co.) 


Taylor Island [Now Grand Id.] SaGrmesnU.Co^.' 

On Rir^old's General Chart of San Fran- 
CISCO hay... and Sacramento River, 1850. 

S:te Joit^SloS'" '^ Sacraznento River and 

He Tchaitchfil 


Small island off coast N of Bodega Bay, 
Sonoma Co. 

I>e Mofras. Carte de I'Oregon^ les Cal- 
if ornies, etc. Map 17. 1844 . 


lecnte Lit. 

Llountain on the S boundary of Californi-. 
about 30 miles ESE of San DIp^o rm • 
R.o. ra..p, m Ex.Doc.l29,.33d._Con^.,lst.SesB. 
XVIII (pt. 4), 1655. 

Tec ate Rancho • 

Ranch a few leagues below the boundary 
line of U.S. and Mexico, owned in 1MB by 
Don Band i ni . - - In. He ath Dav is, S ixt y Ye ars 
In Calif., 1851-S§, San Francisco, 1889. 

£1 Tecolpte _______ 

— Moraga's expedtlnn of 1806. after leading 
rancherias Latejate and Lachuo on_Merced River, 
traveled E [also_toward_SanjJoaquin River]"~cam]p^ 
ing about 15 leagues from MercedRiver at a place 
they called Elj:eco2ote^_j;We_cajiie to~a river 'of 
2 or 3 beds, but iithj?ater onliuZ^lI^eTb^aus 
01 the large Miount_o£_3aM^^^ 

I^iarx^l806. Arch. Sta.Barbara,_Vo]^4 dd 23~24' 
1806-1821 . ^-i^£-^^^^ . 

Tah-ee-chay>pah Pass 2. 

''^P^reys,A.A.& Y/arren,CT.K., in Fac.Rr. 
Rep., I, Art. II, 75, 1855, 

(lat.35'0/28"; ait. 4,008 ft.) .-Blake, 
I.F., inrac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.II,l55,1857. 

Tay«ee-cJi ay> pah Pa88 CTah-ee-chay-Pah Pas 

Davis, in Pac.Rr.Rep.,I,jp.l9,1855. 
Humphreys, A. A. & Warren, G.K., in Pac.Rr.Rep. 
I, Art. 2, p. 73, 1855. 

Tah-ee-chay-pali Pass 

Sierra I^evada ("lat. 35° io»- alt 


Hittell, Hutchings Calif.Mag 




in Ex. Doc . 129 . 33d . Con--. . i ?; +, . Sess 


) Intro.,, ?4, 28, 1355. 

s,A.A.&. ^;'arren,Cr.K., in ^x. Dor. 129 


-JL. Vwf fV • > • 




04- 1 

Davis, in Pacific Railroad Rep., I, j). 19,1855 


la^iiilumaJizex [Tuolumne] ^Calif 

nnn/^^r-^* ^^' ^injon. --Senate Ex. Doc. 1. 31st 
Oong. 2d oess. pt. II, 245, 1850. 

Tawaloraes rTnolumne River] _ 

"The river of the Tawaloraes 
What I saw in Calif. 277, laiS. 


— Bryant: 

T ehaina 

Ilutchings Calif.LIag.,1,495,1857. 

Gibbe^ IJap of California, 1852. 


Teharna Countv 

County seat, Red Bluff. 

^' Statutes of California, 1856, 118, 222, 1856; 
1857, 25, 109 , 134, 1857; 1859 , 359, 1859 :' 

1 Srerr^ 


[Teion F 

o c ri ' 
U.ob J 

JUiuSo^t^ U-^ cu^^j^ 

350 00': alt 

HittGll, Hutchings Calif. Mag 


p of Cal ifornia, .1852. ? 

cl L 

Calif., 1654, 223, 1854. 

02 47"; alt. 5,364 ft.) .-Blake. W.P 

m Pac.Rr .Rep., V,pt. II, 13.5.1857 



3ess., H.Ex. Doc 

cc Warren, G.K., 33d 
129, p. 69, 1855. 

Gong., 1st 



rejon Mts. 

Mountains in S Tulare Valley. --Williamson, 
R.S., in rac.Rr.Rep.,Y,pt. I, 32,1853. 

Tejon Creek 

CTejon Creek] 

Creek flowin^^ E in mountains M of Tejon 
Pass...Williai.3on,R.S., map, in Ex. Doc. 13, 33d. 

Blake, W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt JI,39, 




T* vvwv'H 

<t.Ko.^^X ^AsAoJk*:^ 

— JL 


^^^^ given to the extrerrie S port 

.ion of ^ 

Tulare Valley at base of mountains.. -Will j am- 
son,R.S., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,y,pt.I,H0,1853. 


• ' rniTniiii ■]\ nii»>nwwiiiiiiiiii|i 

Telegraph Hili 

Hill near N point, San Francisco Bay.— 
Elalce,W.P,, in PacRr.Rep. ,V,pt. II, 4,1857. 

Temblor Oreek 


Kern 06. 


Temblor; creek, in Township 30 
South, Range 20 East, Kern county, 


Temblor Range 

Temblor Range; reaching from Cho- ,. -, 

lame Creek, on the north, southeast- U # S tGOOg. Boardg MaV 6 1908 

erly to about latitude 35°, where it J 9 

joins the Tejon Mountains. The 
Temblor range lies between the 
south end of the San Joaquin plain 
on the east and Carrizo plain and 
the valley of San Juan Creek on the 
west. Its north end is west of Ante- 
lope Valley, standing en echelon with 
the south end of the Diablo range, 
California. (Not Temploa.) 

Temblor ValldjT 

Vi^tti 06. 

U^S.Geog^ Board, Apr^ 7,1909 '^ "^'Z\J^^^^^ IT'""' 

^-^ w X ^ f-.»'w«r ranch, in Township 29 South, Range 

20 East and Range 21 East, Kern 
county, California. 

Pio de los Tanblores [^anta Ma. Piver] Calif. 

River crossing Santa Ma Plain E of S 


(rabriel in So. Calif,. Crossed by the Portol 
iocpd. m lTC^and named Rio de Iqp Tembl 
because of a terrible ear 

iiary Portola Expd. , Pubs. 

Hist., vol. 2. no. 4. 177. 


s Van so , 

Named JesuA de. .los Te mb lores ; also called bv 
the soldiers S aHtcTlna . — Crespi, Diary Portola 

ii?^ion^^,r -^^ ^S^V^^^^ ^® la ^ueva Calif.. 2. 
119,120, Mexico, 1874. 

Expd. crossed the Rio de 


■ "^i?,®^ times. — Pedro Font, Diary 
^.1 t * -'f^bs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., 
vol. 3. no.l, pp. 40, 45, 51, 1913. 

^ ^ ModeJ^ TOTblores. — Palou, Vida de 
radre Junipero Serra, 130, Mexico, 1787. 



Williaiiison,P..3., map, in Ex. Doc. 129, 3od. 

Cong. , 1 St . Sess.^XVIlKptyi) , 1855. 

Northeast of San Juan Oapistranc— Ord's 

Sketch of Los Angoles Plains, I^ept. Sen. Dec .47, 
31st Cong. 1st Sess. liS-i2^,1850. 

Place^E of San Jmn [Capistrano]. 

p.lM.lMs"!'' ^'''^'^' ^'""'' '^"^^'^ 1 841 ),V. facing 

Willi8iaSon,R,5., map, in Ex.Doc.l29,35d. 


--— [Temescal] 

Wilkes Exped. narrative, V, map (dated 
1G41) facing p. 150, 1845. ^ 

.^^.Place in S California K of Santa /ma 
fountains and between Corona and Elsinore Lake. 

Temescal, Embarcadero -^ Calif. 

In 1844 the place betv/een where the 

Oakland long wharf and Berkeley are now. -• 
Wrn. Heath Davis, Sixty Years in Calif., 98, 
San Francisco, 1889. 

Temploa Range 


See Temblor Range 

Ten Mile River W coast.^ Mendocino Co, Calif 

native Indian name Be-dah-to;. signifies 
mush river, the name heing applied on account 
the quicksand at its mouth. 

History of Mendocino Co, 168 San 
Francisco 1880. Alley. Bowen & Oo'. i^ubrs. 

Ten niic River 

Hutchings Calif. Llag., Ill, 155,179, 1858. 
River emptying into Pacific in m Mendo- 

cino County K of Fort Bra^. 

Tent Hills 

Kli^s 06* 


U.S.Geog. Board. May 15.1^08 '^">*"'";' '^f --"'^'deofMcLure 

O •"**'V J.v»,x,. VO- Valley (southwest corner of Kings 

County), California. (Not Las Tien- 
das nor The Tents.) 


W Calif. 





itU.^. it.vw?,C^, 


l-i-- <P- /A^' 


Y«-/l '^^^.^l^. 


Fort Ter»-war 


Reported abandoned June 10. 1861.— War of the 

p- 507!°1897?^ • ^""'^^ ^* ^°^- ^^' ^^•^' 
Ordere'd re-occupied August 8,1861. — Ibid, 5£ 

Military post on Klamath River 6 rniles above 
mouth.— Ibid, p. 805. 

_Texan Pass 

Senate Ex. Doc.l, 
pt. Ill, 494, 1851. 

''Tejon Pass] 
32d Cong., Ist.Sess., 


[Tia Juana] 

>r5^::^iJ5^l4iS ®^*^6^® southwestern parflf^f ttfe 
«tefet.^ menti'oned in letter of U.S. Surveyor 
A. B. Gray dated Oct. 4, 1849.— A. B. Gray. 
Senate Ex. Doc. 34, 31st Cong. 1st Sess.. p. 
1850. ^ 

p. 29, 

Ranciio Tie Juana Calif. 

Rajich in i837owned and occupied by tion 
Santiago Arguello^ -- a beautiful piece of 
laiid with fine stream of water running throu^ 
it. Indians burned houses and secured stock in 
outbreak in 1637.— Wm. Heath Davis, Sixty Years 
in Calif., 236, Sa n Francisco, 1689. 

Towalumnes R._ =Tuolumne R. 

On map by J. H. Col ton, 1853, frontispiece in 

^JJ^^^'^^f,^^ ^^V^^^onnevihe, Irving, 1652 
navised edition. — 

Tovalunmes Rivef rTuclaimd] Calif. 

"■*■"* ^** •■" - ■ I — . ■ ■■■■■■■■i i ■■iiiii....iii..» .. 

Rept. Gen. P.F.Smith in Sen. Doc. 47, 31st Cong. 
1st Sess. 89,1850. 

Tbwalumn^ Riven— Fremont: I-Ismoirs 1,446, 

1667. [3d Exped.l845-1&46.] 

Tuolomne.— Audubon :V/e stem Journal 1649-1650 
202, Cleveland, 1906. 

Tuolumiie City ■ 

Place on II side Tuol 
frommouth.-aibbos, LiaiD of 

uimie River 10 miles 
California. 1852. 

TuoliiL'ine County 

'Established Feb. 18, 1850 and defined. 

ia, 1850, 63, 1850. 

» Statutes of Califom 

. , ;^County^ivided into Tuolurnne and Stan- 

islaus Count ies7^lfe4. 

Statutes of California 

» c 


•Boundaries amended Hay 4, 1855. 
•Statutes of California, 1855,245,1855. 

Tuoluiimo River 

_. • AdaiTi Johnston, Senate 7.x. Doc.l, 32d. 
Cong., 2d Sess., pt. 3, 512,1851. 

^^^''^^^■G^,^'^ap of California, 1852. 

R.S. Williamson, in Pac.Rr.Rep.,?.T)t.I 

The Turtles 

[Turtle Rock] 

Rocks off coast i: of Trinidad Head. 
GibLe^ Map of California, 1652. 

Thorns Creok 

IIutcliin(-^s Calif .Mag., 1, 495, 1857. 

''^^^ — rtAiwE 0^ .^ 

^ Ov^^-^-cXv -tCA-^jJ^jj^ -^i^tkvft.,.,^ 

j jg.yig.kj 

U^xr S^LYvT^d^ 

■■ '■''•'"'^•"••ipiiw^^ 

son's Flat 

Butte Co. .Calif, 

On main FeatherJRiver just below mouth of 
Morris ravine.— Gilbert Wells & Cha mbers, 
Histon^ of Butte Co.. p . 122. 1882/ 

1000_ Spring Valley 

_____ Nev. 

Ncrthwestern Nevada, near the head of 

Humboldt River. - Marc j: Prairie Traveler 
274|ftwo references], N.Y,1859. 

Three Buttes 

[llarysville Buttes] 

'Statutes of California,1852, 237, 1852. 
vStatutes of Cf^lifornia, 1854. 26, 1854. 
Gibbd? Map of California, 1652. 

Three Sisters 

Fresno Co. 

See Loma itravesado 




Town in B. part of Yuba Co. -H.W.BaxleyrWhat 
saw on W. Coast of S.& N.Am8rica,419,1865. 

Rio del Ti2 0u_=0olorado River 

"A river of great size, called the Tizou. from 
the circumstance of their [the •Cu-cu-Da.A^M 
wan7i"S a ^JShted.brand to keep themsllVes 
IV. 38." "1854?"'' i^Jclioolcrafl, Indian Tribes, 

Tlamac, Lac: [Klamath] 

De Mofras, Carte de rOref.;on, les Calif- 
ornies, &:c., 1844. __ 

^^^®J:IL extreme northern California, shown 
as due north of Mont Saste [Mount Shasta] . 

There are two PQarnath Lakes, Upper and Low- 
er, the Upper wholly in Oregon; the Lower on the 
Oregon- California bounda.ry. 

variously spelt by early v/riters, as 
Tlamac, Tlaiaat, Clairiet, Klaniet. 

Tlamac, R. (R.des Tlamacs) [Klarnath Pdver] 

Large river in 1] California, emptying 
into Pacific. 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
ifomies, &c., 1844. 

(Klamath River) 

R.des Tlajnacs. 

--"■'■■' '"' " 1 1 I „ i__, ...p, „,,|. ^_ , „ 

- Tl amac , R . 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, les Califor 
nies, &c, 1844. 

Tlamath lake and river ^Klamath 

On map by J.H.Golton. 1853 in Adventures of 
Gapt .Bonneville, Irving, 1652. "Frontispiece, 
(Revised edition.)^ 

Tlamath lake & river r"^ten called Klamet". — 

Fremont :Expl.Expd. to Oregon & Oalif. (1843), 196, 


Tlainath Lakd 


[Klajnath Lake] Rept.Lt.R^Williani 
Sen. Doc,47, 31st Cong.lst Sess. 20,1850. 

Tlamatl Lake (or ClaLiet) [Klaiiiath Lake] 
Lathain, Proc. Philolog. Soc, Lond..VI 
1854; Ibid Opuscula, 310, 1660. 


Tlarnatl River (or Clamet) CKlajnath River] 
Lathain, Proc. Philolog. Soc, Lond.,VI, 
82,1854; Ibid Opuscula, 310,1860. 

m^ J 

10 acts 

Place 20 miles EIIE of Auburn!— Gibb 


Map of Cal ifornia, 1B52. 

Todds Valley Diggings 


Valley located about midway between the Middle 
and Morth Porks of American River,— Sacraraei 
to Daily Transcript, April 19, 1851. 


ToUj Creak Calif, 

Near south and of Sonoma Mountains, be- 
tween Lakevflle on east side Petalurna Creek 

and Sonoma Yallsy, ea th» 


Tolay Lake 


Oal i f . 

In southern part of Son 
betwean Petalurna Creak and Sonoma Valley. 
"Former Lake Tolay, of which Padre Altimira, 
in his mission-founding expedition in 1823, 
said: 'We found on said hillock, a little 
further on, the large lake of Tolay, so called 
after the chief of the Indians, who in former 
times settled there. •" Robt. A. Thon^son; 
^?^. ^P^SGr. Sketch of Sonoma Co. 52, 

Tomalos Point 

CTcniales Point] 

Point at W side of entrance to Tomales 

ifomia, 1852 



S,, map, in Et.Doc.1;39 

XVI 1 1 ( -of 


J • ^1 

^ \-/ i_/ V*' 

^ VaxJii-K . ^-»^yv\^^ 

^^2^^^*<i?'3-^^^ ^ 

i^K^ I?** 4 


_Tojab9 Mountains 

[Toyabe; range of mountains in Nye 
county, Nevada. (Not Toiyabe nor 


Ny6 Co* Nevada 
S.Ge eg* Board June 3 » 1908 

/J yir- 

Toi-ya-bo Mts. 

Uye Co 

See Toyabe Mountains 


Point Tomales Su.v 

TysonrGeology of Calif. 
Cong. 1st Sess.18, 1850. 

Cal if. 
Sen. Doc.47, 31st 

Tonilu Crook 

..^ ^'^^^^ between Round ar 

i-onciocino Counter. 

and Potter Valleys 

Barrett, Kthno-Geo,^. Pomo, 
^ee lltoLikai. 

74-t^ O 





Place about 7 nnles KlIYJ of San PaloCPala]. 
Whipple, A.W., map no.2(dated 185:5-4), in 
Ex.Poc, 129, 33d. Cong., 1st. Sess,,XVIII(pt.4J, 1855. 



Tongue Shoal 


. At east©«i end of Suisun Bay, surrounding 
Chain Id.--Hinggold, Map of Anchorage off 
New York of the Pacific,1850. 

Tonfoain Ft. 

[Black Pt.] 

Point on S side of entrance to San Francisco 
my, just W of North Pt,— Blake, W.P., in Pac.Rr. 
Rep.,V,pt.II,map facing p. 145,1857. 

Tonquin Pt. Spelling given by Pinfold 
Chart of the Bay of San Pablo, 1850. 

Too too tut na or Kl ajnet R i ver [Kl amath R.] 

1^/ilkes Exped. (map dated 1841) ,V, facim^ 
p. 150, 1845. 

Too-too-tutnis =Ro£cue River 

--G-ifebs, in Schoolcraft, Indian Tribes, III, 136, 



■ mUllllWlllHlMIIIHIni ,.„ , iHlUMHy _■ ■- ■■iiii _ ....- 

Viader and 
Oct, 1810, 
[went] 3 1. 
[Next day] 
Toro; 6 1. 
Oct. 1810), 


Moraga, on San Joaquin expedition of^ 
were at one time "opposite Taualam®; ' 

west to Arroyo of Corpus Christi. 
6 1. west across the hills to El 
to spring & little plain of San 

-Bancroft (after Viader »s MS Diaryi 

Hist. Calif. 11,57,1865. 


w4PiiiK «ii«iiiwi|i«r<<i>i-°i>iiMii"^ 

Frank Stephens in Morcom, "Notes on the 
birds of Southern California and south- 
western Arizona" (Ridgway Orn. Club, Bull. 
No. 2, April, 1887 : 36 ) says that this is 
an Indian Village about forty miles E S E 
from San aorgonio Pass* 


mt/imtma m mmmimiimm' 

iwi»»wii*-iiH»"ii i «w»i>i«iiiii i'ii iii»» i M wii 

M m m« <i' * mMmmmmi'i m '!mi* 

gmiriiiliiwiiliiiii »iii iM «i' HP i in |i)Nii n i n ipl|| 



R® de las Tortolas_QiL_de8 Tourterelles__ 

Possibly mouth of Eel River. 

. -^ Map 31 (1786}^ published in Atlas du 

^^ • '**"'***''***^*********'***"^^ I "' i v ii iiHHi ii H ii)i H ii T- iiiiiiiiiwi n wKiiigMiiiiiWiL^i jj— ,. 

Voyage de la Perouse, 1797. 

'■milt iriiuriiMiiiwiiwii' mr ^' ' f m mm m \ wm m)"«mm'' ■■ w 

Wi|B|»p».|* 'ft iill h l||||l . iill^WI>>!lllil 

Towalamie Hiver_ CTuolumne] Calif. 

Grizzly Adams, Hairbreadth Escapes and Ad- 
ventures of "Grizzly Adams", Wynkoop,Hallenbeck 
& Thomas, Printers, 113 Pulton St. New York, 
p. 15,1860. 

Towalima River Ibid. p. 23. 




Name on map of Los Angeles district,1800-30, a 
little N of San Juan Capistrano. -Bancroft, 
Hist. Calif. II, 352, 1885. 

A roncho of San Juan Capistrano in 1840. -Ibid 
111,627, 1885. 

El Trabuco [Trabuco -:jcrBekI _ 


Diary of Pedro Font, Anza Exped. 

1775-1776:Pubs. Acad. Pacif .Coast Hist. Jol 
3, N.o.l, 45, March, 1913. iNear San 

Juan Capistrano.] 

R« ci&_las Tranchas 

River reaching the sea_ a fm miles south 

of Cai-mel Baj^^^robahly Sur_River. _ 

Map 31 (1766), published in Atlas d u 

Voyage ,de_ia Perouse. 1797. 

' —"■ » ■ ' ■" "»«■ — ii pn ■■ Il l , II 

Tremblores, Baie de los [Gulf of Santa Catalina] 

De iiofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
ifomies, Elc, 1844. 

Bay extending from Pt. San Juan (Capistr 
no) S to Pt. Lonia. How called Gulf of Santa 
baljalina. v^" 


Tres Piedras 

Presno Co. 

See Joaquin Rocks 


Trinidad City 

■^r ■ '■«"i»ii»'"*im"Mi™w>»iiiiiiii^ ^ 

riace on 7 side Gacrajiiento River 10 

?;LTi^ °i-'^°'^^ °' ■■'■^ ''^"'^ ^'^^^ CR'^d Bank 
treek].-^ibcGS, uap of Cd ifornia, 1852. 

Trinidad Head 

Point IJ of Trinidad 
Ccl ifomia, 1852. 

[Trinidad Head] 
^ay.-Gibber^ Map of 

Q^ ^^TvV'w\r^ g^ (^^Bo^liloYvlslo) 

^^^^» — 5^ K GUx>n^ yl}^ ^ 


f'^-'^-^, l^n. 

\Tvu\dad .It:. del 


_ Hu.irniToldt(i.^vJal\ft)r'ntou 

VoK^ cyy W( eoosVol Ca\\^TTMa. kst Hot VotAl". 

Di^c^ered, 1775, Voyage of Heceta and 
D. Juan de la Bodega y Quadra* De Mofras, 
Exploration de l»Oregon, &, I, 107-8.18^4. 

Trinidad, R[io] Now LitUe River. 

River in M California reaching coast 
just n of lat.41. 

De Mofras, Carte de 1' Oregon, des Cal- 
ifornies, &c., 1844. 


•To^vn at Trinidad Head, Humboldt Comity. 

* Statutes of Galifoniia, l?m.307 laS"^ 
•Ibid, 1854, 223, 1854. .. >>-,l^i^^. 

irinity Monnt^jn 

On boundary between Trinity and Shasta Coun- 
ties, about 20 miles west of Redding (between 
French Gulch on Clear Creek and Lewiston on 
Trinity Paver) 

Mentioned in narrative of prospector on 
Irinity River in 1850.— Overland Monthly, d. 
527, June 1871. *^ * ^ 

S Fork Trinity River 

[S Fork Trinity River] 

Gibbs, in Schoolcraft, 111,137,1853 


• • 

^'Glly, Fxcur 

165, ,1851 

sion to Calif..! 

oiidon. 11 


tains ii" m Cali 



Trinity River 

'Statutes of California, 1852, 228"i8'^'^ 



, m oc:;oolcraft, 111,134 IS'^'^- Tl i i £l 

/ • 

Trinity County 

•Established Feb. 18, 1850 and defined. 
* Statutes of California, 1850, 62, 1850. 

—-- ^o^'^^iaries altered: county divided into 
Humboldt and Trinity counties, ^>^ i2.,l<^S3^- 

' Statutes of California, 1853,161,1853. 

^Boundaries amended: county seat Weaver- 
ville.---Stat. of Calif . ,1855, 200, 185r) (April 
30, 1855). 

Trinity River 

__ [Trinity River] 

River said to reach tlie Pacific near 
the confines of Ore^^on. -Kelly, Excursion to 
Calif., Lend., 11,8,1351. 

bes, Ilap of California, 1852. 

Port de la Trinitg. 

Apparently Humboldt Bay. 

Map 31 (1786), published in Atlas du 

Voyage de la Perouse, 1797. AUo ow MdpsS.^S- i5-<^/d 


■■" » ii— i n ^ B ii m ii 

Bay of Trinidad Cidif 

J^. LI. mi? Oregon Tarrifor^ p 

[toboldt Bay not shoirng 


_Trinidad, Bay 

oast ofLCalifornia. 

p. 150, 1845. 

es Expod, (map dated 1841), V, facing 

S of present Trinidad Head. 
__Gibbe's Ma p of California, 1852 (Port 

Trinidad and Trinidad Eav) . 


»»iri»iiill ii lii#ll p iiM wilW ^ ^ 



etfe Map of Cal ifornia, 1852 (Port 

Trinidad and Trinidad Bay) 


i^e Mofras, Exploration de 1 'Oregon, Tome It, 
p. 36, 1844, states that this cape was dis- 
covered by Don Bruno de Hecata, June 11.1775 


______„Farm in SW corner of Los Angeles Co. 

- — ^tatutes of California, 1851, 172, 1851, 
(Called Trumfo farm in Statutes of'cal- 

If o^nia,_i85g ^-f .51,1-550^ 

'Sf'tmm m m M r m .iti m.x . 

Gibbes,Map of California, 1852, 

El ITi-iunfo 

Los Angeles Co., Calif. 

Plain in the mountains 8 leagues SE of the 
mouth of the Santa Clara River, named by 
Portola Expd. in 1769, — Cpstanso, Diary 
Portola Expd., Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., 
vol. 2, no. 4, 317, 1911. 

Name still in use. 

San Diego Co., Calif. 
La CaHada del Triunfo de la Santissima Cruz 

Name given by Crespi, Portola Expd. , 1769, 
to canyon 8-1/2 leagues NW of San Diego. — 

Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in Palou^s Noticia 
de la Nueva Calif., II, 104, Mexico, 1874. 


o G ^ 

_ Triunfo 


Name on map of Los Angeles district, 1800-30, 
located a little inland N of Pt. Duma. 
- Bancroft, Hist. Calif. 11,352,1885. 

E. de Trou- 


Tributary, fl^ving E. Sacramento R. 
DeMofr.s. carte' le'iVgon des-l,-f 
See Sartmmor»fQ -p 

T\vx.Qi.Vsj^e^ ^\n/jlv 

*""'"' ■"■ ■ ^ J# -—••■-"»••«>■««»«»«»»»- - - -— — IIII^Kll, , Jill ; .. I ___, I, , ,„ ^ 

-Truckee River, Calif. and Nev., & Truckeo Meadows 

-Tru9k8e River was nazned for old Captain Truckee 
a Piute who had oeen a great deal with Fremont ' 
and otners as guide.-.Dan De Quille (Wm.Wripiit) 
History of the 3ig Bonanza,. 269f^l676. "^ ' 
Also spelled "Tracker Meadow" (p'.59) and "Trucke 
Meadows"-- (p. 60). Ttu.<.k,.«. ^V<U^ Uo. i^^. 

Truckee river.-; Bryant: What I Saw in Calif.219, 
227, and elsewhere. . 


•_iKn tries made in 


"The Truchy".- Becbvourth: Life k Adventures, 

516,527, N.Y.1856. 

Truckey Meadows.- Barnes :Prom Atlantic to 
Pacific,Overland, b4, 1866, 

Truck ey Pass 

Pass in Sierra Ilevada ("lat, 39° 2^*- p1 + ^ 
5,636 ft,"K^ _ ^& , alt. 

John S. Hittell, Hutchings Calif.Mar 

— Truckee Lake [=* Dormer Lake] 


Donner Lake was originally called 

«%• Tfo^'^^®^ Rhodes, Relief of the Uonner 
Hrty. MS, Bancroft Library, 1873 

Truckee Lakef Donner Lake] 

Bryant: What I Saw Tn Calif 
• [Entry dated Ai!ig.25, 1846.] 

__ _ Calif. 
227. 1648, 


M ?-^^m®» ??• ^M Notes on Geology Sc Mines of 
Nevada Territory (Washoe Silver nlgion)! c4?teri 
Ijg^ouni.Geol.Soc.London, pp. 317-328. Ap^ii 13, 




Named after an Indian who piloted a partv 
across the mountains in 1844.— Overton Johnson 
^•I'P* ^v> ''iJ^V^rj Route Across the Rocky Mountains 

?Q/- ^ ^®?r?^^^^S?.°^ ^^®Son & California in 
lo4o, p. 103, 1846. 




_ Lake Tahoe called TxxLOk^ MiQ__hy 
^ • Tyrwhi 1 1 Bro oks in . 1848. -- Four Mi 
^^Jlfi^^SoldzZiMers in iJta Gpi.-f^Lpndon.p . 122^3: 


Truites, Lac des • 

__ Lake in northern California,'^Sierra 

l^evada, S of lat.4r.[^^>^— '^-^^^»^'>^<^^^^^*^^^^ 

De Mofras, Carte de l*Oregon, les Cal 

ifomies, &c., 1844. 

Truiifo, farm 

Farm on coast at SW corner of boundary 
of Los Angeles County. ^ 

Statutes of California, 1850, 59. 1850. 


TsQoinoo: ,Fitch_Mt. at Heal dsburg. Sonoma CcCalid 

JsoQ'-noQ: Native Indian name (Kah-ta}f«ye chum- 
mi tribeJT— cHiA^ ^ 

Variants as spoken by members of tribe: 
Tsoo>naw . Choo-no . Chob-dug^no. -- 

^^^^■■^■^^.." ^^.^^"J^Q ^X Barrett, Ethno-a-os. 
10. 218 footnote. Feb. lOOP. ^ 


". -the only good land [of San Carlos Mission] ^^%v^ii?y [Garmel] and in the little 
tracts of Francisguito and Tularcitoa "-- 
Bancroft. Hist.Gahf.. II. ^TTrSe; iesE. 

In i^^28, "places up the river were Laureles^ Ghu 
, Tularcltos, and Corral de Padilla-^-lbid. 


Rancho m Monterey district, 1834..-Ibid III, 
679 ft. note, 1885. In San Francisco dist..It5]564 

^•-•^i/^ - -V—'^"' 




*•• — ■ J __ , m 

Mane on map of San Francisco district, 180o4o 
a little S of San Jose' Mission. -Bancroft 

Hist. Calif 11.376,593.1885. (between Calera & 
o. Ignacioj. 


ELac eneai^j^Qj;^^ j^Q s ^ ^j^ north ern part 

°^ Ss-nta Lucia Mountains, 

-H-Ut. cl'iin^jsJial i f , Uslq • , ^ 1 1 i -^3^^' June 1 659 


mm''''mimmiPiM»»''»i'm m ' i iim m) 

MMMMill^^ "Mliii 

w#iiwiiiilipiii*iii^ w mwi i l inn i ii— irwi ■m n i iii ' i«iii>%wi>fW 

Tul eburg _[ S to ck ton] 


Town on si te of p resent StnnVtnn, laid out 


by Charles M. _Ieber after American^ conq uest 
in J.846^J^f tsrwards r echristen edjto ckt on. — 
Gilbert, Wells k Chambers, History of Bu tte 

x_P* 111. 1882, 

Tuleburg =Stockton, Calif. 


Tulare County 

^J "''""""'"'*™*'*'***^ " iiillMi« m wwiiiii«iiiiww<lwiilliilPlil|iii^^ - i[»iiiiiim[i[iimiiiwinL.„.L .«-..» , ^ mi^^^— m 

_'_EstalDlished April 20, 1852, and defined. 

- 'Statutes of California, 1852,240-242, 1852. 

'Original county seat, ?/oodsville^''the 
log catin on the south side of p[a.weah Creek, 
near the bridge built by Dr. Thomas Payne, and 

shall be crJled Woodsville." 

_,: County divided into Tulare and Buena 
Vista Counties, April 30, 1855. 

•Statutes of California, 1655,203,1855. 

Tulares Lake 


[Tularo Lake! . 


Lcir^e lake in southern San Joaquin 

Statutes of California, 1850, ICl, 1850. 



Tulare Lakes 

ttMlta.ili:liSi>lii.h::ii««wai|lMlt^^ ' 

'Kmory, Military Eeconn. Ft. Leavenworth 
to San Licgo in 1846-47, 125,1848. 

^Stat. Calif. ,1855,162,1855 (Tulare Lake). 


Tulare Lake 

I Tulare Lake] 

Stat. Calif., 1855, 162, 1855. 
--- ^-- GibLes, Map of California, 1852 (Lake 
a. 1. Tulares) . 

Tulare Lakes River 

[Kings River] 


Kelly, Excursion to Calif ., London, II 

Tulae Creol; 

[Tule River] 



I -» ^ • •-' • I 




p, in Ex. Doc. 129 


Tula River 

[Tule River] 

enate "Hx. Doc.l. 32d C 

pt. Ill, 494,1851 

ong., 1st Sess 

Tiile I^iver 

[Tule River] 

River flowing into Tulare Lake from the 
E.--GibLc:Ds IJap of California, 1852. 

_^ WillifaTiSon,R.S., map, in Ex. Doc. 129, 33d. 
Conf:.,lst.Sess.,XVIII(pt,4),1855(Tulc')e Cr.) . 

Blake, W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,Y,pt.II,28, 


Tule Lakes C=Tulare 
— Fr emont : 2xpl . Expd. 
251, 1845, 


to Oregon & Calif. (1844), 

^^^^. UWiLTu\fi.v^,q , UjX 4l^,i^oo. 

"Tule Lakes "^ Twl«LXt U ^.^ 

Dr.Thomas Coulter in his paper "Notes on Unper 
5^i^f,°.^"\a " read before Royil Geog.Soc.of Lon- 

nnS'v!;^,^'' ^i P^^' ^^^^.J^^ Tule Lakes are 
now known not to excaecl 100 miles in total 

On p. 68 he speaks of "the southern Tule lake." 

On map at end of volume, accomchis xtnnpr +v,o 
lakes are drawn as twdthe up^^r on^Xailel' 

river"^ "" ^^^°^'' ^^'"^^ ^^ connected by a 

Tulares. Lskp H i 



J^Tulare Lake] 

of California, 1852. 

-Mares, Vallee de los 

-^ -Beja'ofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, les Cal- 

ifornies, &;c., 1844. 

-The great valley of central C^Hfornip 

now kno.;n_as„the San Joaquin ValleJ: Se S ' 
uhird of this vallex^round Tulare Lake, is 
still caned^Tulare Valley or Basin. 

"*" l " I I K — MT*. 

Tulnres V-:liev 

^^JJItlxitJjL Intro . , 35, 1B55. 

^^'iP^i^Gys,AvA.a U'arren,G.K._^ in ^t Doc l-^Q 
XVIII, (r>+.l) Art. l;^^; 1855. ^^ 

Davis, in Pac.Rr. Rep. ,1,^^2,1855. 
^^.^^Jumphreys,A.A.& Warren, G.K.. in Pac Rr 
ep., I, Art. 11,75, 1855. 

"*'*^"'*"" "*""*T""T ii H i i iiiii T iiii r' iiiii r ii i i i iii«iwMiii i . iiiiii!..Liiji, 

''•iimi»i:.ia:aiiiii.ii#»i!iHH^ mmm 

MiNIMiiMI^^ i-Hi|-|»T|iBiiii|inin 

Tular vallejLi 

•^ 1 

% " 't 

^^" , ■ Calif. 

"Tular valleys, some 50 miles distant from 

tM8?[ranch of Mr.Faxon near Santa Ynez mis- 
sion].- Bryant: What I Saw in Calif. 423, 
1648. CEntrv of FfiiD.S Iftd?' 1 

Tule, Lake 


p. 150, 1845. 

Lake S 
quin Valle3^ 

[now Buena Yista Lake] 
J^^xped. J^map ^dated 1041) ^facing 

ofj Tulare] Lake, in lower San Joa- 

Tumey Gulch Fresno 

Tumey Gulch; Arroyo, Fresno and 
San Benito Counties, California, cross- 
ing foothill belt between Ciervo Moun- 
tain and Silver Creek, opening into 
San Joaquin Valley about 5 miles 
south of mouth of Panoche Creek. 
(Not Dry Creek nor Toomey.) 

an Benito Cos, 


U. 3. Gee g. Board, liar. 6,1912 


Fresno & 3an Benito Cos. Calif. 


Tumey; Hills, Diablo Range, extending 
north and south between Tumey 
Gulch on the east and Silver Creek on 
the west, Fresno and San Benito 
Counties, California. 

Tuttletown Diggings Calif. 

TVT %^^'S. ^ "''^^®^ ^^^^ Sonora.-- Alta Calif. 
Nov. 3. 1851. retail. 

• • 

Tuytuiga Cannon .._ 

See Tahunga Canyon 


Ualtis Creelc 
See Ualtis 

Solano Co 


Ukiah Valley 

^ Hutch ings 
Valley on 

Calif. Ma,^., Ill, 148, 1858. 
Rusftian River in R iiendocino 

County. (Tovai Ukiah in this valley.) 

Ukiah Valley on Russian River. Mendocino 'Jo. 

Satire Indian name Yo-kai-ah ^ means deep 
valley, kai signifying valley. 

History of Mendocino 'Jo. 167. San Praiicisco. 
1Q80. Alley. Bowem 3c Co. Pubrs. 

Uber Va lley [Y uba] 


Bryant: What i Saw in Calif. 252, 1848. 



^Y jc^ 

^JJlatia Oreek Selanfi 06. 

|Ulatis; creek, flowing down Weldon 

Canyon, Solano County, California. U • S •GS Og^ BO&rd.. 

(Not Ualtis.) 

Apr, 1,1908 

Upper Cal ifomia. . 

On filkea* Map of The Oregon Territory . U. S. 
Ex. Ex. 1841, the name Upper California if 
printed in laiige type across the northern parts 

of present California. Nevada, and Utah, reachiiK 
ail the way to the east side of Great Salt Lake; 
and the territorial boundary is indicated still 
farther to the east including what is now known 
•8 Green River and also the greater part of 
Grand River, thus reaching well into Colorado. 

Umuhian Mt. (Santa Clara Co) 


mmmi 'im'mt mm i m i n tmmmmmmm 

Ome of two pealcs in range west of 
Alniadenjiines; latar called Mt. Bache. 
Indians called the peaks, Clioual. ('3530 
and Ctoouhum C343Q ft>. — Frederin Hal: 
History of San Jose, 9, 1 871. 



Upper Rancheria 

Place between Volcano [Ainador County] 
and FiaaletovnVPl Dorado County..:Stat. of 

Vaca Valley 

— tVaca Valley] 

Valley in western Solano County, 1} of Suisun 
Day. W from one of the proprietors of the 
Vaca and Pena Grant, ar.d in 1358 more generally 
kno\7n as Barker X'alley. 

• Hutchings Calif.l.IaG.,II,397,Alarch,1858. 
alleysr'' "^ California, 1855,77,1855 (Vacca 




VTo?m l\\ Vaca Valley, Solano County. 
^Stat. of Calif., 1854.222,1854. 

Vac a Mountain 

Solano Co 

See Mount Vac a 


Vacca Mountains 

[Vac a LIts.] 

'Lountains in Ilapa County "v,-hich divide 
the Vacca Valleys from the Chimilas Rancho." 

■tatutes of California, 1855, 77, 1855. 

^ (y 

Val e j 


Willimason,R.S,, map, in Ev.Doc.l29,33d 
Con/^. Jst^SesR^,XVIII(pt.4),ie55. 

Point Yallado [= Point Loma] Calif. 

Name given by Vicente Villa in 1769 to 
headland at entrance to port of San Diego, 
because the outline of the hill protecting 
the port suggested a stockade. — Vi(i^"ftte 
Villa. Diary Portola Expd. , 1769-70. Pubs. 
Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2. no.l, 91. 

107. 1911. 


Place on Carisso Creek [Cariso CrJ 50_ 
niiles E of San Die^o.-WiHia: .son R.S. , mar,, ^^- 
m Sx. Doc. 129, 33d. Cong., 1st. Sess,,,?:VIII(ptt4), 

JL\J \^^%J • 


Wiliiamson,R.S;, in Pac.Jr,Rep. ,v,pt.I,~ 


Blake,W.P,, in Pac.Rr.Rep.,'V,pt.II,105, 



18 miles ioutheast f rem Saii Felipe, - 
Marcy: Prairie Traveler, 293., N.Y.1859. 

% m 

Vallecito.- Pacif .R.R.Repts. Gren.Map of Expl,& 

Surv. Calif. 1853. 



r i-urphy . 

Hutchiiigs Calif .Mag. , 111,492, 1859. - 
Place in Calaveras County 2>'/^ ^^vUi^ ^^.^j^ 

^^ 'Stai. of California, 1054,222, l."£4(Valli- 

1 jOj , 


San Benito Co. 


UQ H-v^,^ "D^^^Jt ir ' /• -I r>«^ <-% Vallecitos; structural valley lying: at 
.S.GeOg. Board, Mar. 6, 1912 the northern base of main ridge of 

Diablo Range, northwest of New 
Idria, San Benito County, California. 

* Vallejo 


City on N side of Carquines Strait, 
•Statutes of California, 1855,15,1855. 
Oibbe::s^Liap of California, 1852.' 
• . ^//illiaiTison,R.3., map, in Sx. Doc. 129, 33d. 
Cong. ,lst.SeF;3. ,XVIII(pt.4) ,1855(Va,lejo) . 


Tails jo Bay -- 

Between Carquinez Straits and Suisun Bay.- 
hinggold. straits of Carquines and Yalleio 
Bay, 1850, *' 


Vallejo [Ranch, Monterey Co.] 

Ranch two or three miles ^ of liontorpv 

Bay on S side of Pajaro River. ^'^o^^erey 

^De Mofras, Carte de VOroQon, des Cal- 
ifomies, &c., 1844. Chart IJo.14. 

on Ti o-f 'f ^e confused with town of Vallejo 
on N side Karquinas Strait. ^ 


— — "^ — — ' S ' l^ 



Sacramento River, rising in northern California and flowing south, 
and the San Joaquin, rising in the southern sierras and flowing north- 
east, drain the western slope of the Sierra- Nevada, traverse what is 
often called the Valley of California, and meet near Suisun Bay, finally 
dischargmg their waters into the Pacific Ocean through San Francisco 

?Qm4"^' ^t^^' ^' ?^ ^ol- Survey (for 1900- 
1901), part 4, p. 461, 1902. 

Valley of California, Great Valley of Calif.— 

rZl^tlT.if ^^^ San Joaauin , Tulare, & Sac- 
cf^ ilf^l^^^^ ?5essa^e from PresideAt, 45d 
^ong., Ist Seas. House Doc. No. 29*^-6 13 

Valley of the V^liite i: 


118-119, 1830. 

T,r 1 % — ' " »■" — 

i-vOLzebue, i.'ew Voyage round the V/orld, II 

Named from Indian, tradition that some 

wnite men who^se vessel was wrecked on th 
lived here in harmony with the Indians. 
^^ rrobably Santa Posa Valley. 

e coast 


I i to ] 

:Stat. of Calif. ,1054,222,1854. 

Vandusens Creek 

[Vandoosen Fork] - 

.^--- Crcok flowing into Eel River about 15 
miles from raouth. -Gibbers llap of California 

1 pro ' 

a.v^*_'<w • .„.,.__ _^ ... 

•Criubs, in Schoolcraft, 111,125,132,1653 
(Van Dusen's Fork) . 

Van Dusen's Fork 

[Vandoosen Fork] 

•Gibbs, in Schoolcraft, III, 125, 132, 1853. 



Auouo lo^fD Livemore purcliased "the Oamda de 
los Yaqueros of the Alvisos; and|liis place was 
a well-known station on the route from 
Mont.[erey] & San Jose' to Sac.'» -Bancroft, 

I^W end of Llvenriore Valley, in 1875 commonly 
knoxn as the Vasco. Ranch .- Bartlett, Vim.P. 
edioor, Livemore Valley, p. 7, 1878. 

Tenado Peak San Benito Co 

See Sampson Peak 


Verardo, R. 

River at lat. about 34° 40'. 

Travels of Capts. Le?/is & Clarke, 
Londoa, 1809. (Hajne on map.) 

See St Balardo, Rio = Santa Ynez 

C-v> « - 


Canada Verd 

San Mateo Co# 

jCanada Verde; small canyon, three 

miles south of Halfmoon bay, and U» S #G60g% Boardf D6C* 
land grant to south, San Mateo 
county, California. 

Dalif. ^_ 
2. 1908 

-i«' • 


Terdugos - 

Name on map of Los Angeles district, 1800-30^ 
located a little NW of mission San Gabriel.' 
-Bancroft.Hist. Calif. 11,352,1885. 

'IJei'non, on east bank Feather River at 

"rin^^^^f ^^"th.the Sacrairento. 
^^ i^o^. Vernon m 1848 or 1849 well fr-^vpi*..? 

PostOffise ,t Y,r„oB>u« 7,nm. 

-^>^^^County Seat Sutter Co^ 



ma .3 


es of California, 1851, 176,1851. 
ace just E oiLiaouth of Rio d_l. Plu-^ 
■^iii£ilRiver].--Gibbes, ilap of Calif orni 


Vicente, Pte. 

De I^ofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Calif 
ornies, &c.,ie44. 

Point at SI! comer of San Pedro Penin- 
sula. Probably not the Point nov/ knov-Ti by saiiie 
name; perhaps Rocky Point. 

Vicente, Punt a 

[Point Vincente] 

P'^illi^^ii^,on,R.?.., map, in T^x. Doc. 129, 33d.. 
ConK.,lst.Sess.,XVIII(pt.4) 1855. 





t Victoria 


Elk Station 


East side of Sacramento River at mouth of 
Feather River. 

In Nov. 1837 Capt. Belcher visited the Walloc: 
tribe of Indians at a fork of the Sacramento, 
about 150 miles upstream, at a place where ther 
was not water enough in either channel for the 
lightest boats. Lat SS** 46*47". He speaks of thi 
place as Point Victoria or Elk Station, which 
names never came into use. — Belcher, Edward, 

narrative of a Yoyage Round the World, 121-122, 

Villa Rica Hill 

Nerada County, 

^old field on Humbug Carlon, south of Jia^zanita 

Vinccnte, Point 

[Point Vincente] 

llanied by Vancouver in 1793 for Father 
Vincente of the Mission San Buenaventura 

Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 17^0-9^ 

Point on Pacific coast S of Rocky Point 
W of San Pedro Bay. _^„ y^omL, 

Gibbets^ Lap of California, 1852. 
'^.'hipr)le,A.^,, rnap no. 2( dated 1853-4), in 

Ex.Doc.l29,33d.Cong.,lst.Se^s.,XVIII(pt.4) 1855 

(Point Vincent) . " ' 

125-126. London. 1843 

Vinccnte, Point 

[Point Vincentc] 

llarned by Vancouver in 1793 for Father 
Vincente of the Mission San Buenaventura. 

Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95, 
Lond., 11,464, 1798. 

Point on Pacific coast S of Rocky Point, 
W of San Pedro Bay, 

- _ Gibbe^s^ I.Iap of California, 1B52. 

"^TiipplejA.^/., map no.2(dated 1853-4), in 

Ex.Doc.l29,33d.Cong.,lst.Se^^.,XVIII(pt.4) ,1855 
(Point Vincent) . 

Villa Rica Hill 

Neyada County, 

Gold field on Humbug Cailon, south of Manzanita 

Hill.— Marysville Weekly Erpress, to1«3, 
No. 14, Jan. 1, 1859. 

Vincento, Pt. 

_CPt, Vinconte] 

C^ibbes, Llap of California, 1852. 


— '■-- -■— •■— 




Place a littlo SK of San Bernardino, 
between San Gabriel and Santa Ana Rivers 

err in. ^t ^°^.'^: ^^'■*' ^° 1 -Oregon, des Cal 

ornies, E:c., 1844. 



Territorv^feo^^ Geology & Mines of Nevada 

rfnT q^^ii 5^^^® ^iJS^Sjegi on .Quarterly Journ. 
Geol^Soc. London. pp.317-328,Xpril 13.1864. 

^^^Sinia __ [Virginia] 

* Small scttlcLicnt 4 miles E of Lincoln, 
Plcicer County. -Stat. Calif., 1854, 22%13£4. 

Virginia City, Nev. 


In October [1859] the place is first mentioned 
s 'Virginia Town.' but abonth later it was pro- 

ppsed to 'change the name' of the place from Vir- 
SPJ? -^2^ ^0 Wun-u«mu£-a, in honor of the chief 
of the Py-utesV Old Winhemucca, chief of all 

lotr-^-^ , ^ ^^^ ^°^ so honored, and in November, 
1859, the town was first called Virginia Citv . a. 
9l£?®m^V W ever since retained. "--Ban De Ouiile 
CWm.Wriglit; , Hist. of the Big Bonanza,59, 1876, 
iHad been called "Pleasant Hill" and "Mount Pleaq 
ant Point"; in Au^.1859 it was called "Ophir^ 
and m September ^Ophir Diggings". --Ibid.) 


•'Statutes of California, 1850,126,1855. 
Present County Seat of Tulare County, 
bid, 1854, 223, 1854. 

Vizcaino, Cgp] [Cape Vizcaino] 

Cape on M coast near lat. 39M21 
De Mofras, Carte de 1 •Oregon, des Cal- 
if ornies, Sic, IBM. 

De Mofras, Exploration de I'Ore^on, 

Tome II, p. 35. 1844 

Rancheria Volante (or 

Ventura Co., Calif 
Santa Conefundis ) 

Rancheria Volante. — Kame given by Portol 
Expd. in 1769 to temporary village of Indian 
rishermen on Santa Barbara Chan ne 3^ 2 leagues 
along beach MW of Ventura piver. — Costarso, 
Diary Portola Expd. , Pubs. Pacific Coast Hist,, 
vol.2, no. 4, 195-7, 1911. 

Santa Conefundis. — drespi, Diary Portola 
Expd. in Palou»8 Noticia de la Nueva Calif. ,2, 
137, Mexico, 1874. 

w Volcan 

J^orthernmost of row of three conical 

mountains extending from Cape Mendocino to 

II I II ^mtmmmm iiiwiiwr . i m m i . . . m> ,m>^. - n i UKup i. mt ■ mm^:,. 

Gape^nta Gorda . 

Map 31 (1786),, pub 1 i ± ed " in' A 1 1 a s du ' 

^^ ' ■^*" ■"■'"■■■■■■ ' * II i T iiw— iiw I ■ I ii^ni—n— I i mtm-: ■•■-riiriiiriii I rTiiiitiMK w - ■ , 

■iHH ti W i ir iii ii:i.iw»T,i.,.waaiHw 

Voyage de la Perouse^l797. Mso_^ on M^p l4. 

iWilllililii WW i l WiliM j IliHi ■ 


ONmi'' «■ J<«!«MliMMiMM(IM 


I Volcano] 

•Place on Sutter Creek, IIE of Jackson 

[Amador County].-! Stat, of Calif. 
1854, ' 




Tla^^iu - 


^K\j ^ 

iiendicina Ca^ 


Wahl-hol-lah Mt: Lorn flqf for^ x . 

between Garcia'^ci &\lK?^?3^^\^r^^Se 

ning 3 or 4 milpq h^Xt H ^^^^^^s. begm- 

tendfng easterly !-^ ^"^'^'^ ^°^^^ ^^S ex- 

^^uflJUL oiL^^WolKflUo^. 


-NW Calif 

On Klarnath River NW Calif. Comprised 18 
acres in 1858. 

HeintZleman in Rept. Cornmr. Ind. Affrfe. f 
1858, p. 638, 1858. Mess. & Docs. K.R. 35th 
Cong. 2d SesB. Ebc.Doc.2, 1858. 

Wakell ,.. 


On Klarmth River, M Calif ,\^ou.-^\»^'x^^xm^a^ 
Jkeintzleroan in Kept. Cororar, Ind. Affrs. 

for 1858, p. 6^, 1858. Mess. & Docs. H.R.35th 
Cong. 2d Sess. Ex. Doc, 2, 1858. 

IWill||»» ll t|IKi«||» H ||«ll| 

Walker Lake 

Named hj Fremont during Third Kiped. 
1845-1846. -^ FrBraont: Memoirs. 1455 442 

Referred to as Walker*s Lake, Ibid 457. 

UlTalker Pass 

Pass in the Sierra^ - FremontrExrl 
Oregon k Calif . (1844), 2^i8. 1845. 

Expd. to 

Walker* s Pass 

Pass in Sierra Nevada ("lat. 35° 40' • alf 
5,302 ft,»). ' ^^^- 

John S. Hittell, Hatchings Calif.Ma^-.' 
HI, 357, Feb., 1859. ' 

talkers Pass 

[Walkers Pass] 

_„ nibbe::^^ Ilap of California, 1852. 

Pass in southern Sierra, from kojnve 
Desert to Kern Valley. 

(iat. 35*39'; ait. 5,306 ft.) .-Blake, 
W.P,, in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt. II, 1315,1857. 

Humphreys, A. A. ^ Warren, G.K., 33d Conf-. , 1st 
Sess., H.ilx. Doc. 129, p. 69, 1855. 

..alker- s Plains __ [Walker ' s Plains] 

Plains on SW boundary of Plunas County 
beteeon^i: Fork nn& lliddle Fork Feather River. 

statutes of California, 1854,129,1854. 

Walker river 



by Fremont during Third Exped. 
1845-1846.- Fremont rMemoirs, 1,457,1887. 

Walker's River.— Blake, ^%i,P,, Notes on Geolopy & 
Mines of Nevada Territory (V/ashoe Silver Hepion) 
Quarterly Journ.Geol.3oc.London,pp.S17-S28, 
April 13, 1864. 

Fremont states in letter dated March 8, 1881 
that he named Walker River in the winter journey 
of 1843-44.— Thompson & West, His to r}^ of Nevada 
p. 26, 1881, 

Ft. '.Tall 



Point on east end of Knox Id. [now Chipps 

J, east extension of ouisun Bay.— "Ringgold, 

of imchorage off New York of the Pacific, 


Waltham Oreek FrssnC 

U.S.aecg.Board.May 6,1908 



Waltham; creek, south fork of Los 
Gatos Creek, passing the town of 

I Coalinga, Fresno County, Califor, 
nia. (Not Alcalde, Cantoo-oa, Can- 
tua, Wartham, nor Warthan.) 

Wards Creek 

from the 1I|?. 

Creek flowing into Chowchilla Creek 


) l.:ap of California, 1852 

Warner's Pass 

Pass in Coast Range ("lat. 
3,780 ft.-). 

33° 141. alt 

Jolm S. Hittell, Hutchings Calif. Ma/>'. 
Ill, 357,Feb., 1859. -^.i^ici^., 

IIui;iphreys,A.A.& ^arren,G.K., in Ex.Doc.l29, 
^^^d. Con^-., 1st. Sess.,XVIII(T)t.l), Art. 1, 66,1055. _ 
Humphreys, A. A. & Warren, G.K. , in Pac.Rr.Rep, 

Wiliianison,R.S-, in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt. I 32, 

Warner's ranch 

[Warner ranch & Valley! 

•Emory, Military Reconn. Ft. Leavenworth 
to San Diego in 1846-47, 105, 18487- Capt. A. R. 
Johnston, Ibid, 613. 

Place in Warner Valley, San Die-o County. 
v/illiamson,R.S., mar), in Ex. Doc. "129 ^.^d 

WiiiiarriSon,R.S., in Pac.Rr.Rep. 
34,1853. _ ^ » *t I 

Warner^ 8 Ranch 


Warner Valley, So.Galif. 
Prairie Traveler, 293, N.Y.1859 


Warners.— Pacif.R.R.Repts. Gen.Map of Expl. & 

Surv. Calif. 18.53. 

Wamer^s rancho(Agu^ Galiente).— 
dated Dec.l2,164£.— Bryant: 
Cklif. 396, 1848, 

Rept.Q^n' Kearny 
What I Saw iii' 

Harrington Island- 


Kmggold's Chart of Suisun '^ Valleio Bavs 

Vallejo Bays, 1850 

T7artham Creek Fresno Go 

See Waltham Creek 


Warthan Creek . Fresno Go. 
See Waltham Greek 


WasliGrwoman's Bay 

Bay in western part 

Kelly, Excursion to 

of San Francisco. 
Calif., London, II, 



(r^ \ 

acraiiiento River oppos- 

rv^Gibbfi, iJap of 
Anchorage off Sacra- 

Washoe Valley 
k^ a shoe Range 

Washoe I<&ke 
iTashoe Creek 


trm. P. Blake, Notes on Geology. d Mines of Nevada 
Territory (jfashoe Silver Region) .'uarterly Journ 
Geol.Soc.London,pp,317-328,Xpril I3, 1864. 

Waissainma Madera 

U.^.Geog. Board, June 3, 

0^6. Calif. 

IQAQ Wassamma; stage station, Madera 
^"^ county, California; original Indian 
nam e. (Not Ahwahnee.) 


Place just S of Llerced River, Mariposa 
County. CriLbe^is, luap of California, in52. 


• Tov.'n on plain back of L'onterey Bay 
Statutes of California, 1854, 223, 1854. 

Weaver Creek 

in 1851 ,_ 

Already o^ 

__Hutchings Calif. Llag., II, 72,August,1857. 

iWII M iii!»-ii ; ,iiBi<ii m «i n Mi« 

>i, <«**-WAM! M^i«RM«w««)lllWM' 

WlllllliiilWIill liiiilliillwi 

■l i ll Hil Wlllllll M ill Bi ii j 

""* — ' ^--^ir' ~'|||i ' -'II 'fT'iT lllii ll'imi |([ll|i ml' ■^iiirii HHiiii 

I ■Illliiiiil II iiwijiii. 


r i »imi> tL. - _L,^»g.^ 

^ Oct. nj?^^).!?^!^^^ :^l£ s 

cM.,11. Ij. p. la, IH 3. 

Sea Weber Creek 

"^^^^-^-^ g^j>Jul^ Yig-W<,v ^i^^x^j L^ 


Weaver Jr. 

B^'^ce abouta? miles SE of San Bemn-rdino - 

^•iiiiarar,on,R.S., vopv, in Kx.Coc.l29,33d.ConP• 
lst..Sess.,XVIII(„f,.4) 2355, 

# "— "".T*Mrti««w. '■^'■-"--•■-Tr---rTT'ilr'TiniiiiWi>iwwiiii| , ■wiwiipnii.jlj... r [ m in n , , , 

Blake.W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.II,69.1857 
(YounfJ'.'eavei's.) . 




ti.eaver Sr. 


PL^co abouf,^23jni^es ESE^rS^;rB;^;;^;^— ^ 


V/illiai,ison,R.S._, in Pac.Rr.Rcp.,V,pt. 1, 37/653 
- Blake.f.P., in, 90.185 


WeflVQrviHe __( Trinity County) 

Mentioned in narrative of prospector on 
Trinity Hiver in li^.— Overland Monthly, p. 
J5oi, June 1871 • 



Statutes of California, 


I ^«3Cy I <^00| 

nity Coijn^y April 
Weaver' as it is now c 

Lla^^., 1, 127, 243,-1 856 

PJVL *:>*"' 9 






1 th^': 

A "A town 


has now been formedhpon the direct sit» of 
the original settlement [on Weaver Greek], — 
althou^ there are miles of extent on the 
banks of the creek which are probably rich 
in gold, and will one day prove as great a 
fortune as already has the site of the present 
town of W8averville."-.Buffum, E. Gould: Sii 
Months in the Gold Mines, 95-96, 1850, 

Weber Creek 

Kelly, Excui^sion to Calif ., London, I, 
338-339; 11,80,1851. 

^^^°^ flowirjg westerly in Sierra foothillc 
of present 1^1 Dorado County, 2 or 3 miles S 
of Placerville. 

Creek) . 

Gibbes, Map of California, 1852 (Webers 

r's Ore 3k 


Eoipties into Anerican River thrjii or four 
mil^s below Sutter's saw-mill. -- Bryant: 

^lat I saw in Oalif. 459, 1S48. 

Lieut. Buffum says that Weaver Greek shoudd 

be called "Weber's Creek" because the dfi 

there were first wrought by a German, Chas. K. 

Weber, a ranchero on the San Joaquin, who 

went thither early in June (1846) carrying with 

him articles of trade wi h which he induced 

a thousands Indians to work for him; and 

together with WiJ.liam.Daior. a ranchero^nettr 
Suiter s ^ort. wno joined Mm, soon realized 
at least $50,000. 

Buffuni, E. Grould: Six Months in tbe 
Gold Mines, 92,125,126. 1850, 

Webers anbarcadero [«»Stockton] — ____ 

In 1849 Stockton was known as Webers 
cadero.7- W. R. arimshaw. Narrative of 
l^ents m Calif.. MS, Bancroft Library, 





Weber's Id. [Now West Id.] ' 

TD- ^?^^^, ^°?^^P River, south of Sh-man Id.- 
RiiTSgold, Chart of Suisun h Valleio Bavn. iftfsn. 



+ o 

lace in County, already 

tablished in 1852 



Jutchings Calif .Mae. , II , 63, Aug. , 1857. 
llace ojailes__S of Coloma.-Gibbes 
-ar) of California, 1852. ' 

Webster ar-Hussian ^HmlDarkadera 


38^30 ».. 
1850 • 

eastern shore of Sacramento Bive 
- Ringgold, Chart of Sacramento 

r at 

_Tehama Co. Calif. 



basin, they used to make one out of 
strong fibres that they used to mix their 
Biota (ground acoms) etc. in and I have 
seen the squaws wear them on their heads 
in traveling in the hot sun and I am not 
sure they washed them very good before 
using them again for food. " 





For what person, place, thing or^i^^^SF^^t-hir^T^^Fnam-id? 



Who first applied the nameT 

If known, give date when first 


If the name first appeared on 

a map or in a book give the author, tTt7^^^,^d~d¥t^ 

Are there any other explanations of th¥~Jou 

rce of this name? 

Name ^ffj^^^^ m^^f^H^^ 

i^:>pio(i :r,^^oh iQoG Geo opno/^iWtiidO 



Information on sources^^alifornla Place Names 

WEEAPIPB (Indian - leaning rock) 

"The valley Is dominated by a rock. 
Mass of castle like rock? about 300 feet 
high, at the head of the valley, fran 
which the Indian rancheria derives its 
name. This village is in the Lagima Mts. 

"Guyapipe reservation, in San Diego 
County is named '*ewi-apaip» or »av/i-apaip» 
»rock lie on» in the Diegueno dialect. 


"The old Indian name for Thing Valley 
was »Gue» or »Aue P^^* meaning a bowl or 





For what person, place, thiT^^F^vent warthiTpTac^naT^i^T 


Who first applied the name? 

If known, give date when first applied 

If the name first appear^ on a map or in alb^6Fii ve the author, tltii^^HTdTte 

Are there any other explanations of the Tour^ of thrs n^eT 

Name and address of person supplying this information 

Mata from San Dioqto Coiimy Librai-r 



Information on sources oTcallforn la Place Names 


Werners Ferry ___ Sacramento Co. 

ment^oJi^^'^.^^-^^?'*^^^^^ ^i^er at settle- 
sIor«^!^fS^ ^.anhington, ODposite city of 

^'est Channel, San Joaquin River 

^P.ivcrTjxlowing into main Gan 
from the LT/ rlout 10 miles i: of 
tanislaus River. 

Joaquin River 

the mouth of 

• Statutes of California, 1852,178, 185-2. 

West Fork Dacrainento 


^ox. ^ow Sutter Slough.— Binggold, Chart cf 
Sacramento Hiver, 1850. ^uax u ox 

West Id.. 

In San Joaquin River, 
Called Weber's Id. on Rii; 
sun and Vallejo Bays, 185 


south of Shaman Id. 
old's Chart of Sui- 

West Point 

Hutchings Calif .Mag.^^^7^^^859. 

brnall town in Sierra foothills of N c-^la. 
verasjGounty between II and riddle Forks l4. 
eluiiine River, (alt. 2800 ft.) 


JKialers Harbor - 

' '""*' " ' """" 1" ' ' ■ ■ i,.i..^ 

At northern extronity of San Francisco Bay, corn- 
rnunicatifig by a strait 2 mi. wide with San Pedro 
C=San Pablo] Bay, a circular basin of 10 mi.dia- 
meter,&this at its northern end leads by a 2d 
strait to Freshwater [=Suisim] Bay, full of 
islands and forming receptacle of Sacramento- It 
San Joaquin Rivers. -Geo. Simpson: An Overland 
Journey round the Wo rid, 162, 1847. 

VJhaler's Harbor 


'Sausalito or T^haler's Harbor '.- 
Chas. Wilkes, Narrative of the U.S. 
ploring Exped.vol 5. p«151, London, 


WheQlQr Rifea Inyo Oo. 

Wheeler; Ridge, east of Rock Creek 

Valley, Iny<5 County, California. U # ?5 •vJtQO^^ 
Maximum altitude 12,970 feet. 

Board June 7,1911 

Whiskey Creek 

Branch of Clear Creek, 
of town of Shasta.-- 
oript. May 51. 1851, 


about 10 miles northwest 
bacra/nento Daily Trans- 

^Tiiskey Dlggj ngs 

i¥TF^^^^^^^.^^ -axlreme 11 point Sierra Co.. 
im_o£_Downieville._ x^m.U5C;U;d, 

* nutchings^ Cal if .riag.^^i;!^ . , 1857. 

lii<Wi l llWI|IPl H iWi l 1ii i M M I IWiill 

ite Fiivcr 

Ilutchings Calif.Mag., HI, 354^1559^ 

^^^^^11 ^iver in S Tulare County rising 
in southern Sierra foothills and flovdng west-^ 
erly toward S end of Tulare Lake. 

• Wiliiarn3on,P..5., raop, in Ex. Doc. 129, 35d. 

Corig.,lst.Ses3,,XVIII(pt.4),ieo5(-;7}iite Cr.). 

Blake, W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.II.29. 

V.Tiite Hock 

Butte Co4 .Calif, 

Mining camp in 1852 on Feather River 4 miles 
above site of present Oroville.— Gilbert .Wells 
k Chajnbers, History of Butte County, p.234, 


Wildcat Creek Merced Co. 
See Laguna oeca Creek 


^^^'^^^^^ _ Calif. 

"llie fertile valley of Saji' Jose is 
a narrow plain . . .On^ the west it im 
protected from • . .the northwest winds 
hy the G^iesta de los^ Gatoa — Wild-Gat 
Hidge- which separates it from the 
©oast. "~ P'remont: Memoirs , 1,456 166 7. 

£3d Exped.l645-1&46.] 

5v- G 

^O'WO Co.. ^oJlv-f ♦ 





Place about 25 miles WSV/ of San Bernardino 
..Willir,rn3on,R.S., map, in Sx.Doc.l29, 33d.Conf^ 

Wiiiiainson*s Pass 

__ "Kew Pass" narned by Williamson, J.853. 
Blake, W.P,,in_Pa^^^^^ 

^-_^(alt 3 164 ft.). .. Blake, ^.P., in Pac 
^^ • ^-^P • I LlPI^ .11, 137,1857. 

'iVillow Creek Amador & Sacramento Cos. Calif, 
See Lagxma Creek 


/iillov/ Creek 

Creek flowing into Trinity River 
from the W 7 miles from mo 

of California, 1852. 


Willow Creek 

^Hatchings Calif .Mag., I, 540, June, 1857. 
^Small creek in Lassen Countjr, IIE California, 
r/ing into Susan Creek and thence into Honey 


GiJsho'o " ap of CgJifoi ' nia, 18j2 . 
.ecb?.'ith^E.G. , in l^x.Dnc.l,'^.9,:3:5d.Cong. ,l^t. 

Sess . , r/III (pt . 2) , Art .5a; 54; 1855. 

Beckwith,E.G., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,n,Art.II, 

^^l3s5U■^>^ ^.g^^^ 1^ /l^.^^ .]Li>>...JsS^ — 


-Ungate Ber (on namsth Biverl n ^-^^^f 

Happy Camp.-McKee (Oct.lloifissi sinati"?. 
Doc.4. Special Session 1853 .166. 178.' 1053 ! 


'-•inter's Bar 

.iiHiHlliilWPIIllimwtlii iiiMMiK>i|,:,i||MMwi#Mi 

-■^^ 0^ MokeluTine River between 
3eco and Lancha Plana. 

•Stat, of Calif. ,18M,223, 1354. 


Wisconsin Bar 

^^^ between ilewtovm and Grizzly Flat 

El Dorado Count-'.r -'^ + 0+ pr,i'^ i^r-., ^^ 

^uun.j ---^^t^at. Calif., 1854, 223,1854. 

Wisconsin Bar 


' Macosumnes . 


yIXoSjj^vvv^ljL/v^ "^CslX 

^:i*-^' O^S-5. CXu^J^^ 



On south shore of Knox Id. [now Chipps Id. 
east extension of Suisun Bay. — Ringgold, IiHap 
of Anchorage off New York of the Pacific, ISSO. 
LPlace now a landing.] 


Wokopee Valley IjOwena Valleyl 
Wokopee Rivwr. ^ens Riyarl -^ 

Indian name for Owsna Hive r. -- Letter 
in Los Angeles Star, August 27 « 1859 

^ « f • 

,'.'61 f Creek 

Jiecb^it;n,?].Cr. , in Ex.Doc.l'^^^ ^'5d.Cong. , 

__ Beckwith, E.G., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,II,Art.II, 



Z- r^Mui E Wl^i-Gwi^^.. 

Wolf Creek 

vhere bounoary leaves ur,per waters of L'iddle ' 
Fork Yuba Pdver. 

Statutes of California, 1852,191,1852. 




Place on E side Pulo [Puta] Creek 
from mouth. -Gibbes, Map of California 


wolucprinu =Valley Spring 

In Northern Mewuk dialect. -Kroeber, Languaf^es 
n^^^^^S?^^ ^f Calif .N of San Francisco, Univ 
Calif . Publ. Am. Arch.Ethn., IX,5,p.291, Air. 29 

Woo c if rd's. 



Hotel at head of Carbon Valley "just v/here 
we enter it after emerging from Carson 
Canyon". — San Francisco Weekly Bulletin, 
April 28, 1860. 

Wood Island 


Small island in San Francisco Bay, mentioned 
by Dana in 1835; called by the Spaniards Tsla 
de los AngelosV -R.H.Dana: Two Years before 
the Mast, 285, N.Y. 1840. 

Wood's- diggings 


[Kast of 

^ocO C^reek. -Audubon^: We s-Sem 

1849-1650, 215, Cleveland, 1906 



s Dry Diggings =Auburn, Calif. 

T^^^^^?}® from Themis, a Sacramento 
m Mem'l and Biog'l Hist. of North'n 
Lewis Pub'g Go,, 89, 1691. 

(?) weekly, 
Calif., ^' 


in Directory of the 
1861, by R.J.Steele 

county of Placer for tb 
aM others, 7, 1861 • 



Original coionty seat of Tulare County. 

Statutes of Cali fornia, 1852, 240, 1852, 

— lUhe Seat of Justice shall be at the 
log cabin on the south side of Kaweah Creek, 
near the bridge built by Dr. Thomas Payne, 
and shall be called l/Joodsville." 

•Stat, of Calif., 1854, 222, 1854(Woodville) . 

Written ^' 

Woodville __. .,_ CWoodville] 

*Stat. of Calif., 1854, 222,18[>1. 

57oodsville in Sta+. of Calif.. 1852 
:40,1852. ' 

^ilJ-iamson,R.S., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.I, 






On Puta Greek, Sacramento Valley.— Williamsonl 
Map of Warner's Route in Sacramonto Yalley. Sen. 
Doc.47,31st Cong. 1st Sess. Pt.II,Rept. Dp.17-.33, 
1850 . 

Wy-s-kah 4^t. Shasta 

So called by 

the Shaste Indians. 
Indian Tribes, III, 

-Gibbs, in 
165, 1863. 


^.^^ _ _[Yroka] 

Gibbos Map of California, 1052. 

Yacheco ; 

Indian name 
now stands. — 

— Calif 

of raneheria where Stockton 
Col. F.. T. Gilbert in Kist. 

San Joaquin Co., 13. Oakland, 1879. 

^ a .»y»» 


Ya-che-kum-nft River [ Calaveras"^.] Calif 

The Calaveras Piver was kno^.-n to the Indians 
as Ya-che-kum-na. — Col. F.T.Gilbert in Hist. 
San Joaquin Co., 13, Oakland, 1879. 

See also Yachicume. 

Jacliiciim^ Rivj 


Cal if . 

One day's journey from San Joaquin R. 
- Beech ey: Voyage of Blossan [1826 ] , 1 1 , 28 , 1B31 

Calaveras River was known to the Indians as 
I^l2Mlkumina. - Col- F. T. Gilbert In Hist. 
San Joaquin Co., Oakland, 1679. 

ia^^Klt!.v^'Vvv.w^l^\\f<?.Y =• 

Yankee Jim's, Calif. 

nl w n Miiiii n iii nn ii K li M iiltlli H iiiMiliiiiiMii •<m:i"~.«M. ^. 

■-■■■wi<]mi>iHwwiiHiiiimii|Mw>iiiiaMP)ll(,gg,illpill^^ <Wiilwiiiiiii iMniiii ■ 

TW^T^'^X- ^^ ^ ^H^- ^^} same as "Yanke( 
A^p4.?Pp?^^^^^St a gulch off Middle Fk. 

pT^!ppr1?n?vrr;^'''!?^^^y of the county of 
Flacer LCalif J for the year 1861, by R.J. 

Steele and others. 12. IM. ' ^ * 

Yankee Jim's ry,^, .. . 

LianlcGe Jims] 

'Stat, of Calif. ,1854,223,1854. 
'Place "between 1' ^- ii^AAir. -n i 

Pivpr c-F „^ n i^ ^° ^"'^'^^ A.iorican 

l.iver, oE of Colfax, Placer County. 

Yegua or Mare Island 

[Mare Island] 

Wil||>llill|i||pil H iii» i , i' .M i HH il<lll ii il i| l|illiiti 

• Island in San Pablo Bay II of Entrance 
to Straits of Carquinez. ^ 

•Statutes of California, 1850, 60, 1850. 

Gibbers, Map of Cal ifornia, 1852 (Yer^a 
slana) , 


Yeguas Creek. San Luis Obispo Co. Calif 
Yeguas Creek, heading in Section 4, Town' 
ship 29 South, Range 19 East, and flowing 
northwesterly into Bitterwater creek, San 
Luis Obispo county, Calif. (Not Los 
Y^a«J U.S. Geog. Board, Apr.7,1909. 

Yerba Buena Island 

[Goat Island] 

1831. ^''°'"'^' "^"^^^ °^ ^^°'^°^' I.391;II,652, 

^ ■ '■■■' - — -— rar n i n iii mm i m ... i .. 

U, "a^* V t> koT O ^ -iYV V 

3L6e de. 

3."irv »TTL^<.v^<iJft C 



■« ■ ■ ■■ ■■ • I ■ iili ' iw 


Yerba Buena =gan Francisco, Calif, 

"On the 30th of January, 1847, the settlement 
lerba Buena was christened San Francisco." 
--Golville's San Francisco Directory for year 
ccmmencine: Oct.lSftt.. n.-ri iftR^. *^ '^ 


Same statement in Annals of San Francisco, by 

io^^.^?y^®' ^°-'^ H.Gihon, ajid Jas.Misbet,157. 
ivy, 1855. 

Yerba B^ena. - Bryant: What I Saw in Galif.353, 

18^i8. [Entry dated Oct. 13, 1846.] 

Yerba Buena Eav 

Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 1,347,1831. 

Yerba Buena Cove 

Beochey, Voyage of Blossom, 11,653 1831 


iu2k^ — .Y, 


Terba Buena l^an J'ranciscol 

In 1823, the bark •Volunteer* anchored 
in cove kno'jm as Yerba Buena or Loma Alta 
Cove. Yerba Buena now San Francisco; Loma 
Alta now Telegraph Hill. — Davis, Wm. H., 
Sixty Years in Calif, 1831-^9, 4, San 
Francisco, 1889. 

Yerba Busna Island t«Goat Island] Calif. 

In M40, In. Heath Davis csmped on 
Yerba Buena Island, now Goat Island. — Wm. 
Heath Davis, Sixty Years in Calif., 1651^9, 
266, Sajfi F^Wcis®, 1689 • 

Yerba Bu ena. I , [Not; Goat Island] 

"*"■""■■■■'■"■"" " • ^■-'»- ■ ■ ■.■ #■■ ■ . . I , — ■ » ■■ ■ .. ■ HI. . ^ 

•De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
if ornies, Lc. ^ (map no. .16) , 1844. 

'Island in San Francisco Bayi betv;een San 

Francisco and Oakland. 

Gibbets, Lap of California, 1852. 

Blake, W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,Y,pt.II,141, 

Yerba Buena or Goat Island 

[Goat Island] 

Kelly, Excursion to Calif., London, II, 


'^■illiaiason,R,S., map, in ^x,Doc.l29,3od. 

Cong.,lst,.3ess.,XYIII(pt.4),1855(Yerba Buena I.) 

Yo Hamite Falls 0»Yoseraite Fallsl 


Mentioned by Horace Bushnell in California, 
Its Characteristics and Prospects, p. 14, 18561 

Yo-Hain-i-te Valley 

CYo Semite Veal ley] 

Hutchings Calif. Mag!'|^^-8, July, 1656. 


!fola County 

[Yolo County] ._ 
Established Feb. 18, 1850 and defined. 
Statutes of California, 18fO, 61, 1850. 



•Stat, of Calif., 1854, 222,185^1. 
Tov/n IIW of Woodland, Yolo County. 

Yolo City =Woodland, Calif. 

n2}?/°*f ^^ %^\°P^i ^d Biog'l Hist. of North'n 
Calif., Lewis Pub'g Co., 278, 1891. 


^Yucaipa; Creek and Valley, San Ber- 
nardino County, California. (Not 


l^ •Sj.'SjtA^, . 


-!i^i-« — Ssicjitfcjce-'^ Dv S-a-rv Ft^wclVsco 

Yerba, Bernardo n t -^ 

— — Calif, 

Yomct or Sounding Rock (Indian 

Place about a mile below Boman's Bridge 
on CoEumnes River near the forks. 

Hutchings Calif .Mas., II, 20G,IJov., 1857. 


Be Llofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
ifomies, &c., 1844. 

Place little SW of San Bern^dino. ^ 




i'J^Y \X>V 


Yo rfctowri 


On WoocTjB Creek.— Audubon: Western 
Journal 1649-1850, 215, Cleveland, 1966. 
[[East of Stockton.] 

Yo^Semitft V^.H^j 

■f " ' I ■ * ■ ■» i» 

- ' » 1 


SfimjlfiJallfi^,--J.S. Hittell, Hutchings' 
Calif. Magazine, p. 262, Dec. 1858. ^ 



qs Vvl\ 

XxvVo. civ. 


^^i t. 

V-:*«cA^^c;^. W..^.^^>^ ;^ ^^^ ^.l?n 


Young's Ranch 


Humboldt Co. , 

Given by Capt. D.M.Greene in April 1864 as 

I^^9n^"-i ^^? J^iver 34 miles above mouth, 
and 20 miles below junction of Trinity and 
Klamath rivers. (No trail on either side of 
Klamth from a mile below Young's to the mouth 
the river wild and turbulent).-- War of Rebel- ' 
1897. ' ^^^^^ ^* Vol.50, Pt.l,. p. 266- 7. 

R. Young _ 

-Calif. _ 

Tributary, Sacramento R. ; flowing E, 7/ sid 

De Mofras Oarte de l»Oregon, des Gali 

fornies &q, Uen^l map. 1844 , 

See Sacramento 

•near loiVitac^e ^0^ ' 

Yo-v/al-uin-ne River 

Kelly, Excursion 

[Tuolumie River] 
to Calif., London, II 


Yuba City 

[Yuba. City] 

Gibbe? Map of California, 1852. 

Yuba. County 

:^stablished Feb. 18, 1850 and defined. 
Statutes of California, 1850, 62, 1850. 

Sx, Doc. 1, 

^ti% ^- ^o/inton: Senate - 
^Ist Cong. 2d Sess. pt. 11,245, 

Yuba River 

[Yuba River] 

E at 

^ River emptying into Feather River from th 
Yuba City^3L^'K\jo.A>ji.&A>J^ 

^Statutes of California, 18£0, 101, 1050. 
GibbeC^^Lap of California, 1852. 

" ■•*■*****———— ■ r--i- ii--i»ii III I III I -11 ., , I ■ 

3a;l.>1.V. jo.7, m3. 

^f^ '-^ y. b,} 

Yubah [Yuba river] Calif. 

Bryant:What I Saw. in Calif. 460, 1648.. 

See also Juba, Uber 

Yukisma =La Penetencia Greek, Calif. 

Indian name for the creek La Penetencia in 
Santa Clara Co. --Frederic Hall, Hist. of San 
Jose and surroundings, 12-13, 1871. 

The rivulet known 
called bv some La 
this is Shistuk.--' 

as the A^uaf:Q is "erroneously 
Penetencia.^ Indian name of 
Ibid 12. 





IMd,1854,22:,,1854. (Yreka). 

Cribbe,L:ap of Caliiornia,1852 (Y/yreka) .[^ 


Vt^ ,t"^ '!ir^ «*-*-^. 4,^.<^&x...u*^imr 

»><X iJLiiii »■* iw 


Yuiria, For 

Place on ^." bant: 

extreme SE California 

[Fort Yurna] 
of Colorado Pdver, 

-Stat. Calif., 1854, 223, 

1.+ c. ,?P^^'^^^i^S^.Doc. 129,33(1. Con^., 

lst.oes3.,.miI(pt.2),Art.6;29;1855. - 

Whippie,A.W., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,IIT Art.I. 

Yukia Valley 

— «I.-_EosK Brovme, 
pp._l5,14» June, 1861. 

Harper's Monthly Ila^g., 



'^■■" « ^"'i liBlllliil W iil M i Miiwn iagegflg 

Mimim mw iPKiiiWIMHiiii 



■\f fm-*)*»<u.ttmim-;iHi>iiMm>m>m 

- Wilkes Exped. Narrative, 
1841) facing p. 150, 1845. 

Tov/n H of San Pablo Bay. 


V, map (dated 

WW ■ l»iiiiwii | iiii . 

Zanoma or Zonoma 

Spellings of Sonoma. —Bancroft 
Hist. 8alif. lY, 244, 346, 1886. 

Papers, MS ),?,113. (See ftnote 

(after Wilkes): 
Ibid (Bear Flag] 
on p. 246 of 

Zapato Oreek 

Zapato; creek, flowing easterly down 
to the northern end of Kettleman 
plain, Fresno County, California. 

A^^ 2apato Chino nor Zapatos.) 

U.S.Ge(^. Board, May 6, 1908 

Pueblo de Zonoma 

L Sonoma} 


CSee Sonomfl [ 

Zonoma, Pueblo de [Sonoma] _ 

^De Mofras, Carte de I'Oregon, de. 
ifornies, &c., 1844. feap no. 16) 

Creek ^^^^^'^^"'^ ^^^ ^^-^^ P^^lo Bay, on 



Zooniga, Barros de 

[Zun-inga Shoal] 

— Shoal E of entrance to San Diego Bay. 
Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95, 
Bond., 11,473,1798^ & Atlas (Burros de Zuninga)'. 

Zuninga, Burros de 

[Zuninga Shoal] 




hoal E of entrance to San Diego Bay. 
ncouver, Voyage of Discovery 1790-95